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1. This moment'll nap, you'll have a dream; But This moment study and you'll interpret a dream.
NAP now, you will dream, and now learn, you will dream.

2. I leave uncultivated today, is precisely yesterday perishes tomorrow the body of which.

I leave uncultivated today, is precisely yesterday perishes tomorrow which the person implored.

3. Thought is already are late, exactly is the earliest time.

Think it is too late, exactly is the earliest time.

4. Not matter of the today would drag tomorrow.

Do not drag today's events to tomorrow.

5. Time the study pain are temporary, has not learned the pain is life-long.

The pain of learning is temporary, and the pains that have not been learned are lifelong.

6. Studies this matter, lacks, but is lacks diligently.

Learning this matter, not lack of time, but lack of effort.

7. Perhaps happiness does is not arrange the position, but succeeds and must arrange the position.

Perhaps happiness does not arrange the position, but succeeds must arrange the position.

8. The study certainly is isn't the life complete. But, since continually life part of-studies also be unable to conquer, what But-lso can make?

Learning is not the whole of life. But, since even a part of life-learning is unable to conquer, what can be done.

9. Please enjoy the pain which are unable to avoid.

Please enjoy the pain that cannot be avoided.

10.only has compared to the others early, diligently diligently, can feel the successful taste.

Only earlier and more diligent than others can taste the taste of success.

Nobody can casually succeed, it comes from the thorough self-control and the'll.

No one can casually succeed, it comes from the thorough self-management and perseverance.

The time is passing.

Time is ticking.

Now drips the saliva, would become tomorrow the tear.

Now drips the saliva, will become tomorrow the tear.

The dog equally study, the gentleman equally plays.

A dog learns as much as a gentleman.

Today does not walk, would have to run tomorrow.

Today does not go, tomorrow will run.

The investment future person would be, would be loyal to the reality person.

Those who invest in the future are faithful to the reality.

The education level represents the income.

The education level represents income.

18.one Day, has not been able again to come.

After a day is over, it won't come again.

Even if the present, the match does not stop changes the page.

Even now, the opponents are constantly flipping the pages.

Has not been difficult, then does not have attains

Without hardship, nothing is won.

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