Vista's excellent support for gaming features at a glance

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1. Drive Acceleration DirectX 10

There is no doubt that the DirectX 10 support for Vista gives Vista gaming a more than imagined Windows gaming environment, leading to more than Microsoft's own Xbox 360 gaming console and Sony's PS3 game console vision. When the DX10 game is launched, there will be a qualitative improvement in the visual fidelity.


Developed by the German Crytek company Crysis 3D Graphics Technology in the gaming industry reputation, as long as the existence of Crysis alone, is enough to enable Vista to meet the game needs well.

3. Game Advisor

Vista provides a handy tool for gaming consultants when the player is still in the game for the CPU, memory, and graphics card, and it will be able to detect how your system should be built with just a little mouse.

4. Backup support for Windows Live

Microsoft's Windows Live gaming service will be launched in May, and the new service will allow Vista gamers to fight with Xbox 360 gamers. That is to say, when Vista's glorious 2 was released in May, Vista gamers were able to play against the Xbox 360 gamers in the game. Next, the most popular games in the Xbox 360 will be able to run across platforms.

5. Indispensable "Parental control"

The parents want to control what type of games their children play, and the Vista game is convenient for their parents ' needs.

6. The future of the sharp weapon DirectX 11

Microsoft is accustomed to adapting to the progress of hardware devices, and constantly improve and upgrade software. Microsoft's revision of DirectX 10 is no secret.

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