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FrontPage Server extension can do the following:
(1) saving and retrieving Web server files;
(2) remotely perform all file management operations;
(3) correct the super connection when renaming or moving the file;
(4) Check the HTML page on the server and extract the super connection information;
(5) manage the FrontPage security model;
(6) execute the WebBot component.
1. Install FrontPage Server extension
If you want to write a webpage and manage the entire website through FrontPage or Visual InterDev, you need to install the FrontPage Server extension on your Web server. The specific steps are as follows:
(1) after IIS4 is installed, choose start> Program> Windows NT4 Option Pack> Microsoft Internet Information Server> FronPage Server Administrator;
(2) select Install in the displayed dialog box, select the appropriate Server type according to your Web system in the Server type column, and click OK.
2. Compile FrontPage Web
When a page is moved from one file directory on the FrontPage Web to another file directory, the server extension automatically updates all super connections to the page on the Web server.
3. Manage FrontPage Web
The FrontPage Web administrator can use a specified user account to manage and write or browse the FrontPage Web. For example, a FrontPage Web user can join a discussion group. Server extension will maintain the super connection of the discussion article, separate thread (threads), content directory, and search form indexes to determine pages of interest.
FrontPage client and server extensions reduce the need for expensive file transfers over the Internet. When the author of FrontPage Explorer opens a FrontPage Web from a Web server that contains server extensions, information about the FrontPage Web, such as its super connection image, will be downloaded to the client machine, in this way, FrontPage Explorer can display this information. However, the entire page and other files that constitute the FrontPage Web will be stored on the Web server. The page will be downloaded over the Internet only when it is opened and edited in the FrontPage Editor, this is a very simple and effective method: on the Web server, you can directly modify the entire website by downloading and editing a single file.
When the Web server has FrontPage Server Extensions, you can obtain the FrontPage Web compilation and management functions from the FrontPage client programs and computers connected to the Internet or local Intranet, communication between client computers and Web servers that contain Server Extensions uses the same public and common HTTP protocol. Web browsers on client computers use the HTTP protocol to interact with Web servers, you do not need to access shared files on the Web server machine. You do not need to use FTP or Telnet, and do not need to make shared calls to your file system.

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