SEO optimization How to break through the bottleneck of website traffic

SEO optimization How to break through the bottleneck of the site traffic, let's look at the relationship to improve the site traffic method bar. What is the pursuit of Seoer, and how is the value of seoer embodied? How to break the bottleneck of

Talking about the bottleneck of SEO novice to website optimization

As a rookie I just started SEO this industry, encountered a lot of technical obstacles and bottlenecks, because a technical bottleneck let me go a lot of detours. Also let as a rookie I have a further understanding of SEO. Feel yourself slowly back

Talk about the recent SEO and life

Haven't written a blog in a long time, since 12 began to feel slowly fade out of SEO this circle, rarely visit blog, BBS, SNS platform, but often chat in QQ group, at the same time in June 2012, Baidu began to constantly suppress the SEO, the most

SEO naming techniques for generating static HTML files

1, the depth of the folder should have an impact on SEO it? 2, a lot of folders (files) will access to the system is slow, and difficult to manage? If it is a small site, or less classified, you can remove the previous/html/way Put it directly into

SEO personnel must understand the spider four working principles

Website optimization work is around the Baidu Spider and do, I believe that this point of view you will not be the optimization staff. That said, many of the optimization of the spider's working principle is very unfamiliar, so the site optimization

SEO personnel must know the six "spider Trap"

Every SEO personnel know that to do a Web page by users to search, you must choose a keyword. Then the selected keyword to do have a ranking on it. Also know that to have a ranking, the first step is to have their own website. And then let their

Mobile Internet SEO, the direction of development?

Mobile Internet is a matter of time, for me personally, the short-term mobile Internet to achieve three basic functions: mobile payment, mobile social, mobile search. Which mobile payment is the mobile phone booking bus seats, supermarket payment

Do SEO can not be anxious

The following paragraph is recorded in the experiment I have done, the reason for the failure of the experiment is too urgent, do SEO patience is very important, can not be anxious. January 27, 08 on-line format conversion Online line three months,

SEO Network Studio: Where is the road ahead?

SEO industry development So far, has been to the stage of blasting, followed by countless SEO network studios, most of which are personal online access to a single blog, through online orders have been relatively mature. We can post in seowhy or A5

9 years experience sharing: Several key bottlenecks in SEO career


Yesterday with a group of Vice President and Department director to communicate some of the problems of SEO development and bottlenecks, there are a lot of feelings, today sorted out to share to everyone. In fact, the topic of SEO bottleneck is not

Website optimization technology SEO decline reason only pay attention to spiders but ignore the role of people

Three years ago, if you mentioned SEO, everyone will worship the eyes, three years later, SEO gradually fade out of people's field of vision, think about, SEO to go down the site to optimize the altar of the earliest origin in 2012 Baidu a big

Differentiation: let you out of the misery of SEO

Do SEO need what? is the chain of resources, high-quality articles or Advanced SEO technology. Many people are thinking about how to put their own site to the platoon, at the risk of the site by K to increase the site's keyword density of the home

How to make spiders adapt to you SEO

Under the premise of guaranteeing the quality of the website content, not so much to do the site is for the user experience, rather than do the site is for search engines, said for the search engine is not as good as the spider, so, understand the

Random numbers appear in SEO headers

I started to do the new station, generally do not give this station do keyword and descript, because such words, the station will soon be included in Baidu. What I'm going to say today is a very interesting thing that I found out a while ago, I

SEO optimization of the three to and three don't

SEO optimization of the three to and three don't Let's talk about three. First, to the quality of original content From the previous chain for the king to now everyone is saying the content for the king, with the February 19 green rose algorithm

Seo How to distinguish true and false baiduspider

We webmaster view website Access data, analysis of IP source is our webmaster's daily work, to some abnormal IP segment, we first want to distinguish whether the IP segment of the search engine spider, so as to avoid accidental injury, below we take

SEO 12 tricks, robbing Baidu to hold Spider

Beginners like to ask "why is XX page at the top of me ?", The reason is with a lot of SEO details and methods. Dianshi seldom talks about this part. I hope this article will be helpful to beginners. You are welcome to give suggestions.When I

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