OneKey Ghost (supports 64-bit and WIN8) added PE special Edition

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    • Software classification: System Tools / system backup
    • Software Size: 6.2MB
    • Software Category: Domestic software
    • Software Licensing: Free version
    • Software language: Simplified Chinese
    • Application platform:DOS WinNT Win2000 WinXP Win2003 winvista Win2008 Win7 Win8 WinPE (x86/x64)

Program Introduction:
a user-friendly, design professional, easy to operate, in Win32 (64), WinPE, DOS to any partition under a key backup, recovery of green pollution-free program, supporting the ISO file, CD-ROM, u disk gho file hard drive installation.
supports multiple hard disks, mixed hard disks (IDE/SATA/SCSI), mixed partitions (FAT16/FAT32/NTFS/EXFAT), unassigned drive letter partitions, drive letter confusion, hidden partitions, and interleaved non-Windows partitions.
Multi-system support, and the system is not the first hard disk partition, support brand machine hidden partition and so on.

Software Author: Mountains

First, detailed description:
1, the default core is ghost_11.0.2 imagex_6.2, can be customized Ghost version
2, the program default to the current system of the partition for backup, restore operations, you can select other partitions
3, backup with optional compression mode, custom volume size, the default is fast compression and non-split volume
4. Gho, WIM, ISO image files that exist on the hard disk can be searched according to the conditions, and support drag and drop
5. Ghost image file CRC checksum can be ignored when restoring
6, can use this program to undo the previous operation, can check the integrity of the GHO image, the path can be customized image files
7, Support Windows, WinPE directly using Ghost32 for partition cloning, System hot backup
8, the installation item can be set to create the default ghost directory is malformed, whether hidden, the last partition settings can be hidden or visible
9, can search the malformed directory image file and double-click to open the corresponding directory, under DOS can search the full Gho file and restore
10, restore If you forget the Gho image file password, enter OK can be cracked
11, in the Tray menu extension tool item, can rebuild the master boot MBR record
12, the program humanized design, the use is more simple, avoids the wrong operation, pure green no pollution, will not leave any temporary files to the system

Second. Description of the update:
OneKey Good (one click Ghost) V14.5 official version (version number:
1. Regular updates, details adjustment, bug fixes
2. Increased WIN8.1 recognition, unattended WIN8.1 including 64-bit support
3, special fixed one-click Restore, due to some of the image quality problems to ghost error, and then re-open the program sometimes do not recognize the restored partition

OneKey Good (one click Ghost) V13.4 official version (version number:
1, the details of adjustment, more from you to experience, of course, we are most concerned about the update, dynamic disk GPT Of course there is support oh
2, improve the details of some tips, so that the operation is more clear analysis, the hearts of more than
3. Fixed the problem that the automatic selection of partition list is inaccurate after optimizing the code

OneKey Good (one click Ghost) V13.2 Chinese New Year Edition (version number:
1. Perfect details and deal with known issues
2. Update the GRUB module to improve compatibility
3, Advanced item "search" Open custom suffix (can search any suffix of gho restore), open "System hot Backup"
4, some function position and variable adjustment, again perfect 1:1 judgment
5, external can choose DOS version GHOST11.5.1 (check after installation can be deleted), the default is 11.0.2
6, increase the USB disk judgment, determine whether to generate NOUSB parameters, to avoid GHOST11.5 error problem
7, re-adjust the version number, meaning the program's update time and the number of updates (year. month. Th. Times)
8. More intelligent selection of target disk when optimizing backup
9, fixed dsptw some commands and ultraiso the hidden write disk image conflict problem
10, Dos The problem of backup correction time difference
11. Add 64-bit ISO search and load to the virtual optical drive support
12. Add multiple system judgments and mark in list

