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The advantages of LAMP depend on how Web technologies are developed. In the past few years, LAMP, which represents Linux-Apache-MySQL-PHP, has always been the most popular Web development platform, but the number of new platforms has gradually increased and become more dazzling. We can't help but ask, LAMP is still the most popular Web development platform for Linux-Apache-MySQL-PHP over the past few years, however, the number of new platforms has gradually increased and many are also very dazzling. We can't help wondering, is LAMP still the most popular choice for Web development today? I currently think it is still the most popular choice. LAMP is popular because it has many advantages over other platforms.

Low cost and good scalability

It is true that the LAMP platform is relatively open-source and commercialized, such as J2EE or ASP. NET platform, the cost must be the first factor to consider. open-source products can be downloaded for free, and their own costs are very low. In addition, LAMP has low hardware requirements, j2EE and ASP. NET has higher requirements on hardware. in the Web hosting field, LAMP-type hosting services are usually better than J2EE and ASP. NET type is cheaper.

Many analysts believe that although LAMP can quickly build Web applications, its scalability is not good. to achieve good scalability, it may cost more than building a Web application, according to my experience, the poor scalability of LAMP is not caused by the platform itself, but by the development. many codes that do not have the scalability are the "masterpiece" of developers ", for this reason, I have also specialized in a large number of Java and ASP code. I found that this problem exists in the same way. In the end, I found that experienced developers tend to easily write codes that do not have good scalability. In fact, many people do not write their own code, but directly copy it from other places.

Large deployment volume and high security

LAMP, because of its large deployment volume and fewer security problems, has almost all the problems that can be found. it is also the most thorough software combination for testing worldwide.

Of course, I am not saying that the LAMP combination has no security issues, but most of the security issues exposed in LAMP are caused by the lack of experienced developers failing to follow the best practices to write code inclusion vulnerabilities, or the experienced system administrator does not correctly configure LAMP.

Flexible and stable

LAMP also provides great flexibility. developers can choose their preferred frameworks or even build their own frameworks. Other platforms usually include their own frameworks, with little room for choice, for example ,. NET Framework is ASP. the only choice for NET development. J2EE is a Java-based Framework, while Rails is based on the Ruby Framework. when using PHP, developers can choose frameworks such as CakePHP, CodeIgniter, and Zend Framework.

Using LAMP also has another advantage. developers can obtain all the source code, so they can modify the software in LAMP to meet special needs. for example, Apache Web server supports the module to be loaded, developers can develop their own modules to handle special tasks. for example, the loadable module implements identity authentication in Apache, LAMP provides developers with good flexibility to choose.

LAMP has always been known for its stability. the backward compatibility of the new version is usually better. even when it is upgraded to the new version, developers rarely need to rewrite the code. the modular feature of LAMP makes it highly configurable, in terms of stability, and commercial ASP. NET or J2EE solution, LAMP is not inferior.

Low development threshold and fast system creation

Because LAMP is available for free, it becomes very popular and lowers the threshold for developers to enter LAMP, but ASP. both NET and J2EE have an authentication plan. developers can follow the best practices for development, but it is difficult to define whether a LAMP developer complies with the best practices.

I also mentioned ASP. NET and J2EE have few optional frameworks. although I once thought this was a disadvantage, it is an advantage for large development teams, there is little room for choice, so that the entire team members can maintain a consistent knowledge system, saving a lot of time in training and communication, while the LAMP camp has too many optional opportunities, individual team members are easy to develop independent development habits and insights, which can cause great trouble for team collaboration. Therefore, I think LAMP is more suitable for a development team or a small team.

LAMP can be used to quickly build a system prototype at a low cost, which is a major strength of LAMP. for startups, LAMP can be used to quickly build a system prototype to attract investors, obtain investment as soon as possible.


In any case, LAMP is still a very popular Web development platform. its low cost and barriers to entry have made many developers choose it, LAMP's security, stability, and good scalability have also attracted many enterprise users. for startups, LAMP can help them quickly build a system prototype and get investment, LAMP's flexibility has also become a reason for many to choose it. Therefore, we can surely conclude that LAMP is still the most popular choice for Web development and will coexist with other competing technologies for a long time in the future.

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