What about the HTML tags (elements)?

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What about the HTML tags (elements)?

In the battlefield, the enemy, can victorious, in the market, the enemy, can also make a fortune, in love, the enemy, can be happy. Of course, in our front-end development, but also to the enemy, in order to masterful. What about the HTML tags? What exactly is there? How are the HTML tags categorized? If you want to know, then come with me!

HTML tags can be divided into several large tags?

For HTML tags, if we want to subdivide, that is more? Many and miscellaneous, miscellaneous and chaotic, commonly used, in the minority; therefore, in our HTML5 school mainly divided into three categories: 1, Block label, 2, in-line label, 3, the other label (which contains all except the Block label, all the labels in the row). Different classes of tags have different characteristics, in the HTML document plays a unique role, plays a role. How to classify, in fact, is to tell us how to use these tags. In the HTML tag, how do we classify the specific? For more information, please click on "HTML element display Type".

HTML tag nesting rules?

Is the Chinese know: "No rules, no rod" This sentence of truth. There is no doubt that in our HTML tag nesting, there are certain rules. The state law, the family has rules, then our HTML tag what kind of nesting rules? Is it possible for a block tag to contain inline labels or inline labels to contain block labels? Or are there other things that are more complicated? Guessing is always speculation, no result; Let's look at the HTML tag nesting rules; Learn more about them and get to know them!

Default style for HTML tags?

HTML tags are categorized and have nested rules. Have you ever wondered why this is? What determines the nature of their different? In fact, these tags are not so mysterious, I do not know if you have read my previous written "about the display of the things" an article, which is mentioned in the display of this CSS property, yes, it is the key. They're different in nature. The default style value for the CSS property of display is not the same. So what are the default display values for HTML tags? Do not know, do not worry, we HTML5 the school has already prepared a good gift for you "HTML individual label default style." Of course, different labels have their own unique style attributes, which are not explained here.

What else is there to know about HTML tags?

Time is more precious, I just don't say anything more? Everyone directly click on the "HTML Knowledge review" it! It is not a chance, no longer come yo! Wonderful is in it, do not believe you try it! The harvest is full, ineffable Ah! Haha, huh!


Thank you in front of the computer, will this article read from the beginning, we hope to be able to establish a HTML5 technology sharing platform, welcome to the "HTML5 School" communication ~~~HTML5 Academy ~http://www.h5course.com~ An organization composed of many lecturers who love H5. Committed to building a front-end technology, HTML5 knowledge sharing platform.

What about the HTML tags (elements)?

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