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C # Open-Source Projects (many overseas projects)
I. Ajax framework
Ajax. net Professional (ajaxpro) is one of the first Ajax frameworks to implement Ajax technology in the Microsoft. NET environment. It creates a proxy class on top of the client script to call the server method.
Magicajax. Net is a framework that provides Ajax technology to create web pages under ASP. NET. It makes it easy for developers to integrate Ajax into their pages without replacing ASP. NET controls or writing JavaScript scripts by themselves.Code.
Anthem. NET is an open-source Ajax toolkit for the ASP. NET development environment. It can run in ASP. NET 1.1 and 2.0.

2. Workflow)
Workflow. Net is a workflow engine created based on WMFC standards using Microsoft. NET technology.
Netbpm is an open-source workflow software transplanted from jbpm to the. NET platform. Netbpm can be easily used with. NET applications.ProgramIntegrated, you can create, execute, and manage workflow programs.
BPM tool supports converting business models into software models. Business developers can use model-driven methods to design, implement, execute, and track business processes. Therefore, developers can focus more easily on changes in business logic.

In fact, Microsoft's own WPF is also very powerful in workflow.

3. text editing
FCKeditor is a powerful open-source online text editor (DHTML Editor). It enables you to use many powerful functions on the web like Microsoft Word desktop text editor. It is lightweight and does not have to be installed on the client in any way.
Freetextbox is an ASP. Net open source Server Control Based on mshtml Technology in Internet Explorer. This is an excellent free software. We can easily embed it into web forms for online editing of HTML content, such as news publishing, blog writing, and forums.CommunityAnd other Web systems.
Vietpad is a fully functional cross-platform Java/. Net Vietnamese Unicode open-source text editor. Supports opening, editing, printing, conversion, sorting, and saving text-based unicode format Vietnamese files.
Netspell is an open-source spelling check engine under the. NET Framework.
Ppc_edit is an open-source text editor applied to the Pocket PC. It supports txt, RTF, HTML, wordml, docbook, and zip files. On the screen, it displays the international standard soft keyboard.

4. Blog)
Novashare is a blog engine that allows you to create interactive web-based news and Forum websites, like wonkoslice or Slashdot. The administrator can publishArticleAnd initiate a vote, the viewer can create a user account, publish a discussion, and so on.
Dasblog is developed from the blogx online log engine. Like trackback and pingback, many additional features are added, including complete blogger/MovableType API support, API annotation, and complete radio-style template customization, supports attachments and embedded images of mail-to-weblog/POP3, Web-based DHTML, opml, and configuration editor.
Dottext is a powerful blog engine that uses hundreds of blogs. This is an example of an n-tiered application.
Tblogger is a complete blog website program developed by C # and configured in XML.

Blog can now be built using other open-source projects of MVC. There are many such projects on codeplex, among which Microsoft has oxite.

V. System Construction

. Netz is a free open-source tool that can compress and package executable files (exe, DLL) of the Microsoft. NET Framework to make them smaller. Smaller executable files occupy less disk space and make reading faster because they have less access to the disk during file reading. It is different from the PE (portable executable) Packaging tool. Netz is a pure. Net solution written in C .. Netz can be used to package programs written in almost every. Net-supported language .. Netz supports. Net EXE and non-shared DLL files. Compressed programs can decompress these files in the same way, which is transparent to end users.
Nantcontrib provides Nant with tools to customize tasks.
Prebuild is an XML-driven cross-platform pre-build tool that allows developers to easily generate projects or build files for IDE and. NET development tools. It supports Visual Studio. NET 2002,200 3, 2005, sharpdevelop, monodevelop, and Nant.
Busybeebuilder is a powerful, easy-to-use, and scalable open-source automatic operation tool built on the. NET platform.
Draco. Net is a Windows service application. Its design makes it easy to continuously integrate new features. Draco. Net monitors yourSource codeRepository. Automatically re-create a project and send the creation result containing the change list to your email when detecting a change in your project.
Build Studio provides a complete set of solutions for automatic component processing of software.
Cruisecontrol. NET is an integrated server on the. NET platform.
Like Ant in Apache, Nant is an open-source build tool under. net. It is applicable to the scenarios where the. NET application is automatically compiled, such as the daily build of the. NET project ).

To be honest, I don't think that the role of the system building tool is really so powerful. If you really plan to build a large project and keep developing for a long time, then you can use the above system build tool.

V. Chart Creation

Zedgraph is a C #. Net class library that provides user controls and Web controls. It can create 2D linear graphs, bar charts, and pie charts. It has complete functions and detailed function customization, but the use of default options is good enough. A c # Open Source chart component similar to piechart, stackbar, and linechart.
Nplot is. net open source chart class library. it is commendable that the API design is elegant and flexible. nplot contains the Windows Form Control, Asp. net Control and a class for creating bitmap images. There is also an available GTK # control.
Xscharting is a chart component developed by C # And provides various chart options.
Davechart is a free DOTNET class library.
Nchart provides 2 D charts worthy of application in business, education, and other fields.

