3 ANGULARJS instructions to improve the user experience

This article mainly introduces 3 ANGULARJS instructions that can improve the user experience, Angularjs is a highly popular JavaScript framework, the need for friends can refer to the 1. Avatar Pictu

Response File browser Manager based on spring Boot, Angularjs, CSS3, HTML5

I think everyone should have contacted the file management system, whether it's a file manager in Windows or a browser-based Web File Manager, with similar functionality. Although the file manager seems simple, but the real implementation is still a

ANGULARJS Filter (currency conversion, case, word limit, date) __js

<div ng-app= "module" ng-controller= "Ctrl" Style= "Text-align:center" > <!--original value--> {price}} <br> <!--Use the currency filter--> {price|currency}} <br> <!--Use the currency filter with a fixed prefix-->

Angularjs Custom Filter

This article uses three different ways to customize an array filter. Array list: [ {name: ' John ', Age:20, City: ' Shanghai '}, {name: ' li si ', age:30, City: ' Beijing '}, {name: ' Harry ', age:25, City: ' Shenzhen '} ] 1. Custo

ANGULARJS-----$filter Filter Using a custom filter __js

1. Built-in filter * $filter filter, is ANGULARJS used to process data in a better way to display to my users. such as formatting dates, conversion capitalization, and so on. * Filters that have built-in filters also support custom filters. Built-in

Angularjs Upload picture preview __js

<input type= "File" ng-file-select= "Onfileselect ($files)" accept= "image/*" > App.factory ("FileReader", Function ($q, $log) { var onLoad = function (reader, deferred, scope) {return function () {Scope. $apply (function () {Deferred.resolve (

Angularjs picture upload echo __js

function Imgfile (file) { var reader = new FileReader (); $scope. Guid = (new Date ()). valueof (); Creates a random number with a timestamp, using the reader.onload = function (ev) { $scope. $apply (function () { $s

Angularjs+bootstarp+fontawesome to create a personal display page __js

Original Digest Self's front-end blog, Welcome to visit http://hacke2.github.io/ Cause The lab is going to be out looking for a job. Everyone wants to write a project to show their own things, there is no need to do too complex, I will take these

Angularjs to avoid polluting the global space using skills __JS

Angularjs to avoid polluting the global space using skills 1. Avoid using $scope Because after using $scope, variables are in the global space, in a large project many people collaboration may appear naming overlap, then there will be unexpected er

angularjs-the Reading and assignment of global variables through provider

settings for simple global variables 1, the direct definition of global variable through VAR, this pure JS is the same.2, use ANGULARJS value to set the global variable.3, use ANGULARJS constant to set global variables. The example code is as follow

Different Web pages are set by Ui-router in Angularjs

Controller.jsAngular.module (' myApp ', []) </span> run ([' $location ', ' $rootScope ', function ($location, $rootScope) { $rootScope. $on (' $stateChangeSuccess ', function (event, tostate, Toparams, FromState, Fromparams) { $ R

Simultaneous use of Angularjs by and track by

In the project, a problem has been encountered, in the ng-repeat in angular, the order by is invalid when track by and by are in use. Let's take a look at how Ng-repeat works. Here is a demo: 1. Original state Index.html <! DOCTYPE html> &

There's no time to explain, get in the car! Angularjs First Lecture: Angularjs introduction. __js

Angularjs First vehicle: ANGULARJS Introduction and the first instance Angularjs Introduction characteristics Introduction Terminology explanation grammar Example explanation Absrtact: Mainly introduces the Angularjs and its characteristic, and m

The magical function of the Angularjs self-executing function

Self-execution function (Iife), providing a separate scope for each file /* Avoid ///logger.js angular . Module (' app ') . Factory (' logger ', logger); The logger function is treated as a global variable function logger () {} //storag

Matters needing attention when ANGULARJS compression

Because Angularjs infers the dependent service name through the parameter name of the controller constructor. So if you want to compress the controller's JS code, all of its parameters will also be compressed, then rely on the injection system can no

Angularjs the default selected for dynamically set Select

Encountered a problem, set the Stafftype default value in the controller . Controller (' Infostaffctrl ', function ($scope, $rootScope, $state, $log, $ionicLoading, $timeout, Manpower) { //List $scope. Search = {p:1,audittype: ',

Angularjs $state. Go page does not refresh data __js

If you enter the Market/beian/add add data, save the submission back to the Market/beian list page, do not automatically update the data, you must manually drop the refresh will come out $state. Go ("Marketbeian", {},{reload:true}); After t

Angularjs Post Request header field Content-type is not allowed by Access-control-allow-headers in preflight response.

Tags: nbsp cat angularjs pos Configuration js post data not ICAPhenomenon:1. Angular HTTP does not configure data (request parameters) without error2. After adding the request parameter, the error3. Server Response.headers (). Set (HttpHeaders.Names.

Angularjs+express4+mongodb Learning "Two"

Tags: style blog http color ar os using SP filesAt this stage, work relatively not busy, in learning Angularjs+express4+mongodb, last week set up express4+angularjs11.10 =============== MongoDB's Learning mongodbwindows database Cmdservice1.

Angularjs + springmvc upload and download

Tags: maxsize enc humanities contains logs global char ann www.Jsp:<form ng-submit= "UploadFile ()" class= "Form-horizontal" enctype= "Multipart/form-data" > <input type= " File "name=" file "ng-model=" Document.fileinput "id=

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