What is the Java EE

Tags: administrator logic end optimized port auto service run developmentWhat is the Java EEFirst, prepare the article1 What is the Java EE? How does it differ from normal Java?A: The EE is all called Java2 Platform Enterprise Edition."The EE

I/O in Java

I/O refers to input and output, that is, inputs and outputs, we are talking about I/O in Java, then we are standing in the virtual machine's perspective to see what inputs and outputs. Input can also be called data source side, can think of will

A brief talk on enumeration in Java

Enumerations are enumerated, often used to represent collections that can be explicitly scoped, such as gender, season, week, month, and so on. The enumeration class appears in JDK 1.5, and before the enumeration class is present, we want to show

Internationalization in Java

Internationalization, English is called internationalization word too long, and is referred to as i18n (take the head to take the middle of the tail 18 letters) without shouting, this is OK! Then look at internationalization, which means that the

Detailed Java 8 HASHMAP implementation principle

HashMap is one of the most commonly used tools in the Java development process, and it is often asked during the interview process, which is analyzed by the author's own understanding and numerous information on the web. The author's local JDK

Deep understanding of JVM virtual Machine reading notes-java memory area and memory overflow exception

1. Run-time data area 1.1 Program Counters The program counter is a thread-isolated area where each thread has a separate program counter. It is a small amount of memory space, the bytecode interpreter by changing the counter to select the next byte

Map of the Java collection

Map is another top-level interface, the total feeling map is Collection sub-interface it. Map is primarily used to represent data that contains a mapping relationship, and stores a set of key-value pairs. Map is an associative array that allows you

Java implementation of asynchronous callback interface by time gradient

1. Background After the business process, you need to call other system interfaces, the corresponding processing results are notified to the other side, if the synchronous request, if the system is called abnormal or down events, it will cause its

Java Multithreading 1: Several ways to use multithreading and contrast

Objective There are three ways to use Java Multithreading: Inheriting the Thread class, implementing the Runnable interface, and creating threads with callable and future, this article describes each of these three methods.1. Inherit the thread

One topic per day: Java exception handling

What is an exception Ideally, the program will always run in a perfect environment, the network will not terminal, the file must exist, the program does not have a BUG. However, the ideal is very plump, the reality is very backbone, the actual

Generics in Java

Let's take a look at the following 2 pieces of code, and then draw our generics further. Public Static void Main (string[] args) { new ArrayList (); List.add ("123"); List.add (456); = list.iterator ();

The reflection of the Java Foundation

How do I create a class object?    There are two ways: Class.forName ("class name");    Class a = A.class; The difference between the two is that forname () will help you initialize the static variables, while Class A = A.class

[Java Basics] Article Understanding Java Multithreading Prerequisite sychronized keyword, never confused!

The longest-used keyword in Java concurrency programming is synchronized to explain the usage of this keyword and the confusing place.synchronizedKeywords related to the concept of lock, in Java, synchronized lock Everyone is also popularly known as:

The six------combination mode and filter mode of the Advanced Java design pattern

Objective In the previous article, we studied the appearance pattern and adorner mode of the structural pattern. This article is to learn the combination mode and filter mode.Combination mode Brief introduction The combination pattern is used

"Pick Up the Flowers" Memory (ii) Java memory Recycling

In the previous log ("to pick Up" memory (a) Java memory allocation), the JVM memory consists of program counter, virtual machine stack, local method Stack, GC heap, five parts of the method area. Where the GC heap is a multi-threaded shared area,

Java Core Technology eighth chapter-generic programming (1)

1. Generic Programming generic programming means that the code you write can be reused by many different types of objects. For example, you do not want to design separate classes for aggregating string and integer objects. (I think this is what I'm

Java Concurrency 2--Advanced

Tags: stack many other span 1.4 start tee Aces getFive, mutual exclusion synchronizationJava provides two locking mechanisms to control mutually exclusive access to shared resources by multiple threads, the first being the synchronized of the JVM

Brief description of object types common in Java (do, BO, DTO, VO, AO, PO)

Tags: access TPS preface. NET Fetch Data API HTTP Presentation layerOriginal: 80244407PrefaceThe reason for writing this article is that Ali Java Development Manual refers to do, BO, DTO, VO, PO and other concepts;The content is cited for the

20172325 the first week of Java Program Design Study summary

Tags: http case others nested net sentiment class Java software count20172325 "Java program design" the first week to summarize the learning contents of teaching materials to summarize the problems in learning and solving processTextbook learning

2018 Learning progress bar of object-oriented programming (Java) course

Tags: Publish harvest reading Fourth week experiment Time nbsp Design Course   Moonphases (read/write) Number of lines of code Post a blog volume/comment on the number of others ' blogs Time after school (

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