Microsoft has provided a chat drawing control, that is, the original dunat. If it can meet your requirements, there is no need to use the above. However, if you need to study drawing and make your own chat, these open-source projects will be of great help to you.

Vi. Chat System

Dot net chat server is a chat server and client project developed based on the DOTNET framework. To be honest, I am very interested in this. If I have time, I want to see how its code is implemented.

VII. Content Management System (CMS)

Ludico is a portal/CMS system written by C # in ASP. NET 2.0. Its modular design allows you to use or develop Website Functions as you wish. It provides advanced user management, a WYSIWYG editor, and so on.
Mojoportal is a face-to-face object website framework developed by C #. It can run on ASP. Net of windows and Mono of GNU/Linux or Mac OS X.
Cuyahoga is a flexible CMS/portal solution developed by C. It can run on Microsoft. NET and mono platforms and supports SQL Server, PostgreSQL, or MySQL as the underlying database.
Umbraco is an open-source content management system developed by C # On the. NET platform. The system is efficient, flexible, and has a good user interface.
Kodai CMS is a fully functional content management system on the. NET platform.
The Rainbow Project is an open-source content management system developed using Microsoft's ASP. NET and C # technologies.
Nkcms is a content management system developed using Asp.net and SQL Server 2000.
Amplefile is a content management system. It is a Windows application in the. NET environment and uses. Net remoting.
Go. kryo is a simple content management system implemented by ASP. NET (C #). Net, and Microsoft SQL Server is used for background databases.
Ndcms is a content management system under Asp.net (C. It provides user management, file management, a WYSIWYG editor, template management, spelling check, and built-in HTTP compression. The goal of ndcms is to provide a simple and fast way to deploy. net sites to save your time and money.

I have tried a few of these open-source CMS files. To be honest, it is very difficult to implement these open-source CMS files.

9. Forum System

Yetanotherforum can be used as a forum or message board for websites developed by ASP. NET. It uses MSSQL as the underlying database.

10. Installation and Production

Izfree is a free set of tools to help you create setup programs using Microsoft's Windows Installer technology. With izfree, you can create powerful installers for your applications.

Windows Installer XML (WIX) allows you to create a tool set for Windows program installation packages by reusing XML source files. It supports the command line method. developers can combine it to create an MSI and MSM installation packages, an open-source packaging tool that can be compared with commercial software installation products.

Generally, you can try out the built-in Vs and use InstallShield for more complex scenarios. This makes it meaningless to open source.

11. IOC container

Spring.net is transplanted from the Spring framework of Java. Java spring contains many functions and features, which are available in spring.net. Spring.net's initial release contains a distinctive IOC container.

Castle is a set of application development tools that contain a simple IOC container.

Structuremap is a lightweight dependency injection tool in the. NET environment. structuremap is also a flexible and scalable General "plug-in" mechanism. ne

I have used strucuturemap, but I feel that it does not seem to be helpful in trying it out.

12. Network Client

. Net FTP client is an open-source class library written in C.

. Net telnet is an open-source Telnet class library developed by C # Under Microsoft. NET Framework. It is inspired by Java Telnet application.

The Metro Project is a class library written in C #. It provides a rich set of classes for the development of IP version 4, TCP, UDP and ICMP. It includes useful tools such as packet sniffer and network analysis tools such as route tracking and Ping.

LJ. NET is the client of the livejournal site. It provides simple and powerful user interfaces for LJ online Log service.

Net VNC Viewer is an open-source VNC observer fully developed using C. It is compatible with smartphones, Pocket PC, and Windows computers (. NET cf or. NET Framework ). Compared with other observers, it can be displayed in full screen on the Pocket PC and can rotate the screen.

Gvdownloader allows you to quickly download included videos and multimedia from Google videos, metacafe, putfile, YouTube, break.com and more. It contains a strong IE Plug-in and an independent program located on your system tray.

Dotnetopenmail allows you to send emails to the Asp.net and winform applications developed in the Microsoft. NET Framework. It is an open-source component written in C #. It can easily create emails with HTML and plain-text attachments without using the system. Web. Mail class library. Programmers can create MIME messages for multipart/alternative, multipart/related, and multipart/mixed by using different character sets or different mine encodings without knowing many related details.

Dotmsn is an independent open-source class library. It does not need to interact with the official MSN Messenger, so it can communicate with the MSN Messenger Service without installing MSN Messenger. dotmsn is written in C #, so. all languages supported by the. NET environment can be used. the dotmsn class library is easy to use and easy to implement. It is flexible, robust, and lightweight to facilitate integration into any application system. the Application System Using dotmsn can implement various functions from creating a message robot to a custom client. if your application needs to communicate with the messenger service, dotmsn is a good tool.

