MySQL Import slow

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MySQL exported SQL statements are likely to be very, very slow to import, having experienced an import of only 450,000 records for nearly 3 hours. Reasonable use of several parameters during export can greatly speed up the import.

-e uses multi-line insert syntax that includes several values lists;
--max_allowed_packet=xxx the maximum size of the buffer between client/server communication;
--net_buffer_length=xxx TCP/IP and socket communication buffer sizes, creating rows up to net_buffer_length length.

Note: Max_allowed_packet and net_buffer_length cannot be larger than the target database setting, otherwise there may be an error.

First determine the parameter values of the target library

Mysql>show variables like ' max_allowed_packet ';
Mysql>show variables like ' net_buffer_length ';

Write mysqldump commands based on parameter values, such as:

Mysqldump-uroot-p eis_db goodclassification-e--max_allowed_packet=1048576--net_buffer_length=16384 >good3.sql

MySQL Import slow

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