Non-predicate verb to do subject

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Non-predicate verb to do subject

Todo called infinitive, can act as a variety of ingredients, it does not have a fixed form, belongs to the "universal substitute."

[To repair bicycles] is his job.

"It's his job to fix the bike."

The subject is put back:

It is his job [to repair bicycles].

It is a formal subject, and to does is the real subject.

When Todo a subject, put it at the top of the sentence or at the end of the sentence.

Example Analysis:

It must be terrible [to is grown up].

"It's really bad to grow up."
To being grown up is the real subject and it is the form subject.

It is easier for the detective [to watch her].
To do is the subject of common sentences
It is adj. (+for sb.) + Todo sth.

"Something is xxxx for someone".

It is important for us [to study 中文版].

Pay attention to the middle for SB. can be omitted:

It is happy [to get together sometime].
It takes (+SB.) + some time + todo sth.

It takes sb. A long time to do sth.

Note: Take can change tenses.

It took me ten minutes [to persuade her].
It'll take six weeks [to decorate].
Non-predicate verb to do which language (after transitive verb)
All of the students want [to pass exams].

Want to do something this is a fixed phrase collocation
Want verb, to do is its object.

He began [to play a tune].

Begin to do something and fix it. You can also use the begin doing. Non-predicate verb to do as predicative (after verb)

My dream are [to travel around the world].

is System verb

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