OneKey Ghost (one key Ghost) V6.5 official version (version number:
1. Detailed adjustment and handling of known issues
2, partition information list to add disk number display and adjust the next position
3. Add the "Install", "Custom Ghost version" items automatically to "manual Ghost" and "reboot after completion" respectively under PE
4, increase in the check GHO integrity of the advanced item, if there is Ghost32 in the program directory automatically check the function
5. Added "Global Password setting protection" function for installation items
6, optimization judgment 1:1, as long as the 2:1 is the system disk in the DOS may be error problems

OneKey Ghost (one key Ghost) V6.5 official version (version number:
1, improve some procedural details and known issues
2, unload the item to join the Force Unload function (can check the item when unloading fails)
3, x86 and x64 position together

OneKey Ghost (one key Ghost) V6.5 official version (version number:
1, improve some procedural details and known issues
2, partition information list add mobile disk USB tag, active partition a mark
3, increase the DOS "system one-click Restore" The last partition as a hidden partition while searching for the function of the penultimate partition
4. Update Grub boot module to improve compatibility
5, advanced item Increase check GHO integrity, shutdown after completion
6. Fixed an error when checking the integrity of Gho image files within the Malformed directory
7. Fixed a hidden partition that is not visible in this program will also close hidden partition when program exits

OneKey Ghost (one key Ghost) V6.5 official version (version number:
1, update some of the program details and known issues
2. Remove the protection that can only be run by double-clicking the program
3. Optimize okdos to improve compatibility
4, remove the DOS UMBPCI drive, to avoid some computers can not shut down, restart, etc.
5, Chinese character display changed to vtmagic non-Chinese character system display Chinese characters

OneKey Ghost (one click Ghost) V6.5 Labor Day Commemorative Edition (version number:
1, improve the program details and fix some known issues
2. Add a hidden partition by double-clicking on it in the Program list box to open the corresponding hidden partition
3, increase the operation of any partition in the backup, in the Restore program can automatically select the corresponding partition function at the time of the backup (really achieve one-click Restore, you have to do is to confirm the point)
4, add Okdos to "Start USB" operation support
5. Added "Partition Information view" Support under DOS
6, increase the DOS under the adaptive Traditional Chinese support
7, increase the DOS advanced search function, the default search 2 layers, can be automatic, manual and so on (test search 100 directories as long as 2 seconds)
8, add dos under "Custom action item" Search any partition of the image restore, and can choose to restore to any partition function (from now on you just use the mouse to do what you want to do)
9, added dos can be checked "shutdown after completion" function, the default is "complete reboot" (so that you can safely leave the computer during backup and restore)
10, fixed in DOS with Xmsdsk virtual memory disk, some computer is card problem

OneKey Ghost (one click Ghost) V6.5 Five Anniversary Edition (version number:
1, optimizer initialization start speed, remove the program run "getting Information" prompt
2. Increase the GHO image restore support (for example: LAN shared disk, etc.) that exists in any disk under PE
3. Update Grub boot module to improve compatibility
4. When installing hotkey, the last partition directory changed from Okdos to Ghost.
5. Remove the Ghost backup directory that automatically hides the last partition
6, remove the program directory exists Ghost32 (*). exe, Ghost.exe automatic check function (except WinPE environment)
7, create the Ghost backup directory to introduce security access permissions, all only read, run, write, no delete permissions (NTFS partition is valid)
8, tray menu added "Backup File Management" item (easy to rename, delete and so on ghost back up directory file)

OneKey Ghost (one click Ghost) V6.5 Five Anniversary Edition (version number:
1, improve and improve a number of procedural details and known issues, etc.
2, add 64-bit operating system support Onekeyghost version of the download
3. Add Ghost image file path GHO, ISO file Drag-and-drop support
4, increase the determination of the hard disk interface type and automatically check the "Disable access to IDE device" parameter, speed up backup, restore speed
5, basic implementation of advanced items some functions and parameters automatically check
6, add in the custom Ghost version of the item Ghost.exe placed in the same directory of the program automatic loading function
7. Add tray Menu "window always in front", "Hide main interface function"
8, modify the Program initialization window is locked as a progress prompt