Sharpssh uses C # To implement the SSH2 protocol. It supports SSH, SCP, and sftp.

Openpop. Net is a group of. Net class libraries that communicate with POP servers.

Icechat is an Internet Relay Chat client designed for various IRC servers connections.

Lphant is an open-source client program developed for edonkey/eMule.

. Net FTP client C # class library developed.

Opensmtp.net is an open-source SMTP component developed by C. It does not rely on classes in the. NET Framework system. Web. mail package. Allow developers to use SMTP servers different from ms smtp and provide Web Services, and send emails over HTTP.

There are several recommendations, such as dotmsn, which are useful in some scenarios.

XIII. Network Server

ODC (#) H is an open-source hub software written in C #. It has powerful functions, consumes less resources, and supports plug-in functions.

Dawn of light (DoL) is the first open-source Dark Age of Camelot (daoc) game server. you can create your own servers and design your own game content. Dol is written in C # Of the. NET Framework framework and stored in XML and MySQL. It supports windows and mono platforms.

Neatupload allows ASP. NET developers to stream files on disks and monitor the upload progress. It is open-source and runs well in Mono's xsp/mod_mono and Microsoft's ASP. NET. There are two custom controls: * You can use inputfile to select a file to be uploaded.

You can use a progress bar or a pop-up window to display the upload progress. When Javascript is available, progressbar is displayed in a new way like Ajax, but it also allows users who are unavailable in JavaScript to see the upload progress.

Nmail, C # Open-source program, provides SMTP clients and servers, POP3 and IMAP4 servers.

Ftp://ftp.net/is an open-source multi-thread ftpprogram compiled by CEN.

CSHARP email server C # email server is the C # version of Java email server (Jes.

PDF class library

Pdfsharp is a class library that allows the. NET Framework to easily create PDF files in any language supported.

ASP. NET fo PDF is a C # Write control similar to ASP. NET Server Control. It accepts datatable and some other parameters to create XSL fo, and uses nfop (APACHE fop port in J #) PDF formatter to draw a DataGrid similar to a PDF report. In the future, more labels will be added to generate XSL fo.

The report. Net open-source class library contains classes for generating precise PDF documents. It is written in C # On the. NET platform and helps you create simple and flexible PDF files. You can obtain data from any ado. Net dataset to create a PDF document. ASP. NET can be used to create dynamic PDF response pages.

Sharppdf is a C # class library that can be used to create PDF files. The file creation percentage is in pdf format.

Itextsharp is an open-source PDF operation class library that allows you to quickly create PDF files. Http://hardrock.cnblogs.com/is a Chinese Blog about itextsharp.

XIII. Portal System

Omniportal is an open-source basic framework based on the idea of web-portal-kernel (web portal core). It solves security control, themes, and localization. You can easily create any web application systems (such as ERP, CMS, and CRM) based on omniportal ). It supports mono and. net. For Web developers, omniportal provides them with an excellent base class library for secondary development.

Sharpnuke. Net is a C # Open Source portal/CMS developed based on ASP. NET. It was originally transplanted from the popular web portal system dotnetnuke developed by VB. NET. Later versions will be compatible with Windows and Linux mono.

Personal. Net Portal is a Web-based personal portal system. It tries to provide a simple way to create a personal website, and the page is created using tags and templates.

My community portal provides a unified Internet portal, which serves as a forum, group, chat, your own email, search engine, network directory, personal homepage, and voting portal.

14. Rule Engine

Nxbre is. A lightweight Open-Source Business Rule Engine (aka rule based engine) on the net platform, which is a forward-serial inference engine) and XML-driven flow control engine. it supports ruleml 0.9 NaF datalog and Visio 2003 modeling.

Sre (simple rule engine) is a lightweight open-source, forward-serial reasoning Rule Engine (forward chaining inference rule engine) under. net ). It is easy to understand and can solve complicated problems.

Search Engine

Nlucene is the. NET version of Lucene.

After the open-source project of dotlucene and Lucene. NET is commercialized, dotlucene continues development based on Lucene. net.

16th. Web Framework

Nstruts is an ASP. Net version of the struts open-source MVC framework under Java and is part of the Jakarta Struts framework.

Maverick. Net is a. Net version transplanted from Maverick. It is an open-source Web MVC framework. It focuses on MVC logic and supports a wide range of templates and conversion technologies.

Mavericklite is a simple open-source presentation layer framework under ASP. NET. It is built on Maverick. NET Framework. It uses the Front Controller to process requests.

