Use the razor engine to do an SEO Helper

The items at hand need to be SEO optimized, just consider doing an SEO Helper, using the MVC Razor view engine, which is really easy and enjoyable: 1, first of all, in the Layout page render a section, called SEO, as follows: @ViewBag .

Ajax How to do SEO friendly

Jax How to do SEO friendly I guess you are on the web search "How Ajax is indexed by search engines", "Ajax seo", "Ajax SEO friendly" and other keywords came here. You may be very tired, because some time ago I also search, but I found that the

The experience of SEO search engine optimization design and development

The experience of SEO search engine optimization design and development 1, in the URL contains keywords. 2. A page is best made up of 2 or 3 paragraphs. And the paragraphs are rich in keywords and descriptions of keywords. 3, rich keyword text

When the SPA single page application meets the SEO, the experience of the egg pain

The advantages of Spa single page application is of course undeniable: cool effect, I in the vision and products in front of no retort; high performance speed, all JS of course fast, I am in the transport and peacekeeping products in front of

SEO Case: 302 redirect will cause the site to be down right

In the previous analysis of my company's website keyword ranking disappeared mentioned (now from the company resigned), the company's website keyword ranking disappeared the most likely reason is 302 redirect, now can be determined, is because of 302

WordPress full site SEO optimization guide

WordPress is known as a construction site program. Its powerful, template-rich, adequate plug-ins, simple installation and strong customization features make us in the establishment of personal blog, or even corporate Web sites or other types of

How to guide traffic in SEO optimization

All along, the major sites in a variety of ways to attract traffic, such as the Web page design is very gorgeous, its purpose is to attract the attention of users.How to guide the flow?1, Exchange Friendship LinksThe most convenient way to guide

In addition to SEO optimization still have what promotion way

Today, we are familiar with the site promotion, is basically search engine SEO or SEM, in addition to these two popular ways, in fact, there are many ways. So now, I'll tell you a few more common ways: 1, the mainstream of some social platforms

Write a search engine-friendly Article Seo paging class

Use JSP, PHP, ASP, and other dynamicProgramHow are generated pages friendly to search engines? You may want to use url_rewrite. However, it is recommended that the content of the page corresponding to the same website address be the same or similar

URL Seo techniques to protect websites

Matching means matching users' search keywords. Primary Domain Name matching is better than directory name or webpage name matching.Use-or _ link between English keywords.For Chinese keywords, the Chinese directory name and webpage name are

Website optimization methods (selected) and Seo instance reference

First of all, I would like to explain that Seo can actually improve Google's search ranking and the methods are also diversified. I will introduce some useful and easy-to-use methods, Step by step from the following aspects: 1. Title Policy 2.

Seo concepts and methods for website Search Optimization

ConceptSearch engine optimization, also known as search engine optimization, is a popular online marketing method in recent years. It aims to increase the exposure of specific keywords to increase the website's visibility, in this way, sales

SEO is essential. Search Engine keyword Data Reference URL

Query pr (PR of 72 different google servers ):Http:// -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Baidu search:Number of times related keywords can be

Influence of original content and unique content on SEO and precautions

For SEO (Search Engine Optimization), although there are such theories and technologies, content is always the first priority: content is the basis for implementing any other SEO technology or means, there is no substantial significance for leaving

Page creation details that affect SEO

Jxdawei's blog: 1. Use the following method to separate css and javascript from external files. What makes html code the most possible is to display the actual content. 2. Use xhtml code to write pages, discard the traditional

What is SEO?

SEO is the abbreviation of Search Engine Optimization. It is described in English to use some techology to make your website in the top places in Search Engine when somebody is using Search Engine to find something, translation into Chinese is

"Baidu and webmaster" Updates: website indexing, deletion, seo, etc.

The content of the "Baidu and webmaster" section of the Baidu website has been updated, and a lot of information is worth exploring. By reading the text, we can see that Baidu seems to be switching its previous views on SEO, and reasonable search

Seo Course course notes worth RMB 500 are published

The following are my personal notes on the SEO course. I will share them with you. If you say yes, don't scold me for poor things. I am a hacker. The principle of the prvalue algorithm is based on the following two prerequisites: 1. If a webpage is

We recommend some SEO tools and software and sites to provide essential products for the website.

SEO tools: website map creation tools (xml)A good website map tool can generate a website map in google xml format.Http:// SEO tools: website ArchivesWebsite archives ("website time back Machine" Wayback

PHP + Ajax website SEO query tool provides code page 1/3

# Name: PHP + Ajax website SEO Query Tool # Author: years [Q: 4908220] # Homepage: Instructions for use: 1. The server must support at least one of allow_url_fopen, curl, and fsockopen. For details, contact the server

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