OneKey Ghost (one click Ghost) V6.5 Five Anniversary Edition (version number:
1, improve some of the program details and known issues
2, add advanced search items, search end prompt function
3. Fix the problem of BCD and boot. ini when WIN7 and WinXP dual systems are being backed up or restored
4, add DOS to WIN7 100MB system reserved Partition judgment (avoid backup or restore 1:1)
5, Increase dos under the last partition for EISA hidden partition or primary partition support (last partition: \ghost\c_backup. GHO, the path must be the same and exists)

OneKey Ghost (one click Ghost) V6.5 Five Anniversary Edition (version number:
1, optimize the regular code and some program details, etc.
2, increase the installation of hot keys at the same time in the last partition to install the Okdos file (so that even if the restoration system error and format, you can enter the DOS continue operation)
3, optimize the search code, to solve the malformed directory created under XP under the WIN7 can not search the problem
4, the overall improvement of DOS, for the subsequent 6.5 enhanced version of the DOS custom tool interface, layer search and EISA hidden partition support, CD, UD operation, such as the creation of the environment

OneKey Ghost (one click Ghost) V6.5 Five Anniversary Edition (version number:
1, optimization program online update code and some known issues
2, improve the DOS of the custom action items, can support the automatic creation of directories
3. Optimize Advanced item Gho image file partition format display code
4. Optimize the search parameters under DOS
5, modify the uninstall hotkey, if the backup of the MBR file does not exist, then write to the standard MBR, no longer restore the backup in the second sector MBR (avoid poisoning)
6, add WIN7 under the 100M system reserved hidden partition support

OneKey Ghost (one click Ghost) V6.5 Five Anniversary Edition (version number:
1, fully optimize the program execution path code, to avoid the identification of some special paths
2. Added advanced item Ghost image file's partition format display function
3, add GHOST backup file of the sub-volume function, can be customized 1-9999 between any size of the sub-volume (such as: 888)
4, improve the traditional hot-key installation mode, improve the installation success rate (theoretical success rate of 100%)
5. Add Tray "menu Extension Tool"--Rebuild Master boot record (MBR) Item
6, the positioning program font size of 9th, to avoid some system set up a large font, and make the font display overflow
7, the change back to the default action for the first hard disk last minute, and DOS default action corresponds to

OneKey Ghost (one click Ghost) V6.5 Five Anniversary Edition (version number:
1, to increase the security software interception program when running, to determine whether the operation is successful prompt
2, increase the GHO, ISO image file is valid judgment
3, add gho image file Integrity Check (this feature needs to check Ghost32.exe)
4. Add the drop- down box in the Ghost image file path, and block the Gho file that does not exist after loading the ISO
5, increase in the restore if the Gho image file has a password to give hints, if you forget the password, enter OK can be cracked
6, add in different language environment, in the program name to add CN _CN _en respectively mandatory display for the simple, complex, English language functions (such as: Onekeyghost_en.exe)
7, remove the use of the drop-down button to select a file, the program automatically select the function of backup or restore, prevent not careful, resulting in anti-operation
8. The date of the modified advanced item is displayed as the modified time of the file

OneKey Ghost (one click Ghost) V6.5 Five Anniversary Edition (version number:
1, fixed the Windows to identify the mobile drive as a fixed hard disk problem
2, modify the original default registry hide temporarily reveal the hidden partition is closed, if the program name contains the version number will open the function (such as: onekeyghost_6.5)
3, fixed using the hard disk installer function to copy the Gho file on the CD or USB drive to the last partition, if the clone to the last partition will be an error problem
4, when modifying multiple hard drives, the program default operation of the first hard disk last partition is the last hard disk last minute
5, modify the default in the last partition created by the malformed directory for the normal directory
6, optimize the GUI window cycle and program code, reduce CPU utilization
7, add external Ghost32.exe (optional) and USB flash drive on the list, you can under windows in addition to the system disk for any fixed, mobile disk cloning function
8, add the program at run time by default need to have full administrator rights to run correctly
9, increase the deformity and common directory at the same time to check the function, to avoid ghost may be error problems
10. Update Grub boot module to improve compatibility

