Perl subroutine references and anonymous subroutines

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Subroutines also have references, as well as anonymous subroutines. Suppose you already have an array, hash reference knowledge, so here is a brief introduction.

$ref_sub = \&mysub;      # 子程序引用,&符号必须不能少&{$ref_sub}(ARGS)        # 解除子程序引用,传递参数ARGS&$ref_sub(ARGS)          # 解除子程序引用$ref_sub->(ARGS)         # 解除子程序引用$ref_sub->()             # 传递空参数sub {...};               # 定义匿名子程序,sub后面没有名称$ref_sub = sub {...};    # 匿名子程序的引用

With the subroutine reference, you can invoke the subroutine on demand.

For example:

sub java_learn {    print "Learning Java now\n";}sub perl_learn {    print "Learning Perl now\n";}sub python_learn {    print "Learing Python now\n";}%sub_hash=(    "javaer"   => \&java_learn,    "perler"   => \&perl_learn,    "pythoner" => \&python_learn,);while(my ($who,$sub)=each %sub_hash){    print "$who is learning\n";    $sub->();}

Change to Anonymous subroutine:

$javaer = sub {    print "Learning Java now\n";};$perler = sub {    print "Learning Perl now\n";};$pythoner = sub {    print "Learing Python now\n";};foreach (qw(javaer perler pythoner)){    print "$_ is learning\n";    $$_->();}

Even, use the anonymous subroutine as part of the data structure:

%sub_hash = (    "javaer" => sub {        print "Learning Java now\n";    },    "perler" => sub {        print "Learning Perl now\n";    },    "pythoner" => sub {        print "Learning Python now\n";    },);while( my($who,$sub)=each %sub_hash ){    print "$who is learning\n";    $sub->();}

The maximum effect of subroutine references and anonymous subroutines may be for callback functions (callback), closures (closure). This topic is a bit big, see the next article.

Perl subroutine references and anonymous subroutines

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