Empire CMS article content tags keyword settings call method and tags static

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To be honest, the Empire CMS is really not a good use to find some features, such as the Imperial CMS tag tag call. Need to pay attention to the Imperial CMS article keywords and tags tags are not matter, keyword tags are set the keywords of the article, is used to give the search engine to explain the main idea of this article, and tags tags are used to link the article, for seoer, use tags can play the role of aggregation, Increase your Site page and increase your weight. So how does the Imperial CMS call the current article content tags and implement tags static?

Empire CMS Tags tags how to set:

1, login background, click on the "Columns" menu-"tags Management"-"Set Tags Parameters" submenu, enter the set tags parameter interface;

2, enter the set tags parameter interface, the front desk to open tags: set the front/e/tags/page is open to use.

Default use of the template: Choose tags of the list template, here is recommended to select the same as the article list template;

Display information per page: Sets the default number of display information per page when line is not specified.

Empire CMS Tags tags how to call:

1. Call using the custom call tool that comes with the Imperial CMS:

[Showtags] Category ID, display quantity, display quantity per line, display sort, show only recommended, recommended tags property, show spacer, show information number, link additional parameters, link use variable [/showtags]

Specific reference "template = =" Auto-generated label = = = "Call tags tag template"

2, Imperial CMS use smart tag to invoke the current article content tag tag (note: This code is not tested, please test yourself)

Imperial CMS Smart Tag calls the current article content tag tag code as follows:

[e:loop={"select*fromseo_ecms_newswhereid=" ". $navinfor [id]." " Limit0,30 ", 1,24,0}]<? $a =" $BQR [Infotags] "; $str =str_replace (", ",", ", $a); $tag =" "; $t =explode (", ", $str); for ($i =0 ; $i <count ($t); $i + +) {if ($t [$i]) {$tagslink = "/e/tags/?tagname=". UrlEncode ($t [$i]). ""; $tag. = "<ahref=" $tagslink "target=" _blank ">". $t [$i]. " </a> ";}} Echo$tag;? >[/e:loop]

3. Empire CMS Smart Tag Call tags (this syntax is used to invoke [specify categories] [specify conditions] of all tags)

[e:loop={"SELECT * FROM [!db.pre!] Enewstags ORDER BY num DESC limit ten ", 0,24,0}]<li><a href=" <?= $public _r[newsurl]?>e/tags/?tagid=<?= $BQR [' TagID ']?> "  target=" _blank "><?= $bqr [' tagname ']?></a></li>[/e:loop]

Or you can show it yourself according to TagID.

[e:loop={"SELECT * FROM [!db.pre!] Enewstags ORDER by TagID ", 0,24,0}]<li><a href=" <?= $public _r[newsurl]?>e/tags/?tagid=<?= $bqr [' TagID ']?> "  target=" _blank "><?= $bqr [' tagname ']?></a></li>[/e:loop]
Imperial CMS Background keywords and tags automatically synchronize the Update method:

When adding keywords to the article, the input keywords are automatically copied to the tags text box, the function is simple, but very practical, modify the method as follows:

Imperial CMS background –> system settings –> Management data Sheet –> News system datasheet (phome_ecms_news) [admin field]–>special.field[Modify System field]

Replace the word "input form with HTML code" in this sentence:

<input name= "Keyboard" type= "text" size= "" value= "<?=stripslashes ($r [keyboard])?>" >

Change to the following sentence:

<input name= "Keyboard" type= "text" size= "" value= "<?=stripslashes ($r [keyboard])?>" onkeyup= " Infotags.value=this.value; " >

In this way, in the background of the Empire CMS Post, we set the key words automatically synced to tags tags, although the changes are small, but practical enough for some hard to do station friends is not a good solution!

Empire CMS tags Information list page pseudo-static settings:

Set pseudo-static under PHP virtual host:

1, confirm the space support pseudo-static, some space quotient space is required to manually turn on pseudo-static function.

2, Backstage – System – System settings – pseudo static parameter settings, set up pseudo-static rules.

3. Create a new. htaccess file and place it in the root directory of the Web site.

The following rules are written in the. htaccess file: (Note the rules in the rules file are consistent with the background settings)

 # Opens Rewriteengine mode rewriteengine on# Information content page: showinfo-[!--classid--]-[!--id--]-[!--page--].htmlrewritecond%{ Query_string} ^ (. *) $RewriteRule ^showinfo-(. +?) -(.+?) -(.+?) \.html$/e/action/showinfo.php?classid=$1&id=$2&page=$3# Information list: listinfo-[!--classid--]-[!--page--]. Htmlrewritecond%{query_string} ^ (. *) $RewriteRule ^listinfo-(. +?) -(.+?) \.html$/e/action/listinfo/index.php?classid=$1&page=$2# Title Category List page: infotype-[!--ttid--]-[!--page--]. Htmlrewritecond%{query_string} ^ (. *) $RewriteRule ^infotype-(. +?) -(.+?) \.html$/e/action/infotype/index.php?ttid=$1&page=$2#tags Information List page: tags-[!--tagname--]-[!--page--]. Htmlrewritecond%{query_string} ^ (. *) $RewriteRule ^tags-(. +?) -(.+?) \.html$/e/tags/index.php?tagname=$1&page=$2 

#标题分类列表页: infotype-[!--ttid--]-[!--page--].html

Rewritecond%{query_string} ^ (. *) $

Rewriterule ^infotype-(. +?) -(.+?) \.html$/e/action/infotype/index.php?ttid=$1&page=$2

#TAGS信息列表页: tags-[!--tagname--]-[!--page--].html

Rewritecond%{query_string} ^ (. *) $

Rewriterule ^tags-(. +?) -(.+?) \.html$/e/tags/index.php?tagname=$1&page=$2

Empire CMS article content tags keyword settings call method and tags static

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