Ingenious MVC, based on. NET 2.0 is an application that constructs the MVC structure. It contains out-of-the-box features that support ASP.. NET and Windows Forms applications. it can also be expanded and customized in most methods.

Websharp is a lightweight application framework on the. NET platform.

17. Email client

Gmailerxp provides a full set of open-source tools for Google's Gmail service. All gmailerxp that can be done online can be done by users. It also integrates the features of some other programs you need in Gmail at any time (GML, gmailto, etc ).

Remotecalendars is an open source COM-.NET plug-in developed by C # For Outlook 2003/2007. After the plug-in is installed, outlook can be subscribed to, re-read, and deleted using Outlook 2003/2007 (RFC 2445 ).

Sharpwebmail is an e-mail client written in C # in ASP. NET. It receives mails through the POP3 server and sends mails through the SMTP server. Its configuration is very simple (you only need to make several settings in Web. config ).

18. C # games

Exult is a game engine that can run ultima7 on the current operating system. It provides a map editor and other tools for you to create your own models and games.

Ch2r is the first open-source model editor for Halo 2 (Halo 2.

This is a Windows Version transplanted from the popular space trader game on the palm platform.

Emu7800 is an Atari 2600/7800 simulator compiled by C.

Boogame is the CLS-compliant of the face object. It is an open-source 2D game engine framework. It provides advanced hardware acceleration video, audio, keyboard, mouse, embedded scripts and many image formats. It is developed using C # and aims to support. NET 1.1, 2.0, and mono platforms.

Realmforge, an open-source. net 3D Game Engine predecessor is visual3d. net, it is a set of C #,. NET 2.0 and xNa are used to visually design and develop frameworks and toolsets for 3D games, simulation software, and interactive environments.

Pocket Sudoku is a Sudoku game on the Pocket PC (Windows Mobile. It can have five levels of difficulty to create a Sudoku question. If the answer is correct, it will be marked with a pencil.

Csgl supports OpenGL 1.1-1.4 and many extensions in the. NET Framework.

19. Geographic Information System (GIS)

Sharpmap is an easy-to-use map Renderer that renders GIS data for Web and Windows applications. Sharpmap is an open-source project written in C # Based on the. NET 2.0 Framework.

Monogis will become an open-source and complete GIS under the mono platform. Internet mapserver, ogc wms implementation, and space format conversion tools have been released.

NASA World Wind is an open source 3D graphics Virtual Earth system developed by C # on a personal computer. It combines images taken from satellites by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) that are applied to blue marble, Landsat 7, SRTM, modem5, and more.

20. Other C # Open-Source Projects

Dockpanel suite is an open-source docking class library for. Net Windows Forms development environments. It simulates the effects of Visual Studio. NET.

Wx. NET is an open-source project based on the. NET general language infrastructure (CLI. It is committed to developing.. Net GUI library, which is written in C # according to the wxWidgets class hierarchy and can be executed in multiple CLI, including. net, Mono, and dotgnu portable.. net.

The MMC. Net class library is an open-source class library packaged to support the development of MMC + snapin for Windows.

Dpatoolkit (Design Pattern automation Toolkit) is an open-source toolkit for application design patterns. It provides convenient code generation and reverse engineering functions. Drag and Drop to easily create a UML class diagram. Supports code generation and reverse engineering to write custom plug-ins.

Mjbworld is an open-source 3D editor that allows you to select and drag images on the GUI. It is based on and applies the X3D and fig standards. The software is designed to create a 3D world using open free programs. It can also be used for data exchange between other free open software programs. Mjbworld has Java, C # And C ++/Qt versions.

Monocalendar is an open-source calendar program on the. NET platform. It aims to provide a calendar program similar to ical for other platforms outside the Mac platform.

Data tier generator is an open-source project on the Microsoft. NET platform. It generates SQL Server 2000 scripts and C # classes for the stored procedure to access SQL Server 2000. These stored procedures include insert, update, delete, select, select based on select of PK, and SQL script of select of FK.

Finsar. SQLite is an ADO. NET data provider provided to access SQLite-databases under the. NET Framework.

Math. Net aims to provide a clear framework of symbolic and mathematical/scientific operations. It is an open-source class library developed by C. Math. Net includes a parser that supports linear algebra, analysis of complex differentiation, equation solving, and other functions.

ASCII generator DOTNET (ascgen2) is a high-quality ASCII character combination (ASCII art-text ). The first version supports deformation and bold fonts, and real-time output adjustment.

Gpsproxy is an open-source program under. NET Compact framework. It uses the comport to copy GPS data between Pocket PCs and converts the GPS data format from NMEA 0183 to Garmin GPS. It is a Windows Version Based on. net fra.

fop C # port this is APA che c # version of the Java XSL-FO format converter. It uses and extends the XSL-FO standard so that fops can be embedded in. Net CLR Management Code applications.

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