CentOS implements commands similar to the Apt-get install Build-essential feature in Ubuntu

Tags: manage Ubunt solution commands also have get method Dev developCentOS implements commands similar to the Apt-get install Build-essential feature in UbuntuAfter installing the system in Ubuntu, you can install the common Development compilation

CentOS Setup aliases and masking aliases for Linux

Tags: BSP symbol tail roo operation Picture Host effective--First, the environmentCentOS6.8Second, set the aliasAlias feature: Highlight the keyword that grep matches1. Temporary entry into force[[Email protected] ~] #alias grep= "grep--color=auto"[[

CentOS set static IP in VMware

Tags: must build environment and environment code share too ETH 9.1. comBecause before the MongoDB shards are not used replica set, the recent network pressure is large, so prepare to study, so in their own computer virtual machine to build the

Linux/centos Basic Operation

Tags: perform media boot usermod temporary file Auto Hide Run program filterFile directory USR: related to software Installation VAR: system Run Process related Bin: Executable file Boot: System Boot related directory Dev:

CentOS Network configuration in VMware

Tags: Technology vmware 9.1 http very suitable conf script ifconfOneAfter the installation of CentOS, found that ping, ifconfig and other common commands are not used, there is unknown service or command not found such words, which makes me very

<API Automated Test >centos-newman

Tags: line unattended BSP Ali ATI details under repeat theFirst, Introduction:in testing and development, there is a API Testing tools have been the role of the martial arts leader, that is the reputation of the Postman Google company . Postman

Python3.5-centos Installation

Tags: using download version code down configure Conf Yum followDownload the installation packagehttps://www.python.org/downloads/release/python-352/If you're lazy, just use the following command.wget https://www.python.org/ftp/python/3.5.2/Python-3.

The difference between CentOS and Ubuntu

Tags: experience debian shell ati MMU High Linux distribution latest targetCentOS (Community ENTerprise Operating System) is one of the Linux distributions and is compiled from Red Hat ENTerprise Linux based on source code released under open source

CentOS, Ubuntu, Debian three Linux comparison and similarities

Tags: compatibility simple production Community Master management company compile serverCentos, Ubuntu, Debian Three Linux are very good system, open source system, also pay for the commercial version and free version, the following simple

CentOS 7.4 How to install the MariaDB 10.3.9 Stable database

Tags: Nobody add iss ISA MySQL enc boot up lov rpm-eHow to install CentOS 7.4MariaDB 10.3.9 StableDatabase one, CentOS 7.4 Uninstall the MARIADB database 1. Query the installed MARIADB components[[email protected]_0_9_centos ~]$ sudo rpm -qa |

Lenovo Ben Win10 VirtualBox installing CentOS

Tags: error developing virtualization case another 9.png virtual reference win10(1) Must develop operating system virtualization features, reference to the Baidu experienceHttps://jingyan.baidu.com/article/8275fc864d423e46a03cf638.html(2) Adjust the

How to install Shellcheck in CentOS

Tags: Install home LLC Ubuntu installation Ubunt TTY pre toolShellcheckShellcheck is a tool for checking shell scripts.Developed using Haskell language.In Ubuntu, the installation can be done directly using apt install ShellcheckHowever, there is no

CentOS 7.0 uses Yum to install MariaDB and MariaDB simple configuration

Tags: binary app ppa INI process service default 0.00 AnonymousLong-standing space environment configuration forget almost, today Hollow finishing, reset the disk to rebuild the environment, first installed in CentOS 7.0 MARIADB database, here to

Ubuntu, CentOS Resolve Docker command permissions issues (sudo)

Label:pass   col   create   repos   sts    tar   star   docker   docker command     #创建docker组 [email protected]:~'

A problem with creating a cloned virtual machine in VMware CentOS causes the NIC device to fail to start

Tags: content alt modify NIC Dev share Inter oca does not startFirst, prefaceWhen creating a clone virtual machine, if the template virtual machine is not configured beforehand, it will cause the network card device to not start the problem (error

CentOS 7 Installation mysql5.6rpm format

Tags: role centos7 system adb please windows package name ATI localhost modules1 See if mysql rpm-qa|grep-i MySQL is installedIf installed please uninstall: Rpm-e--nodeps MySQL ...2, do not install the following operationsDownload MySQL rpm tar

CentOS 6.5 smokeping Installation

Smokeping is a monitoring software for network performance monitoring, it can be in its own company IDC network situation, such as delay, packet loss, whether BGP multi-line, and so on, through the RRDtool mapping mode, graphically show the network d

CentOS git and gitosis installation

To install the required dependencies for Git Yum install curl-devel expat-devel gettext-devel openssl-devel zlib-devel perl-devel yum install git groupadd git useradd git-g gitCreate a git related directory cd/home/git/ mkdir ssh chmod. SSH touch . S

CentOS Get kernel source

First, get CentOS version The following two methods apply to Redhat,centos # cat/etc/redhat-release CentOS Release 5.4 (Final) Log on to Linux execution rpm-q redhat-release #rpm-Q Redhat-release or CentOS # rpm-q Centos-release centos-release

Two ways to CentOS kernel version upgrades

The first method is upgraded to the latest version and is installed faster 1. Import KEY rpm?--importhttps://www.elrepo.org/rpm-gpg-key-elrepo.org 2. Install Elrepo yum source rpm-uvh http:// WWW.ELREPO.ORG/ELREPO-RELEASE-7.0-2.EL7.ELREPO.NOARCH.RPM

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