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Usually is occasionally used, more fragmented, slightly inattentive and shell,sed,awk some mixed feelings, thought or lay a good foundation, recognize function first;

So start ...

Today, first of all, outline the content of the study:

1. What is Perl?

2. What it is used for.

3. How to learn it.

4. Knowledge points to be mastered

4.1 Code Execution format

4.2 Grammar

4.3 command

4.4 Variables

4.41 Common variables, constants

4.42 Array

4.43 HASH

4.5 Data Flow Control

4.51 if

4.52 while, until, do. While,foreach

4.53 case,unless

4.6 Predefined variables, escape characters, special variables

4.7 Common system functions, custom functions

4.8 Processing of documents

4.9 Regular Expressions

4.10 operator

4.11 Database Related

5. How to use.

6. Code optimization

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