ASP做查詢分析器(Query Analyzer)(III)

查詢分析 sqlultimate.asp--Part C

<!--#include file="DataTypeLib.asp" -->    

<script language="JavaScript1.2" type="text/javascript">

    function addField(field)     {
       strField = document.sqlForm.strSQL.value;
       strField = strField + " [" + field + "]";
       if(confirm("Add " + field + "?"))
             document.sqlForm.strSQL.value = strField;      



<body bgcolor="#f4e1d2">

If request("createTable") <> "Create Table" Then
   response.write("<form name=""sqlForm"" action=""sqlultimate.asp"" method=""POST"">" & vbCrLf)
End If

If request("createTable") = "Create Table" Then
   call createTable()
ElseIf strServer = ""  Or request("showConnectdb") = "Connect" Then    
<h2 align=center>Log into Database Server</h2>
   <p align=center>
            Server:        <input name="sqlserver" type="text" value="<%= strServer %>"><br>
            User Name: <input name="log_in" type="text" value="<%= strUserID %>"><br>
            Password:   <input name="user_password" type="password" value="<%= strPassword %>"><br><br>
              <input type=submit>
ElseIf request("savequery") = "Save Query" and strSQL <> "" Then
   call saveQuery(strSQL,request("booltableinfo"))
<h3 align=center>Server: <font color=Purple><%= strServer %></font>,
Database is: <font color=Purple><%= strDB %></font>,
User is: <font color=Purple><%= strUserID %></font></h3>
      <table border="0" cellspacing="0" width="100%">
         <td valign=top bgcolor=#f0f3b1 width="60%"><b>SQL Query</b></td>

         <td valign=top bgcolor=#cbf3bb width="40%"><b>Work Space</b>
<tr><td  bgcolor=black colspan=2>        
If strDB <> "" Then
    call getIdentity(strServer,strDB,strUserID, strPassword)
    call tableDropDown(strDB,strUserID, strPassword)

   <select name=sqlType>
   <option value="Select" <%= strQOption1 %>> Select</option>
   <option value="Insert" <%= strQOption2 %>> Insert</option>
   <option value="Update" <%= strQOption3 %>> Update</option>
   <input type=submit name="createSQLStatement" value="Create"> 
   <input type=submit name="createTable" value="Create Tabl


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