Anaconda: The first choice for beginner Python, entry machine learning

Anaconda is the first choice for beginner Python and entry machine learning. It is a Python distribution for scientific computing that provides package management and environment management capabilities to easily handle multi-version python coexistence, switching, and various third-party package installation issues.

Machine learning algorithms: the key to making computers smart

The algorithm "trains" in some way by using known inputs and outputs to respond to specific inputs. It represents a systematic approach to describing the strategic mechanisms for solving problems.

What is the Turing test?

The two questions in the previous section, "How do you determine intelligence?" and "Is the animal smart?" have been resolved.

What is artificial intelligence?

In the early days, mankind must fight nature with tools and weapons such as wheels and fire. In the 15th century, the printing press invented by Gutenberg made a wide range of changes in people's lives.

2018 five major artificial intelligence trends

Humans have always been very curious about the concept of robotics and artificial intelligence (AI). Hollywood films and science fiction may have inspired some scientists to start working in this direction.

In-depth analysis of the five dimensions, the entry AI first needs to choose the direction

The pace of human use of machines to help production has never stopped. To enter the AI ??field, we must first understand the current structural system of the artificial intelligence industry.

A literary understanding of GPU Computing

Everyone may have heard of Alex Krizhevsky, who designed the first true deep neural network AlexNet in human history during his Ph.D.—a total of eight learning layers, containing 60 million parameters.

Embrace artificial intelligence, start with machine learning

Intelligence is a very common word in modern life, such as smart phones, smart home products, intelligent robots, etc., but the meaning of intelligence is different in different occasions. What we call "Artificial Intelligence" (AI) is to let the machine think like a human being and have human intelligence.

Alibaba Cloud released three artificial intelligence products

Alibaba Cloud officially released three artificial intelligence products: image search, intelligent voice self-learning platform and machine translation. The three products are independently developed by Alibaba Cloud and Alibaba Machine Intelligence Technology Laboratory

The three characteristics of "fake artificial intelligence"

Although the slogan of artificial intelligence is loud, it is difficult to establish a service driven by artificial intelligence. To what extent is it difficult? Some startups have found in practice that it is much easier and cheaper to let humans work like machines than to make machines work like people.

How should artificial intelligence be learned?

Nanjing University, Jilin University, Tianjin University and many other universities have recently announced the establishment of artificial intelligence colleges, and artificial intelligence is increasingly entering higher education.

The "cold" thinking of artificial intelligence in colleges and universities

When setting up relevant majors, colleges and universities should organize professor committees and academic committees.

Three branches of artificial intelligence: cognitive, machine learning, deep learning

Artificial intelligence has entered everything – from autonomous cars to automatic emails to smart homes. You seem to get any merchandise (such as medical health, flight, travel, etc.) and make it smarter through the special application of artificial intelligence.

China has become the world's most absorbing country in AI

With the development of the Internet, the Internet of Things, big data, supercomputers, and brain science, artificial intelligence began to enter our production and life from the ivory tower. Different from the previous development

Alibaba Cloud GPU Server Helps Defiance Wins 4 Worlds First

MSCOCO (Microsoft Common Objects in Context) is one of the most watched and authoritative games in the world of computer vision. On September 9th, the COCO+Mapillary Object Recognition Joint Challenge Seminar was held as scheduled at ECCV 2018.

Machine learning, from deep neural networks to deep forests

Now we are in an era of big data, but I think everyone is very clear now that this big data does not mean really great value. To get the value in the data, we must conduct effective data analysis. Today, we have to use computer to analyze data, we must have machine learning.

What are the breakthroughs in artificial intelligence?

AI sub-areas include: Machine Learning (ML), Natural Language Processing (NLP), Deep Learning (DL), Robot Process Automation (RPA), Regression, and more. So what have the AI ??achieved in the past year? After we chatted with 21 professionals, we gathered their insights.

5 applications of artificial intelligence in the energy industry

The energy industry generates a lot of data. In order to turn these data into driving forces to increase productivity and cut costs, major energy industry companies – oil and gas giants, and renewable energy companies – have turned their attention to artificial intelligence.

Why is the world optimistic about the new AI chip industry?

If the man-machine war of Li Shishi in March 2016 is only affected by the technology circle, then the battle between Alpha Dog and Ke Jie in 2017 will bring artificial intelligence to the people's attention. Alpha dog is the first one.

Artificial Intelligence Panorama and Development Trend Analysis in 2018

The panorama covers the infrastructure of the big data artificial intelligence industry, open source frameworks, data APIs, data resources, cross-infrastructure analysis, industrial applications, enterprise applications, analytical tools, etc., covering 1095 big data companies into the panorama.

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