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1. BEIJING Santhiya Java Training and teaching video (resource sharing network)

2.LUCENE/WEBSERVICE/SVN/ANT/SPRINGMVC Video (Learning Database network)

3.JUnit and Ant Video Tutorials (VERYCD community)

4. "Zhang Xiaoxiang Java video Tutorial" full version [RMVB] (East-west)

5.5 years of tempering (the most basic Java Video for Beginners) (Wisdom Podcast)

6.3 Days easy to master Javaweb video (Wisdom Podcast)

7.Java Video Tutorials (classic introductory video for Beginners in Java) (Smart Podcast)

8. Zhang Xiaoxiang 2010 new Video: Java High-tech (Preach Wisdom Podcast)

9.Java Multi-threading and concurrent libraries Advanced Applications (Wisdom Podcast)

10. Preach Intelligence Podcast JDBC Video tutorial (Preach Wisdom Podcast)

11.JavaWEB Development (Jsp+servlet) video (Intelligence podcast)

12.struts2 Practical Simple version Video (Wisdom podcast)

13. Intelligent Podcast Ajax Video tutorial (Preach Wisdom Podcast)

14. Stream Intelligence Podcast Hibernate video tutorial (Preach Wisdom Podcast)

15. Wisdom Podcast Spring2.5 Video tutorial (Preach Wisdom Podcast)

16. The BA-BA Sports Network Video tutorial (Preach Wisdom Podcast)

17. Wisdom Podcast EJB3.0 Video tutorial (Preach Wisdom Podcast)

18. Video Tutorial (Preach Wisdom Podcast)

19.ibatis Video Tutorial (Smart Podcast)

20. Banking Dispatch System (Wisdom Podcast)

21. Traffic Light Management System (Wisdom Podcast) Online Payment actual combat video (Wisdom Podcast)

23. Intelligent Podcast Java Mail Development Video tutorial (Preach Wisdom Podcast)

24. Wisdom Podcast FCKeditor Video tutorial (Preach Wisdom Podcast)

25. Russia, snake Game-Project video (Preach Wisdom podcast)

26.JavaScript Web Development (Wisdom Podcast)

27.JNI Video Tutorial (Smart Podcast)

28. Wisdom Podcast _ftp Video tutorial (Preach Wisdom Podcast) Video Tutorial (internal Classics) (Wisdom Podcast)

30.oa+ Workflow (JBPM) (Preach Intelligence podcast)

31.Ajax and jquery Basics Introductory Video (Smart Podcast)

32.8 Day Quick Master Android video (full version-for Javaweb basic Learning) (Smart Podcast)

33. Zhang Xiaoxiang Java job Interview collection (Preach Wisdom podcast)

34.JAVA Basic Video Tutorial (Playsoft net)

35.JavaSE Video Tutorials (the classic introductory video for Beginners in Java) (still academy)

36.JAVA Tutorials/Video Tutorials (Learning database Network)

37. "Wisdom Podcast: Spring2.3/jdbc/ejb3.0/ajax/hibernate/struts/java Video Tutorial" (Learning Database Network)

38.Java Java Beginner's tutorial (Learning data Network)

39. Zhang Xiaoxiang Java high-Tech (learning data Network)

40. Shanghai Jiao Tong New version Java programming (Learning data Network) (itjob net)

51.3 days easy to master Javaweb video (Dark Horse) Graphic Design (Preach Intelligence podcast)

53. "Horse soldier JAVA jsp video Tutorial" Still Academy Science and Technology (Shang Academy)

54.Java Language Resources list (east-west web) Video Tutorials, Java instructional video, Java Video Downloader (still academy)

56.Java Quality Learning Video Tutorial Download summary (Everyone forum)

57. Zhang Xiaoxiang _java Basic Tutorial (Huawei Network Disk)

58. "Shang Academy technology." Horse soldier. Java Video Tutorial (Java Training Internal video) February 9, 10 update (update Spring3.0) (resource sharing)

59. Lao Lou Java (old Lou Java net)

60. "Shang School horse Soldier Hands-on Java Video Tutorial" second edition (East-west)

61. "Shang Academy Technology _ Horse Soldier _java Video tutorial" (Baidu Space)

62. Beijing Santhiya Staff java.web training Video (Fast Thunder Pass)

63. "Wei Javaweb Video Tutorial" 2011 Edition (Quest net)

64. Fanglixun Javaweb Video Tutorial _web Development (fourth day) (Huawei Network Disk)

65. Zhang Xiaoxiang Podcast _ Java Video tutorial _11.11_javaweb/javascript/java (java\javascript\javaweb\courses) (resource sharing)

66. _11.13_struts/javascript/java Podcast Zhang Xiaoxiang Java video Tutorial (VeryCD)

67. _11.13_struts/javascript/java Podcast Zhang Xiaoxiang Java video Tutorial (IVERYCD)

68. Guangzhou Java Training WebService video tutorial (Crazy software)

69. Web Graphic Design Video (Wisdom podcast)

70.JavaScript detailed HD Video tutorial package download (Iteye)

71. Proficient in Javascript+jquery video tutorial and source code (CC software Park)

72.lamp brother Gaulo JavaScript video tutorial (Huawei Network Disk)

