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So JavaScript has become one of the most basic requirements for web development. And in the real agile development, we usually choose a JS framework to replace the tedious native JavaScript writing. You will find that this saves a lot of time and the code is very clear and easy to write. (Of course, in the student age, there are also questioned, with the framework of the original ecological JavaScript understanding is not in-depth, in fact, this is a worry.) In the depth of the framework at the same time, the original JS will also understand a bit more thorough. To be a savvy developer, the two are interdependent. The best state is to qzone the front end of the same, completely according to their own needs to develop a set of JS,CSS framework. -Of course it's because the qzone is too big.

Currently popular JS framework a lot of dojo, Scriptaculous, Prototype, Yui-ext, Jquery, MochiKit, MooTools, moo.fx and so on. There are, of course, many frames that I am unfamiliar with, and there are no lists. Many people will ask in the jar, which frame is good? Which frame is more ox x? Which frame oo is more comfortable? Webryan personally feel that this is a novice very easy to make the wrong logic. Nothing in the world, any tool, has the best of this saying, only fit and unfit. We have to choose a framework with relevant characteristics based on the real needs of our project.

First, JQuery

Recommended level: five-Star

Use scene: arbitrary

Download address: or google search jquery download

Reason for recommendation: For the time being I use the most frameworks (of course my other frameworks are really project developed), and I personally recommend one. When chatting with some of the industry's technologies, it was found that's CTO, Tencent, or some other emerging web2.0 Daniel, had the most to do with the framework. What's the good of it? 1. Small. (after this volume, very serious problem) 2. Simple. (Low learning costs but high productivity, manual has clear enough examples to get you from 0 to project completion) 3. Good internal structure and open source, focus on logic 4. Choose a powerful (in fact, JS most of the time in processing DOM) 5.UI extensions (the jquery tools and jquery UI are all here to search for the two jquery extension UI, You'll find that the UI is simple and because of the extensibility of the UI, so he's no less than the other frameworks.

Second, Extjs

Download Address:

Usage scenario: internal system. Background system. Management system and so on.

Recommended level: four stars

Reason to recommend: ExtJS has a very good UI design. So when you do something like backstage management, an in-house process, or other management system, this is definitely your best choice. Why, then? Because it can be a few lines of code to generate very beautiful full interface UI, powerful, style optional. Have done a CMS background and an enterprise internal system are done with this, saving a lot of manpower and time, and widely praised. The disadvantage is that when a page loads a lot of tab, JS may have to download several files at the same time. In short, JS will be relatively large. But for background management and enterprise internal systems, this can be a bottleneck.

Third, YUI

Download Address:

Recommended level: 4 star

Recommended reason: Yui This framework I have only studied, but no use in the project independently. Most of them entered the project, the predecessors used the Yui, and then we continue to develop in the previous role. A long time ago version of the QQ hard disk, mop some of the modules used, but now is very clear who is still in use. It's a bit like ExtJS and has a lot of advantages in the UI.

Use the scene: Split Yui each module, the different needs of the Yui in a part to fill in their own modules. or similar to the network disk application of this stuff.

Four, Dojo

Download Address:

Recommended level: four stars

Reason to recommend: Dojo is the most powerful JavaScript framework, deliberately reminded: the most powerful. So it contains almost all the things you might want to use. )。 Dojo is better suited to the needs of enterprise applications and product development, because offline storage, DataGrid, 2D, 3D graphics, Chart, Comet and other components are important for enterprise applications (of course, these components will have to wait for some time to stabilize). For example, the BEA is already using dojo in the products developed for mashups based on mashup technology. But do we need these features? Do web2.0 product is to have so big dongdong? This should be based on your own needs. And Dojo's flaws are obvious, too big, too functional, and the learning curve is too steep. But it's a business application, it's a duck in the mouth. This is why the dojo and Learning Dojo are the first to be recruited by companies such as IBM.

Five, Prototype

The most mature. But the individual thinks it can be replaced by jquery. The similarity of the two is also relatively high. There's not much to say here.

VI. Mootools

Download Address:

Recommended level: 4 star

Recommended reasons: Oo design ideas. The module is strong, the coupling degree is low. It has been said that its UI effect is better than the jquery UI, and that its UI has not been used for a while. Developers can see their demo to see whether the effects or selectors and other things are suitable for themselves.

OK, the real frame is still used, written out. If you read the above or confused, then suggest you start with jquery.

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