Children's Day depends on it ~__ education

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Children's Day depends on it ~

Heartily will come, you treasure Mom treasure Dad is to take a baby to where to play. What gifts do you buy for Eva? This year Children's Day how to arrange and vexed. Very Le Jun to recommend 8 small program, solve your problem.
1, parents State Select
Parents state Happy Parent-child life, exclusive pre-sale boutique children's play, the value of the holiday hotel parent-child package.

Extremely Le Jun recommend: There are a lot of travel, parents, activities and other topics can choose the small program OH

2, the baby tree play transfer games
Parent-child game is the most effective education and training of children IQ, EQ means, is also a popular method, baby tree teaching parents how to play games with children, through the game entertaining.

Extremely Le Jun recommend: Simple easy to learn the small game, let you grow up with treasure together

3, west window poetry
Taste the beauty of Tang and song Ci.

Extremely Le Jun recommend: Children's Day and treasure together taste the beauty of ancient poetry is also a good oh ~

4. Brain Sharp turn
The Earth people all like the leisure puzzle game

Extremely Le Jun recommendation: Raise baby's Right brain Oh ~

5. Play Small Helper
Cover parent-child, hand, sports, entertainment, party, training, Internet, etc., through these wonderful activities, interaction can let you find a better way of life.

Extremely Le Jun recommend: Take treasure to participate in various activities, cultivate treasure social ability Oh ~

6, Aries tribe +
Aries Tribe is committed to providing trustworthy early education institutions, courses, parent-child activities and other services.

Extremely Le Jun recommend: All kinds of parenting courses, fun games, treasure will certainly like.

7, Macian Parent plus
Macian Children's small procedures, to provide parent-child activities, ticketing, hotels, summer camps, parent-child travel and other product booking functions.

Extremely Le Jun recommend: Take Treasure to a summer camp activity how.

8, Meng Eva album
A minute of minimalist production, family members exclusive, baby, Meng Eva, parent-child, parents, record every bit of life moved.

Extremely Le Jun recommend: Parent-child activity, parent-child course, summer camp, etc. is not a lot of photos, to make an album How.

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Parents State, west window poetry, brain sharp, parent-Child, Meng Eva album

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