March 14, 2005 - Version 6.0.5 releasedEnhancements Insert Template context menu would hide first item and add dummy item Insert Template did not show subfolders Connection preferences in registry (Logon section) did not work Projects: progress while compiling now shows actual number of compilable files (compiling: x of y) Projects: not all compile errors were indicated Projects: handled errors in command files for WHENEVER ... FAILURE Added missing Oracle10g plan_table columns SQL Window AutoSelect Statement function did not handle nested PL/SQL Blocks correctly Command Window could not process "create or replace type ... ( )" Command Window could not process "create or replace and compile java source ..." Command Window would insert empty lines when showing dbms_output Command Window Show Param[eters] support added (with additional info option) Command Window Set Arraysize support added Command Window Set Time support added Command Window would not exit nested scripts for 'whenever ... exit' Command Window now supports environment vars (%var%) for commands with files (spool, @, store, get) Sorting a grid did not always sort strings case insensitive Compile Invalid Objects initial query performance improved Explain Plan Window now allows you to execute alter session statements for the current session Explain Plan item was disabled for WITH statements Text Editor [Esc] would activate Help Inserting templates no longer interprets a "/" when not creating a new window Pasting columns in Table Editor would give AV External tools now support "as sysdba" in connect string All items modified by Find > Replace All are now grouped into one undo action Code Assistant could remove spaces typed after a comma Using the Find function in the Large Data Editor could suppress changes Key configuration preference added for SQL Window: Clear Results Fixed problem with missing default keys Data Generator could not handle SQL(...) for date fields SQL Window column moving was not preserved after re-executing the same or similar queries Compile Invalid Objects would ignore objects excluded from debug information Application title in the taskbar could be cleared after changing a connection Nested if/then/else structures could lead to incorrect "Unused value assignment" hints Using table.column%type declarations in a Test Script would cause Code Assistant problems SQLPATH environment variable was not used by Command Window Fixed incorrect handling of formulas when exporting report to Excel Fixed AMPM problem when exporting report to Excel It is now possible to create a default user.prefs by placing this file in the default preference directory Recent objects folder was not properly refreshed Templates for a command window can now indicate to open the editor page [$WINDOW TYPE = COMMAND,EDITOR]


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