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SEO or SEM analysis of two kinds of network marketing methods

Someone will all through the network way to achieve marketing goals, collectively referred to as Network marketing, some people do not know the difference between SEM and SEO, some people do not even understand the micro-credit marketing, microblogging marketing and other marketing methods. Of course, this is not wrong, after all, interlacing as Foster. However, if you are going to expand your marketing pat

SEM of medical SEO eyes aimed at the users behind the search engine

The author in the "Sem of the Medical network editor's hand" mentioned the importance of the content of the Web site article and the key, many of these theoretical origin can be said to be in the pursuit of user experience to improve. And in the "Sem of Medical micro-blog Marketing special industry Alternative" also said, even if it is micro-bo marketing, but also need to even be said to be entirely based o

SEO webmaster should learn SEM marketing

SEO this word in webmaster circles is also very fire, no matter how many SEO knowledge people can say that they are using SEO to optimize the site, indeed search engine optimization is the site to get the ranking of a very good way, but also can not explain the network, the webmaster in addition to master search engine optimization, do not use other optimization

2014 China SEO and SEM status

help, It is also difficult to get a good ranking in the domestic mainstream search engine. Outside the chain for the importance of SEO determines the current status of China's SEO, decided the Chinese seoer bitter force of the current situation, daily morning and night hair outside the chain, change links, hair false original article, despite the bitter force, but still can not prevent hundreds of thousan

Baidu K Station which kind of website is the most hurt? Doing SEM is more important than SEO

. Objectively speaking, Baidu first is a search engine company, directly facing the ordinary users. If the user search out are relying on collection, pseudo original content of the site, and the original, conscientious seriously to maintain the content of the site can not be users to see the search, which in itself is unreasonable, so this time Baidu to make adjustments, it should be. Baidu is in the continuous optimization platform, is actually in the optimization of the survival of the webmast

SEM of medical SEO ranking main flow as a supplement to transform is really kung fu

The author published on February 14, "Sem of medical SEO eyes aimed at the users behind the search engine", for the value of medical SEO and significance, the author has been holding a number of special points of view. If the ranking and flow is the fate of traditional SEO, then for medical

Differences between Seo and SEM

Many new SEO users are confused about Seo. Today, I would like to briefly introduce the differences between Seo, SEM, Seo and SEM, and hope to help you! Search engine optimization (SEO

SEO/SEM Lesson 1: Baidu spot price ranking analysis

Due to work needs, I have been studying SEO and SEM recently. I found several interesting questions from the bidding rankings of several key software development keywords.. Key words: Java,. net, PHP, embedded, testing Symptom 1: Among the bidding rankings of these keywords, the Java bidding price is 7.99, the. NET bidding price is 0.99, and JavaFollowed by embedded, testing, and PHP. The keyword bidding

Thinking about SEO optimization and the wrong terminology of SEM marketing

In SEM search engine marketing and SEO search engine optimization difference and contact article, we know SEO is search Engine optimization abbreviation, Chinese translation Search engine optimization, SEM is search Engine marketing abbreviation, Chinese translation search engine marketing.

The combination of SEO and sem really will be happy?

Just when the difference between the SEO and SEM is not clear, in fact, until today, the boundary is still very vague, there are predecessors to say, SEO is the bottom cock silk youth, SEM is the data control Gao. Because it industry, oh no, more correctly for the site, the spread of the wisdom of the world's people, s

SEO is not a network marketing is only a way to assist in SEM

Yesterday saw an article called Analysis why SEO is the best way to network marketing, so the germination of the idea of writing this article. Because Dongguan tidal seo think, SEO is not network marketing, it and bidding together, and called SEM, that is, search engine marketing two ways. It is just an auxiliary means

Lu Yuhua sem interpretation of black hat SEO operation should be punished after the measures

Guide: With the Baidu search engine and other major search engine algorithm is constantly changing the new, site using black Hat SEO operation, once the major search engine found that will lead to the disaster, we should be how to save the Black Hat SEO operation of the risks, the following by Lu Yuhua sem interpretation of Black hat

Today's hottest and most oriented marketing: Search engine marketing Sem/seo

As the main entrance of Internet users, the importance of the search engine to enterprise promotion is self-evident. For many sites, especially corporate sites, the vast majority of traffic sources are search engines, in other words, search engines are the lifeblood of the general enterprise Web traffic source, but also because of this, search engines are often used as a corporate website promotion and product promotion of the main means. SEM, th

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