CentOS Network configuration in VMware

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After the installation of CentOS, found that ping, ifconfig and other common commands are not used, there is unknown service or command not found such words, which makes me very silent. Check the information, IFCONIFG can use IP addr and IP link to replace.

Second, window

Open Network and Sharing Center, click Change adapter settings, select Local Area Connection or wireless network connection, then right-click to select Properties as shown in:

Third, VMware

Click Edit, the virtual network editor, modify the bottom left subnet, and click Nat settings to remember the gateway inside, and remember the IP range within the DHCP settings (start to end)

2.3 CentOS

Since CENTOS7 does not have ifconfig, enter the IP addr to view the NIC information as follows:

Open the/etc/systemconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-eno16777736 and add the following content:

Then restart the Network service restart to see that OK is restarted successfully

At this time if ping Baidu will display host cannot find, ping Baidu IP ( can ping, indicating that DNS is not configured, next configure DNS

Cut to NetworkManager directory

V. Configuring DNS


Modifying the networkmanager.conf configuration file


Not managed by Network manager

Modify resolv.conf, add DNS configuration

#主DNS nameserver 8.8. 8. 8

#备DNS nameserver 8.8. 4. 4

At this point, ping Baidu.com will be able to ping.

CentOS Network configuration in VMware

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