Oracle 11g Dataguard Physical standby configuration (vi) broker Fastfailover test

This paper uses Oracle 11g Dataguard broker Fastfailover Test Oracle 11g Dataguard Fast failover configuration, requires a primary database to turn on the flash back function, flash back to open this

Installing Oracle 10g on RHEL as 3 step-by-step

Oracle Installing Oracle 10g on RHEL as 3 step-by-step--Reprint Author: fenng Installing Oracle 10g on Red Hat Enterprise Linux Advanced Server 3 (RHEL 3) V 0.21 Oracle's 10g database and Oracle RAC have created a new world in the Tpc-h benchmark

Building process of Oracle 10g physical Dataguard

Primary environment DB version:oracle10.2.0.4 ip: Hostname:vzwc Db_name:dbserver Db_unique_name:dbserver Service_name:dbserver Instance_name:orcl Standby environment DB version:oracle10.2.0.4 ip: Hostname:dgstb Db_na

Oracle database application Performance optimization experience (training handout)

This is my colleague to the company to do internal training ppt of the handout, for everyone to share. This is the training outline, PPT in Find place to upload, and so found will send the link here. Put it on the csdn for the time being, earn

Oracle 12c creates pluggable database (PDB) and user-detailed

Tags: body href highlight ACL unlock db_name art Space minObjectiveBecause Oracle 12c uses the CDB-PDB architecture, similar to Docker, multiple pluggable-db can be loaded within the CONTAINER-DB, so additional configuration is required after

Oracle Database 11g Some important initialization parameters (i)

Tags: OracleOracle Database 11g Some important initialization parameters (i)Initialize parameter file locationD:\app\Administrator\admin\orcl1\pfile\init.oraInit.ora1, Diagnostic_destIn 11g, there is a new structure for storing diagnostic

Configure Oracle Enterprise Manager 13c in Silent Mode

Tags: oemThis article explains how to create a database silently and how to install the OEM 13C silently.First, OEM database creation1, Oracle official download oem13c, the file list is as

Oracle Database 12c 16 Features Summary

Label:Oracle 12c has been released for a long time, has been trying to find a way to learn a bit, after all, the subsequent 12c will gradually replace the existing database version, become the mainstream database version. Now 12c some of the most

Oracle 11g Login Analysis in different scenarios

Label:For people who have just started learning from Oracle. Even for some experienced Oracle DBAs, Oracle's account login issues are often tricky. Even if you have successfully logged in to Oracle, you know the reason why.The author after

Java Connection Oracle Code

Tags: cat resultset off. SQL RET TCO database connection TST Generated PackageUtil;ImportJava.sql.*; Public classDbutil { Public StaticConnection getconnection () {Connection conn=NULL; Try{class.forname ("Oracle.jdbc.driver.OracleDriver");//Load

Oracle Cursor Parsing

Tags: for Oracle result source Lite ora multi-line usage ruleThis section explains the cursors in Oracle in detail. The example from this section is from the EMP Table Dept table under the Scott user in Oracle:First, the cursor: 1, Concept: The

Oracle Basic Query Content collation

Tags: duplicate desc employee IMA User data dictionary data src share pictureClear ScreenHost CLS;View Current UserShow user;Tables under the current userSELECT * from tab;tab data DictionaryDESC EMP;Find information for all employeesSELECT * from

All of Oracle's garbled solutions

Tags: fan lin set back War tran adb plsql formAll of Oracle's garbled solutionsis not often see a variety of garbled, see the head on the big, we do not fear, all the problems will have one or more than one solution, there is a famous saying good:

Connecting to an Oracle database

Tags: SSE 2.0 print res instant picture installation result system1. Connection Code PackageUtil;Importjava.sql.Connection;ImportJava.sql.DriverManager;Importjava.sql.PreparedStatement;ImportJava.sql.ResultSet;Importjava.sql.SQLException; Public

Oracle NET Manager Data transfer security

Tags: enc ogr--results manager PNG via NET parameterOracle NET Manager to encrypt network transfer data between a client and a database or between a middleware and a databaseFirst step: Start-All Programs-->oracle---Configuration and porting

Python3 access to Oracle database with Cx_oracle

Tags:close   print   md5    client    5.2.1     after completion     address     environment variable    sele    1.

Oracle Protocol Adapter Error Resolution

Tags: Sid set Base computer tools list XXXX software monitorCreate a new database in Oracle, delete it today and then log on to Sql*plus, and there is a ORA-12560:TNS: Protocol adapter error.Ora-12560:tns: Resolution of protocol Adapter errorsThere

Oracle View Execution Plan

Tags: CPU operation _id Optimizer LTE SQL via Oracle RedView Oracle execution plan through statementsSelect timestamp, operation,options,object_namefromwhere sql_id= ' atqt6f9xphta1 ';Oracle View Execution Plan

Oracle Full Uninstall

Tags: content Computer Management LSE REF registry entry ACE nbsp Uninstall Disable Oracle Services : Enter Computer Management, in the service, find all services at the beginning of Oracle, right-click to select Stop In the Start menu,

Oracle Database 11G R2 Standard Enterprise Edition download address

Label:Transferred from: not need to register, directly copied to thunderbolt or other download software can be downloaded.Oracle x64:

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