OneKey Ghost (one click Ghost) V6.5 Five Anniversary Edition (version number:
1. Fixed the problem that hidden partition may be revealed when opening this program
2, increase the evaluation of the existence of the boot. ini function, to avoid GHOST after the completion of the system can not enter the problem
3, fixed the installation of the last partition created by the directory cannot unhide the problem
4, fixed the first hard drive under win, but not necessarily the first hard disk in PE, can not automatically obtain the image file and the last partition problem
5, perfect the last partition space is not enough, automatically select the function of other partitions

OneKey Ghost (one click Ghost) V6.5 Five Anniversary Edition (version number:
1. Increase the support of MS-dos in English language
2. Add the directories created by the installation to hide the feature
3. Add hidden partition list text to highlight red display
4, fixed in WinPE can not restore the CD or USB GHO file on the problem
5, increase the search filter HD4. GHO, HD5. GHO function
6, fixed Win7 created under the Malformed Directory GHOST does not recognize the problem
7. Increase the hidden and visible setting function of the last partition of the installation
8, increase the deletion of backup failed Gho file function, anti-false recovery of incomplete gho mirror, and caused the problem of unable to start
9, increase the judgment of the last partition space is sufficient, otherwise automatically select the function of other partitions

OneKey Ghost (one click Ghost) V6.5 Five Anniversary Edition (version number:
1. Add backup and restore support to hidden partition (perfect support brand machine)
2, add the installation items can choose to create a directory type (malformed or normal directory)
3, increase the advanced search suffix for GGH image restore Support (default is Gho)
4, fixed the previous version (optimized code accidentally caused) advanced search to the file can not display attributes and other issues
5. Remove the Setup page settings
6. Increase the directory type that was created in the last partition with the installation item selected to create the directory types synchronization (there are 2 directories at the same time)
7, fixed the DOS may be the backup files stored in the root directory of the problem

OneKey Ghost (one click Ghost) V6.5 Five Anniversary Edition (version number:
1, fixed advanced search to less than 2 characters of the malformed directory in double strike out the wrong question
2. Fixed a bug that could not be deleted when canceling or undoing a malformed directory with a custom less than 2 characters
3, add advanced search not to Gho or ISO file when prompted
4, solves the problem that cannot obtain the partition table information on the individual machine
5. Fixed the problem of not displaying traditional Chinese in Hong Kong
6, modify the user-defined normal or malformed directory is not hidden
7, fixed the same deformity directory in different circumstances may be wrong problem

OneKey Ghost (one click Ghost) V6.5 Five Anniversary Edition (version number:
1, fixed in Vista, Win2008, Win7 can not search the deformity directory problem
2. Add advanced search ISO function (default is Gho)
3. Add tray menu function to extend more functions
4, increase the PE under the Ghost32.exe placed in the program is located in any directory can automatically identify the check function (support 3-level directory)
5, fixed double-click the search to the file can not open the corresponding directory of the problem
6, because of being killed soft false report virus, gave up the UPX shell compression (try to avoid killing soft false alarm)
7, fixed dos under the overall search of files into the ghost interface may be wrong

OneKey Ghost (one click Ghost) V6.5 Five Anniversary Edition (version number:
The following update is relative to version 6.3
1. Change Ghost core to 11.0.2, improve backup and restore speed
2. Add a custom hotkey start function F7-f12
3, update the boot module, improve compatibility
4, increase the automatic selection of backup, restore, one click to achieve automatic backup or restore system
5, to solve the problem of the use of PE Ghost32 can not identify errors caused
6. Increase the overall search function under DOS, etc.
7. Solve the problem of DOS error when the volume of the custom ghost version is larger than the core ghost volume

Third, instructions for use:
Run the program, select the need to backup/restore partition and Ghost image file, press "OK", the program will automatically restart the computer into DOS for backup/restore, after completion of automatic re-entry system.

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