The old boy-the beginning of the dream

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Time, such as fleeting, suddenly came to the old boy has been 3 months, this 3 months in the old boy learned a lot, from the very beginning of the computer, to now can be independently set up a small structure, learned here is not only professional knowledge, more is the ideological upgrade.

When I first came here, I did not understand everything, after 3 months of study, I made the following summary:

One: Thought

The old boy teacher often says: "The thought decides the height". Thought is really important, how far a person can go, how high, completely depends on the thought, each class teacher will impart to us some ideas, I from the beginning do not understand why every day to say these, until now every day to look forward to the teacher to talk about ideas.

There was a teacher on how to take the subway to us on a tree, from which station can avoid the morning and evening rush of people, on the car when the choice of the car seat convenient to get off, when the arrival of excessive crowds how to get off faster. Through this example I learned a lot, everything must be planned to proceed, and then move.

Two: Technology

just began to come to the old boy, feel old boy teacher is not very strong, what 15 work experience is a gimmick, but after 4,5 class before you realize how shallow, teacher 15 years of experience really is not blowing, can always be very complicated theory through very simple examples to understand, let us understand, Then discuss, deepen the image. During this period I have also seen the teaching videos of other organizations, but really can not compare, their videos are very dull, a picture on the one-hour theory, always do not look in. Not like the old boy teacher said so humorous, popular, very good understanding, and there are many instances, are used in the work.

Three: Contacts

I remember, the teacher said a word: "You come here to train not only to learn technology, and to change circles, only you around the people are NB, you are really nb, if your friends are not NB, then you are not NB." , The Monitor also said a word: "A person may go quickly, but not far." Only a group of people can go forward in the long run. "

There are one months to graduate, really feel the time flies fast, fleeting! Thanks to those who have helped me. The old boy is just the beginning of my dream. Here I learned a word: "You know, and I did!" "The sermon is all dong, but how many can be done?" I will continue to spur myself, keep trying, as long as the efforts I believe that life will give me a pair of dream wings, soaring in the sky!!

The old boy-the beginning of the dream

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