The virtual memory settings in the computer system have a very big impact.

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(a) Reasonable setting of virtual memory

Virtual memory settings are based on your physical memory size and the use of the computer to set, on the desktop with the mouse right click on "My Computer", select "Properties", you can see the memory. According to Microsoft's recommendation, virtual memory is set to 1.5 of the physical memory capacity-3 times times, such as 512MB of memory, virtual memory set to 768--1536MB;1G memory, virtual memory set to 1536--3072MB. You can also have Windows come from dynamic allocation management virtual memory, which dynamically adjusts the size of virtual memory based on the actual memory usage. There is a recommended value below the Virtual memory Settings page, and it is recommended that virtual memory be set to the recommended value if you do not know how much is best. There are two values of initial size and maximum value in the virtual, so it is best to set the initial size and maximum to be the same, so as to avoid the system changing the size of paging file frequently and affecting computer running. Memory capacity of 2GB or more, if you do not run large files or games, you can also turn off virtual memory.

Virtual memory is the use of some of the hard disk space as memory when your physical memory is not enough, but it is slower to use virtual memory than physical memory because the drive travels much slower than the memory transfer speed. The value of the actual needs of the individual should be adjusted several times as well. Set too much of the assembly to produce a lot of debris, seriously affecting the system speed, set too small will not be enough, so the system will prompt you virtual memory is too small.

(ii) Virtual memory Setup method

Right-click My Computer Select Properties-Advanced-performance--Settings-advanced-virtual memory--change, select the disk that contains the virtual memory, and then click Custom Size below and enter initial size and maximum value, and then press the Set button to determine. How virtual memory is set to other disks from C disk (if on another disk, set method): Right-click My Computer--Properties-advanced-performance Settings-advanced-Virtual memory changes-click on C--radio "No Paging File"-"settings", at this time the virtual memory next to the C disk disappeared; Then select the D or F disk, choose Custom Size--Enter the value in the "Initial size" and "Maximum" two text boxes below--"set"-OK-reboot the computer and complete the setup.

Virtual memory is best not in the same disk as the system, memory is dynamically changing with the use, set in C disk can easily produce disk fragmentation, affecting the system running speed. Therefore, it is a good idea to set virtual memory on disks with larger and less common disk space, such as D, F, so that the system can be prevented from frequent read and write operations on C disk and affect system speed. There is a computer in the virtual, only set once, can be set on any one disk.

(iii) reduced memory burden:

1, open the program must not be too many. If there are too many documents open at the same time or too many programs running, there is not enough memory to run the other programs, to close the unused programs and windows.

2, the automatic operation of the program must not be too many. Click Start-Run, type Msconfig-OK, open the System Configuration Utility window, and delete startup items that you do not want to load automatically.

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