JavaScript Ajax Get Commit data

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<! DOCTYPE html><html><head> <title> Package ajax</title></head><body><!--05:59 Ajax under--><script type= "Text/javascript" > Function createxhr () {if (typeof XMLHttpRequest! = "undefined") {retur N new XMLHttpRequest (); } else if (typeof activexobject! = "undefined") {var versions = ["msxml.2.xmlhttp.6.0", "msxml.2.xmlhttp.3.0", "msxml.2.x Mlhttp "]; for (var i = 0; i<versions.length;i++) {try{return new ActiveXObject (Version[i]);} catch (E) {//Because the class loop will report a mistake, skip some errors}}} else {throw new Error ("Your system or browser does not support XHR objects! "); } } The name value pair converts the string function params (data) {var arr = []; for (var i in data) {Arr.push (encodeURIComponent (i) + "=" +encodeuricompone NT (Data[i])); } return Arr.join ("&"); }//Ajax function Ajax (obj) {var xhr=createxhr (); obj.url=obj.url+ "? rand=" +math.random () + "&" +params (; = params (; if (Obj.method = = = "GET") {obj.url=obj.url+ "&";} xhr.onreadystatechange = function () {if (xhr.readystate = = 4) {if (Xhr.status = =) {obj.success (Xhr.responsetext)} else {Console.log ("Error code:" +xhr.status+ "-Error message" +xhr.statustext "); }}} (Obj.method,obj.url,obj.async); Xhr.send (NULL); }//Use Ajax AddEventListener ("click", Function () {Ajax ({method: "GET", url: "test.php", data:{"Na&me": "Ping", "age" : 18},//Upload object to text, then object callback Success:function (text) {Console.log ("Receive success data:" +text);}, async:true}); },false);</script></body></html>

JavaScript Ajax get submit data

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