The old boy's education--a new beginning

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Time has gone really fast ah, to the old boy education study 3 months, this three months in the teacher's guidance, I learned a lot, not only technology, it is important to learn a kind of thought.

The teacher just before class said thought, I am not quite understand, thought is God horse? Feel a waste of time. Later I began to think that the teacher was right, thought is very important. The thought decides the height, the breadth, decides the way of doing things, the criterion of the person, the angle of thinking.

Teacher's education way: One is the thought, the second is the practice. and want to know what they say, let others know, also let others learn, is really capable. Sometimes it really is not the most important, to let others believe that you will be the most important.

Old boy teacher also asked us how to learn: Pre-class preview-----class to listen carefully, summing-up after-class review, summing-up after-class activities such as extracurricular expansion of learning. See whether feel back to the beginning of high school, class teacher and classroom teachers in your ear talk over and over again words. However, this is really the right learning process, but we did not understand it at the time.

Said after-school expansion, is really very good, this not only gradually cultivate their self-study ability, but also to activate their own potential to start, look at official information, do not understand English, their own translation plus summary, the formation of the habit to look at official information, is a very good start. Of course, I need to improve myself (this is the consequences of not learning English well, I tasted the bitter fruit. Tears Ben ~~o (>_<) o ~ ~).

Words to the end, thank the old boy teacher, follow the master walk, is fast, quasi, strong.

Old boy Education-a new beginning

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