Seven major features of cloud computing

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(1) ultra-Large scale
"Cloud Management System" has a considerable scale, Google Cloud computing already has more than 1 million servers, Amazon, IBM, Microsoft, Yahoo, and other "cloud" have hundreds of thousands of servers. Enterprise private clouds typically have hundreds of thousands of servers. "Cloud" can give users unprecedented computing power.
(2) Virtualization
Cloud computing enables users to access app services in any location, using a variety of terminals. The requested resource is from the cloud, not a fixed physical entity. Apps run somewhere in the cloud, but you don't really need to know or worry about where your app is running. With just a laptop or a mobile phone, it's possible to do everything we need with a Web service, even a task like supercomputing.
(3) High reliability
"Cloud" uses the data multi-copy fault tolerance, compute node isomorphism and other measures to ensure the high reliability of the service, the use of cloud computing than the use of local computer reliable.
(4) Versatility
Cloud computing is not specific to the application, under the support of the "cloud" can construct the ever-changing application, the same "cloud" can support different applications at the same time to run.
(5) High scalability
The scale of the cloud can be scaled dynamically to meet the needs of applications and user size growth.
(6) On-demand service
"Cloud" is a huge pool of resources that you can purchase on demand; The cloud is billed like running water, electricity, gas.
(7) Extremely inexpensive
Because the "cloud" of special fault-tolerant measures can be a very inexpensive node to form the cloud, "cloud" of automated centralized management so that a large number of enterprises do not have to bear the increasing cost of data center management, "cloud" commonality makes the utilization of resources compared to traditional systems greatly increased, so users can fully enjoy the "cloud" low cost advantage, It often takes $ hundreds of and a few days to complete a task that requires $ tens of thousands of and a few months to complete. Cloud computing can radically change the lives of people in the future, but at the same time pay attention to environmental issues, so as to truly contribute to human progress, rather than simply technological advancement.
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Seven major features of cloud computing

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