Oracle Protocol Adapter Error Resolution

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Create a new database in Oracle, delete it today and then log on to Sql*plus, and there is a ORA-12560:TNS: Protocol adapter error.

Ora-12560:tns: Resolution of protocol Adapter errors

There are three reasons why the Ora-12560:tns: Protocol adapter error is a problem:

1. The monitoring service is not up. Windows platform: Start---program---management tools---services, open the Services panel, start the Oraclehome92tnslistener service.

2.database instance did not rise up. The Windows platform: start---program---management tools---services, open the Services panel, start oracleservicexxxx,xxxx is your database SID.

3. Registry issues. Regedit and then go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\ORACLE\HOME0 set the environment variable ORACLE_SID to XXXX,XXXX is your database Sid. Or right My Computer, attribute--advanced--environment variable---system variable--new, variable name =oracle_sid, variable value =xxxx,xxxx is your database SID. Or enter sqlplus before the command Line down the set ORACLE_SID=XXXX,XXXX is your database SID.

After the above steps, you can solve the problem.


1, Ora-12541:tns: No listener

Cause: There is no boot listener or the listener is corrupted. If the former, use the command net start Oracleorahome81tnslistener (the name may differ), and if the latter, use the Net8 Configuration

Assistant "Tool Wizard" listener configuration Add a listener (basically do not write any information, all the way OK.) You may need to remove all the listeners before adding them!)

2. Ora-12500:tns: Listener cannot start dedicated server process or ORA-12560:TNS: Protocol adapter error

Cause: Oracle's database service is not started. You can use the command net start oracleserviceoradb (oradb as the database name). If it's still not resolved, keep looking down.

3. If the database service fails to start, it is most likely that its registry key value is corrupted, and the best practice is to do the following two steps:

1) Oradim-delete-sid oradb Delete database service item

2) Oradim-new-sid oradb New database service entry

Note: If there is an error in this process, restart the computer!

4, Ora-12154:tns: Can resolve the service name

Cause: The Network Service name for Oracle is not configured correctly. Use the local network service name configuration in the Net8 Configuration Assistant Tool Wizard to configure TNS. If it's still not resolved, keep looking down.

5. Ora-1034:tns:oracle Not Available

Cause: The Oracle database service started correctly, but the database is not open!

Use the command:

1) SVRMGRL start Service Manager

2) Connect internal login as internal

3) Startup Open database

6, Ora-12560:tns: Protocol adapter error (stubborn)

Cause: Unknown.

Solution: Must kill skill--open "Windows Task Manager", kill ORACLE.exe and ORADIM.exe process, write your own

Ora_startup.bat, execute it!


1. My ora_startup.bat:

net start Oracleorahome81tnslistener

net start oracleserviceoradb

SVRMGRL generally do not use, but sometimes it is necessary, the concrete steps to see the 5th step.

2. My ora_shutdown.bat:

net stop Oracleorahome81tnslistener

net stop oracleserviceoradb


Export oracle_home/includes the directory of ORACLE Software/


Export Ld_library_path


Export oracle_base/includes the directory of ORACLE software and the directory of management software


Export Oracle_sid/identity of the default database/


Export Oracle_term



Export ORA_NLS33/Language support/

Path= $PATH:/u01/app/oracle/product/8.1.6/bin

Export PATH

Oracle Protocol Adapter Error Resolution

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