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After the ups and downs, China's electric business also should return to the rational nature, burning money carpet-type marketing can say that the prophase of strategic losses, but the essence of business to make money, so the vertical electric business gradually began to shift from the scale to profit-oriented. Electric dealers in austerity, the first is the cost of marketing is also prudent, the current vertical electric dealer to promote one of the classics to do a summary and finishing, in order for the electric business enterprise Low-cost marketing ideas to do a comb.

First: Flow import type:

Its core is "data analysis", "precision marketing", through a large number of data analysis, through continuous data analysis, testing, adjustment after the formation of precision marketing, its precision is accurate channel (with fixed crowd habits) to push the precise products, achieve high ROI.

The first recruit: Search engine interception: User search is active demand, transformation will be obvious.

1, SEO natural Search Station Search optimization: Its core is the optimization of the commodity name, through the details page and the list page of the keyword density layout to reflect, followed by the commodity name and shopping guide article information to cooperate; cheating means as far as possible, out of the mix always want to return, there are some seoer under the pressure of KPI index risk.

2, SEM paid search accurate keywords: The basis is the brand word, online shopping general word optimization to ensure ROI, and the breakthrough point is the competition goods words and commodity words of the data analysis and optimization. Competition product word is to rob the user directly, the commodity word is to catch the new user the latent guest directly.

The second trick: shopping entrance occupies a position: "Occupy theory" is actually very important, have the opportunity to have a position. Chinese netizens are more lazy (estimated female proportion more), do not want to remember your English domain name, many in the website site or search brand words point in. In many web site navigation, shopping navigation station in the classification of the location can have a stable flow in.

1, Web site Navigation Station: The current relatively good hao123, 2345 (traffic began to decline) and so on, a lot of listed companies are also robbing this piece of resources. Analysis of the different site of the crowd attributes, your placement and access to the entry of the word is very important.

2, shopping navigation station: Here refers to a lot of parity sites, social media reviews sites and so on. such as searching, Youdao search, Smart point, Beautiful said Mushroom street and so on.

The third recruit: CPS to borrow the power of the alliance: very electrical business site traffic nearly 20~30% from the CPS Alliance, but the early popularity of the site to get AdSense on the return is not high. There are few opportunities for the brand-name electric-Self-builders alliance.

1, CPS Alliance: In the former Sanjia ma, collar guests Special, the results of the delivery of many of the electrical business enterprises, CPS's maintenance focus is constantly through the webmaster incentive to enclosure. Million Ma diversion ratio is large, analysis of its effective placement or site navigation station mainly, which countermeasures I temporarily do not say, for the webmaster type of different platform for its CPS material design is also very skilled, hehe.

2, rebate Network: Return to the network of cooperation will gradually become a tiger on the situation, earlier heard that many large stations to stop the return of the site's cooperation, here comes the user is very astute, many users rely on the rebate network itself. As the operator of the electric business would like to guide the new users, rather than the old users from the rebate network to enjoy the superposition of concessions, so there is a strategy for the launch of cooperation.

Second way: User interaction type (to be continued)

Third Way: Resource integration type (to be continued)

The Art of War: "Where the battle, to the positive and the extraordinary win", the above moves electric traders know, also basic in the use of what we are doing, I also use this is called "to the right", at the same time, "the use of the wonderful, stay with the heart," the real magic in the "singular wins"; "If there is time wind each type of separate written to discuss the" magical ", at the same time shallow also please peer advice, contact qq:20588456, Weibo: Weibo.com/gefeel.

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