10 Perl modules that make it easier for WIN32 programmers

The contents of the Perl Archive Network (CPAN) of Windows-specific Perl modules can be satisfying for many people. Windows users like it because it allows users to efficiently and quickly carry out fairly complex work in a Windows development enviro

Perl:warning:Please Check that your locale settings

Perl:warning:Setting locale failed. Perl:warning:Please Check that your locale settings:LANGUAGE = (unset),Lc_all = (unset),LANG = "ZH_CN." Gb2312;zh_cn. Utf-8;en_us;en_us. UTF-8 "are supported and installed on your system.Perl:warning:Falling back

Perl: Print output at the same time on screen and file

Perl Code implementation: #!/usr/bin/perl use strict; Use warnings; Use diagnostics; Open (LOG, ' > ', ' log_file ') or die "Can ' t redirect stdout: $!"; Open (CMD, ' ls | '); Open (STDERR, ' >& ', STDOUT) or die "Can ' t redirect STD

Q,qw,qr,qx,qq__perl in the PERL language

In the Perl language, there are two special and commonly used symbol QQ QW, respectively, explained as follows: Qq{foobar} meaning for double quote string, interpolation variable The equivalent of "Foobar" Qw{foo Bar} means to decompose a string with

PERL get Web page __perl

while (1==1) {use lwp::simple qw (get); $host = ""; $content = Get ($host); Sleep (1); Only HTTP protocols are supported:

Shell base 2-History command and Tab/alias and shortcut keys __script-perl

Normally, the command is written when it needs to be exited, and the parameter-W is immediately written. This profile is an important environment variable configuration file for Linux. Command completion: After you enter user, the tw

Perl Basics-Directory __perl

Usually is occasionally used, more fragmented, slightly inattentive and shell,sed,awk some mixed feelings, thought or lay a good foundation, recognize function first; So start ... Today, first of all, outline the content of the study: 1. What is Per

The role of Perl variables I, our, local and global variables _perl

Perl-defined variables are global by default 1) My role: the name and value of the variable are limited to a range, that is, the variable can only be the module or function You can see this variable, a layer or a lower layer is not visible. 2 Our rol

A brief introduction to Perl language and its pros and cons

Perl is generally considered to be the abbreviation for practical extraction and report Language, a language evolved from C and sed, awk, Unix shell, and other languages. It was originally invented and implemented by the linguist Larry Wall. Perl is

$_ and @_ in the Perl language

Perl-$_ and @_ Perl ' a great language for special Variables-variables this are set up without the programmer has t o intervene and providing information ranging from the number of lines read to the current input file ($.) through the C Urrent proces

Perl Language Development tools (continuous finishing)

Perl Development Environment Build: Interpreter + editor + Debug Tool such as: Strawberry Perl (interpretation) +padre (edit + Debug) such as: ActivePerl (interpretation) + VIM (edit) +perl (command line) (Debug) -------------------------------------

Installing Perl under Linux

Tags: pack prefix lin service get org href BSP ref1. Download the Perl installation package on the official website http://www.perl.org/get.html2, upload the server and unzip3./configure-des-dprefix= installation directory4. Make&make test&

Perl variables: Array variables

Tags: Table variable split perl out offset array element ENC brackets EXPPerl Arraysa Perl array is a list variable that stores scalar values, and variables can be of different types. array variables begin with @. Access array elements are read

Special code blocks for Perl: BEGIN, CHECK, INIT, end, and Unitcheck

Tags: import ast execution order stderr init signal TDE Advent ICTThis is a 5 special block of code. The key to understanding these blocks is a few points in time: (1). During program compilation (2). During program execution (3).

Perl Package related

Tags: default env EFI includes define lexical needs app $Name Conflict issuesIf you use require in SUM2.PM to import a code file SUM1.PM:#!/usr/bin/env perluse strict;use warnings;use 5.010;require '/perlapp/sum1.pm';sub sum { say "sum2: sum()";}1

Perl parameters

Tags: highlight nts str size Perl class BSP style structsFirst, #!/usr/bin/perl-w -w:prints warnings about dubious (suspicious, indeterminate) constructsPerldoc perlrun# can view parameter detailsPerl parameters

Perl Regular Expression Reference

Tags: edit grep exp perl Regular Expression Basics regular common meaning EFIRegular Expressions two articles: The basic regular Perl Regular This article is a bit of an extension of Perl regular, with the main content being the

Perl File Handle Reference

Tags: code technology Part Shu method is a des string subPerl's object-oriented is not yet introduced, so this section has nothing to say but a few things to note.In the case of a handle that used to use uppercase letters often (that is, the

Perl callback functions and closures

Tags: meaning count () amp returns persistent one ash default cmdIn Perl, references to subroutines are often used to make callback functions (callback), closures (closure), especially anonymous subroutines.callback function (callback)For a callback

Perl subroutine references and anonymous subroutines

Tags: array description \ n Program call ... one LLB noSubroutines also have references, as well as anonymous subroutines. Suppose you already have an array, hash reference knowledge, so here is a brief introduction.$ref_sub = \&mysub; #

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