oracle 常用的一些命令或者sql 語句


1. 建立一個使用者,並為該使用者指派Create許可權,分配資料表空間:
create user scott identified by tiger;
grant create session to scott;

grant create table to scott;

alter user scott default tablespace users;

alter user scott quota 512M on users;

2. 尋找where條件指定的使用者為owner的所有表名稱:
select owner, table_name from dba_tables where owner='SCOTT';

3. 在某一指定的表上建立指定參數的索引。
create index ind_test on test(x) tablespace users storage
(initial 2K
next 2K
minextents 1
maxextents 100
pctincrease 0);

4. 查看指定使用者為owner的索引名稱:
select index_name, table_owner from dba_indexes where owner='SCOTT';

5. 查看指定表上的所有索引資訊:
select index_owner, index_name, column_name from dba_ind_columns where table_name='SCOTT';

6. 建立序列:
create s
start wi

7. 使用序列:
insert into scott.test

8. 查看錶空間資訊:
select * from dba_tablespaces;

9. 查看當前線上使用者:
select username from v$session;

10. How can I compile and link my application?
Compiling and linking are very platform specific. Your system-specific Oracle
documentation has instructions on how to link a Pro*C/C++ application. On UNIX
systems, there is a makefile called in the demo directory. To link, say, the
demo program sample1.pc, you would enter the command line
make -f sample1
If you need to use special precompiler options, you can run Pro*C/C++ separately,
then do the make. Or, you can create your own custom makefile. For example, if
your program contains embedded PL/SQL code, you can enter
proc cv_demo userid=scott/tiger sqlcheck=semantics
make -f cv_demo
On VMS systems, there is a script called LNPROC that you use to link your
Pro*C/C++ applications.


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