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11/11: Everything To Know About Singles' Day

Singles Day, Alibaba and its founder, Jack Ma, transformed the de facto holiday from an ‘anti-Valentine's Day’ for Chinese singletons to a global shopping festival back in 2009 – and made billions of dollars in the process.

What is Singles Day?

While Black Friday and Cyber Monday get all the attention in the U.S., China's Singles Day puts them both to shame. Last year, more items were bought during the 24 hours of Singles Day than the entire combined Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales in the states.

China's Singles' Day smashes retail records with $33 billion in 24 hours

After Singles Day became widespread in China it became a retail event heavily promoted by online marketplace, which trademarked the term "Double 11" in 2012 and threatened legal action against media outlets that accepted advertising from competitors using the term.

Reviewing China's Singles' Day 2017: It's No Longer Just About Alibaba

Now in its ninth year, the annual Chinese online shopping festival Singles’ Day (11 November) is no longer just about Alibaba, but has morphed into a nation-wide shopping craze with e-commerce players other than Alibaba taking up a substantial share of the pie as well.

Alibaba’s 2017 Singles Day Sales Hit New Record of $25.3 Billion

Singles Day — the frenzied annual celebration of consumption and commerce that is China’s much larger version of Black Friday — began as a protest of sorts against Valentine’s Day, propelled by college students in the 1990s.

Alibaba's Singles' Day By The Numbers: A Record $25 Billion Transactions

Alibaba's Singles' Day Shopping Festival is like no other. It's a combination of commerce, entertainment and an exuberant celebration of consumerism.

Alibaba’s Singles Day goes international

Alibaba's annual sales event Singles Day is set to go global this year, as the Chinese retail giant aims to rake in one billion orders in 24 hours.

Alibaba looks to take this year's $25 billion Singles Day sales event international

Alibaba kicked off the festival for its annual Singles Day shopping event on Friday and hopes its "New Retail" strategy can help make it the biggest edition yet.

How Singles' Day Became Biggest Shopping Spree Ever

Singles' Day is the world's biggest shopping event. In less than a decade, Alibaba Group Holding Ltd. turned a quirky celebration for unmarried young adults in China into a global extravaganza drawing in thousands of retailers and hundreds of millions of shoppers of all ages

Alibaba Cloud Redis Helps the Technology Behind the Double Eleven Singles Day

The double eleven singles day is in full swing, and Alibaba Cloud Redis (ApsaraDB for Redis original KVStore) has successfully completed the protection of the double eleven singles day Redis. At present, Alibaba Cloud Redis provides a stand-alone version and a cluster version of Redis.

How to Manage a Large Project for Double 11 Singles Day

For a double 11 singles day project set like a Cainiao, the project level is split into 5 layers. If you use the physical method and Excel method to synchronize the progress of the project, you want to control the risk of each node, the workload and the difficulty of work are hard to imagine.

The first double eleven of the Fliggy, in addition to 2.17 billion, what else did you read?

The biggest difference between Fliggy and Ctrip is that Fliggy is backed by Alibaba's ecosystem. In the case of the “Double 11” (Alibaba has obtained the “Double 11 Singles Day” registered trademark in 2014), the brand IP traffic dividend will also need to break through on the GMV year by year.

Major e-commerce companies are targeting the robotics field and preparing for Double eleven

Last year's double eleven singles day, Alibaba's Cainiao network officially put into use in the "smart warehouse" built in Haining, this is the first smart warehouse in China to replace the manual sorting and packing of the whole machine by machine.

How to hold the peak of the 9-year double 11 transaction 800 times growth

In the double 11 singles day scenario, a large-scale online service is built on the container using a large-scale operation and maintenance system, including a mixed deployment of business layers.

6 years double 11, DataV data visualization

Since 2012, Alibaba's annual Double 11 Singles Day Promotions has launched a large screen that displays transactions in real time in a variety of lively presentations. Real-time data large screen, it is characterized by a variety of large: large screen, large amount of data, display information, can be said to be the holy grail of data visualization.

Distributed technology behind the double eleven

A total of seven years of "double eleven singles day" down, no big problems. In the past two years, the entire technical system has some precipitation. From 2009 to 2010, there was still a ignorant process, and there was basically no problem. Engineers did not have any special perception.

Alibaba Cloud CDN's double 11 re-evolution

The turnover of Double 11 Singles Day has also risen exponentially from less than 100 million at the beginning, and has risen to 91.2 billion in 2015. It exceeded 100 billion last year and reached 168.2 billion yuan in 2017!

Where is the technical cow defending the "Double Eleven"?

Actually, security has a guarantee attribute, which is similar to operation and maintenance, so it is often impossible to do well. Just like the previous protection of the G20 summit, the “Double Eleven” guarantees of the past few years have been smooth in terms of safety. The challenge of “Double Eleven” comes from massive access requests, which makes many solutions challenging in such scenarios.

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