Cut grass boy (philosophical story)

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A migrant boy called a wife Chen and said, "Do you need to cut grass ?" Mrs. Chen replied, "No, I already have a cutover ." The boy said, "I will help you unplug the weeds in the flowers ." Mrs. Chen replied: "My cutover has also done this ." The boy said, "I will help you cut the grass around the aisle ." Mrs. Chen said, "the person I invited has done the same thing. Thank you. I don't need a new cutover ." The boy hung up the phone. At this time, the boy's roommate asked Him, "Didn't you just cut the grass to work in Mrs. Chen? Why do I need to make this call ?" The boy said, "I just want to know how good I am !" Seeing this story in a magazine, I have an impulse to write it! Write a bit of feelings to attract others. 1. I think this story reflects the first idea of ISO, that is, focusing on customers and constantly inquiring about customers' comments. Only then can we know our strengths and weaknesses, and then develop strengths and circumvent weaknesses, improve the quality of your work and firmly grasp the customer. 2. This is also an example of the practical application of the "continuous improvement" Idea in the eight principles of quality management. Can each of our employees make continuous improvement based on their own positions? 3. Not only are marketing personnel, but all employees can satisfy customers. For marketers, this is a way to get customers with extremely high loyalty. for employees in each of our functional departments, the quality of work can be continuously improved only by keeping an eye on our "customers (service targets. This is also a matter of communication. It is really difficult for a person to get a fair and objective comment. Does this story provide us with a good way? It should be regarded as an innovation. (Marketers can learn from this and pretend not to call dealers to see if there are any improvements)

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