In-depth analysis of website Seo In 15 steps

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How to quickly detect the SEO degree of a website, analyze the shortcomings of the website's search engine optimization, guide yourself to the next optimization, and listen to the author's analysis. 1. Check the number of bound domain names. If only 301 of the domain names with top-level domain names are resolved, determine whether to perform primary domain names and set weights. Baidu generally gives a domain name with no weight of 3 W, and can use a domain name without 3 w as the primary domain name. 2. Is the website architecture conducive to spider crawling (too deep frame structure or column setting is not conducive to optimization) the depth of the framework structure or Div Nesting is not conducive to website optimization, which hinders spider crawling. The topic usually requires that the user be able to reach the inner page after four clicks, which may result in inadequate inner pages of the website. 3. Whether the website link is absolutely absolute or not can prevent the website from being mirrored and comply with URL standardization (of course, the website modification is inconvenient ). 4. Whether to create a 404 error page. The purpose of creating a 404 error page is that when a website has a dead link and a user fails to access the page, the user can be guided back to the website by creating an error page, recover some user loss. Of course, when a spider crawls an error, the 404 error page can also guide the spider back to the website to continue crawling, which is more friendly to search engines. Note that the HTTP header information returned from the 404 page must be 404, which can be verified by the webmaster tool. If 200 is returned, the spider will think that the website has many duplicate pages, which is unfriendly. 5. Is there a website map? The website map is a thumbnail of the entire website and can guide the spider to crawl the website. Especially for websites with too many sections, the website map is necessary, it can help you to more fully include pages. 6. Whether or not the breadcrumb and bottom navigation are correctly applied improves the user experience, helps users identify their locations on the website, and makes the website links more closely, increase crawling channels to guide crawlers. The bottom navigation is similar to the effect of the breadcrumb navigation. Of course, you can add links to several home pages to increase the keyword density, but do not over-add them to avoid cheating. VII. Whether JavaScript and CSS are encapsulated. External calls JS and CSS encapsulate external calls, greatly reducing web pages Code . Complex and redundant code is useless for the spider. What the spider wants to capture is Article Content, not the code. Too much code can only interfere with the spider and prevent the spider from crawling. 8. Whether to install statistical tools (for data analysis). Statistical data is of great significance to guide the website in the next optimization. IP address, PV, user search term, and page jumps from are used to improve the statistics policy, I believe your website will get better and better. 9. Whether the title, keyword, and description are reasonable titles are crucial to the website. A short title that contains keywords is the title of success. After all, titles are not only displayed to search engines, but also to people. A good title can bring good traffic. The keyword can be set as the target keyword, and the description should be somewhat creative, attracting the user's attention. After all, the description is also displayed to the user. 10. is the keyword layout reasonable? The main keyword homepage of the website is used. Secondary important words are distributed in the column and long-tail words are distributed in the article. It is unreasonable to put all the keywords on the homepage. 11. It is not necessary to say whether the on-site articles match the Four keywords. When necessary keywords appear in the articles, add the anchor text. At the same time, pay attention to the links of other articles on the website and complete the internal link. 12. Whether ALT tags are added to images and flash images and ALT tags in flash can increase the keyword density. In addition, when the Website access speed is faulty, users can be displayed with the corresponding content. 13. The number of external links and the quality of external links are essential for a website to have a good ranking. Of course, the quality of the links also needs to be noted, your website does not have a good ranking. You need to know that a high-quality link is more valuable than a lot of junk links. 14. The inclusion of links and whether snapshots are normal links to bad neighbors are to be punished. Links cannot be ignored. 15. Good user experience (which is strictly not Seo) can increase website stickiness and increase the number of users on your website. A website can do these steps well. I believe your website is far from successful.
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