73. The basic JavaScript video tutorial is constantly updated ... [Compress package] (Resource sharing)

74. "21-day learning JavaScript" video tutorial + source (east-west web)

75.JavaScript Basic Video Tutorial (Learning database)

76. Bi Xiangdong HTML, CSS, JavaScript video tutorial (Dark Horse)

77. "North Wind network veteran lecturer eon JavaScript video tutorial" (1919 downloads)

78. "JavaScript Video Tutorial" (Top JavaScript Tech Videos) (IVERYCD)

79.JavaScript Video Tutorial (Top JavaScript Tech Videos) (North Wind net)

80. "The Lamp brothers even JavaScript video tutorial" November 14 Update (Sensitive Learning Network)

81.Android Project Video Tutorial (learning database)

82. Sundy's Android Advanced Application Development Course Shared edition, Android development video tutorial [compression package] (resource sharing)

83.Android Video Full Set tutorial free batch download (Huawei Network disk)

84. [MP4] (VeryCD): "Android Development Tutorial" Update Project actual combat "release project actual combat 20th lesson

85.Android Development Video Tutorial (CSND)

86. Database SQL SERVER/ORACLE/MYSQL/DB2 Tutorial class information (learning materials Network) Video Tutorial (internal classic) (Dark Horse)

88. "2011 edition Li Xinghua-oracle the most powerful database course [increase disk DOWNLOAD]" (ORACLE) V2011 (VeryCD) Series free Video Tutorials (CUUG)

90. "Oracle Video Tutorial" Chinaitlab (min-Learning Network)

91. CBT Nuggets produced Oracle 11g database 1z0-051sql Fundamentals Exam Video Tutorial (resource sharing)

92. Introduction to the International Oracle to master the OCP certification teaching video (Fast thunder)

93. "Linux from Beginner to proficient" with the book Video tutorial (East-West web)

94. Hanshunping Linux (Iteye)

95. Hanshunping Linux Video tutorial (Huawei Network Disk)

96.Linux Video Tutorial (Smart Podcast)

97.RHCE video tutorial Download (Linux commune)

98. Li Linux Video tutorial (Chinaunix)

99.linux Video Tutorial (Baidu Cloud Network disk)

100. "Shang Academy Linux 3 days out of print" Linux operating system video tutorial (east-West network)

101. "Backing net shield friend JQuery Video Tutorial" (Resource sharing)

102.jquery Video tutorial Download (NetEase blog)

103.JQuery Combat (Learning Database)

104.Jquery Boutique Video tutorial (Iteye)

105. Preach intelligence podcasts. NET Training-jquery (Huawei Network Disk)

106.Hibernate Video Tutorial (for students who have mastered Javaweb) (Dark Horse)

107.hibernate Video Tutorial (Huawei Network Disk)

108.Hibernate Video Tutorial (Shang Academy)

109. Wang Sheng Hibernate (resource sharing)

110. Wang Sheng Hibernate (Zero Software Park)

111. Beijing Santhiya Park Hibernate video Tutorial (learning database)

112. "Power node, Wang Yong Java Series Video Tutorial" (East-west network)

113. "Wisdom Podcast: Spring2.3\jdbc\ejb3.0\ajax\hibernate\struts\java video Tutorial" (Spring2.5\ajax\java\jni\ftp\ajax\ibatis\oa\ JDBC) (VeryCD)

114. "spring2.5 Video tutorial" AVI Intelligence Podcast (East-west web)

115. Wisdom Podcast _spring2.5 Video tutorial (Huawei Network Disk)

116. Web-springmvc3.0 Video Tutorial (iteye)

117.JAVA Series Textbook-spring2.5.6_ Academy technology (CC Software Park)

118. "Spring MVC3.0 Web Development Series Video tutorial (full set of 6--about 400 minutes)" (IVERYCD)

119. Hibernate video tutorial, Spring Video Tutorial-Lao Lu Java (North Wind net)

120.struts+spring+hibernate Development in Real Kung Fu (1919 downloads)

121. Still academy Java video Download Daquan (Continuous update ... Please pay attention! ) (Shang Xue)

122. "The original Struts.Hibernate.Spring.JS." Paging video tutorial (all) (Zero Software Park)

123. Crazy Java_ Crazy Software _ Li Gang teacher _struts2 full set of video tutorials (North wind net)

124. Wisdom Podcast _2010_struts2.1.8 Video tutorial (Huawei Network Disk)

125.struts2 Practical Simple version Video (Wisdom podcast)

126. "The Surf video tutorial Struts 2 application Development Detailed series" (East-west network)

127. Wei _struts2.3.1 Video Tutorial 2012 first edition source (Huawei Network Disk)

128. Wei _struts2.3.1_hibernate ... Tutorial 2012 First edition source (Huawei Network Disk)

129. "Beijing Santhiya Garden struts2 Teaching Video" (SIMPLECD)

130. "Fantasy-ibatis Frame Technology Video Tutorial" (Resource sharing)

131. Wisdom Podcast _ibatis Video tutorial (Huawei Network Disk)

132. "Java Teaching video _ Konghao teacher" began to update the javaweb aspects of the video (updated MyBatis part of the video) (North Wind net)

133.springmvc+spring+mybatis+maven Integrated video tutorial (Baidu Cloud Network disk)

More than 100 sets of development videos

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