Seo 49 factors that affect website rankings

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Internal Factors

Keyword appears in the URL
Keyword appears in the webpage title
Keyword appears in the regular content
Keyword appears in the first section of the page
Keyword appears in the last section of the page
Heading labels such as H1 and H2 contain keywords
Keyword appears in the link in the site
Export links to relevant content
Keyword appears in the export Link
Keyword in the image file name
Keyword appears in the alt tag
Keyword in comment
Update content at a reasonable frequency
Position where the content displays the search engine
Website structure loop PR, rather than distributing PR
Modify keywords (bold or italic)

External factors

A large number of Import Links
Get import link from high PR worthy webpage
Obtain the import link from the relevant content website
The webpage to which the import link points has specific content
Keywords in the anchor text
There are related words around the anchor text
The anchor text exists inArticleOr sentence
The length of the import link. Generally, the import link has 3 to 6 months.
The value of one-way links is higher than that of exchange links.
The number of exported pages for the import link is less than 100, and the fewer outbound links, the better.
Link from different IP addresses
Reasonable increase frequency of Import Links

Things you need to avoid

Keyword Accumulation
All the anchor texts are the same.
Using CSS or background color to hide content is the most evil
Jump using JavaScript
Web pages under the same IP address directly exchange a large number of links
Web pages and cloaking induce search engine crawlers.
Adult content, prohibited drugs, gambling-related content
Duplicate content
Websites that cheat in connection
Most of the websites have the same webpage title.
Join link farm or link exchange website
Use the penalized Domain Name
The website is built on the punished IP address.

Issues to be avoided

The Address Contains dynamic variables.
Websites with single images and flash
Website navigation bar or directory created using JavaScript
Use images for website navigation without adding alt labels
There are too many headers.Code
There are too many theme-independent content
The purchase links in the import link account for the majority.
The same server as the fraudulent website

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