Tmall Genie + Robot + Hotel = Future Hotel AI Wisdom Experience

The future hotel full of technology tells us that technology is not cold, it can also perfectly interpret alternative digital humanized services.

Tmall Genie Helping You to Make Your Wisdom Family

Has started the Tmall Genie Fangtang Zhilian set (Tmall Genie cube candy smart speaker + smart socket + smart light bulb) and intelligent control set (Tmall Genie Fangtang smart speaker + universal infrared remote control), smart socket and universal infrared remote control Cooperating with the Tmall Genie, it can upgrade the wisdom of different non-smart home devices in the home. It is an artifact.

The Future is Near and Tmall Genie Fangtang Brings New AI Surprise

The Tmall Genie Fangtang Devil Rock is the 11th week limited edition commemorative edition of the Tmall. It has been used since the acquisition of this smart speaker. At the same time, it is also equipped with smart bulbs and smart sockets. From the experience point of view, the combination of three sets of sets at a price of less than one hundred yuan really gave me a very good smart home experience.

The Success of the Tmall Genie is just the Beginning

2018 "Double 11", Alibaba Artificial Intelligence Lab's Tmall Genie Fangtang (TG_C1) won the Tmall platform consumer electronics industry single product sales champion, the first time other products replaced mobile phones to win this title, the times change This has suddenly appeared in front of people, causing widespread concern.

Tmall Genie Together with over 400 Appliances to Lead the Smart Upgrade of the Home

During the Tmall Double 11 Carnival this year, the Tmall Genie IoT team has handed over an excellent transcript. Tmall's smart eco products have won 28 first prizes in all categories, and they have won a total victory.

Tmall Genie Opens the Chinese-style Smart Home

Speaking of smart home, you have to mention smart speakers. The Tmall Genie Fangtang (TG_C1), developed by Alibaba's Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, is the leader in this field.

Tmall Genie Make Traditional Appliances Smart with A Hundred Yuan

In this year's Double 11, one of the most attractive products of smart home products is the Tmall Genie Fangtang (TG_C1). This is not only because of the limestone gray version designed by Master Li Jianye, not only because of its low price as a smart speaker, but also because the price is only 89 yuan for the Tmall Genie Zhilian suit.

Tmall Genie Launches New Shopping Way - Voice Shopping

In the future, Tmall will continue to deepen the voice shopping market through brand cooperation and functional upgrades, and work together with the industry to enhance the user's voice shopping experience and accelerate the promotion of voice purchase as an important daily shopping channel.

New features of the Tmall Genie into the Ant Forest Energy Harvester

Recently, Tmall Genie announced the addition of a new skill to the Alipay Ant Forest and Ant Assistant. Users can use the Tmall Genie to set the energy alarm reminder, and now say "help me to collect energy", hey, energy 1 second to help you collect light! Users who use the Tmall Genie may wish to focus on this skill, which will save a lot of unnecessary energy harvesting operations.

Tmall Genie Allows You to Grab the Red Envelopes by Mouth

In this year's double 11 period, the voice red envelope launched by Tmall Genie has become "a hit" and has become a phenomenon-level event in red envelope marketing. Different from the previous methods of "demolition" red packets, "shake" red packets, etc., this year's Tmall double 11 red packets "work" is completely "contracted" by Tmall.

Voice Interaction Makes Your Home Full of Technology

Dream-like enjoyment comes from the Tmall Genie, language interaction can also make your home full of technology, and there are more gameplays to achieve.

Double 11 Consumer Trend: Tmall Genie Makes "Lazy" Life Come Early

In 2018, the Tmall Double 11 ended perfectly, and the Tmall Genie team once again handed over a satisfactory answer. On the day of the double 11 day, the Tmall Genie Fangtang (TG_C1) Smart Speaker became the champion of the consumer products industry in the Tmall platform.

Double 11 Sales Champion: The success of the Tmall Genie is not just Because of Voice Shopping

After the annual Double 11 Shopping Festival, we found that the Tmall Genie became one of the most dazzling products in the event, and was on the throne of the Tmall platform consumer electronics industry.

Now Voice Interaction is the Trend and Tmall Genie has Become the First Choice for Consumers

The double 11 data is showing us a new trend. From the sales data related to smart products, it can be seen that the acceptance and demand of users for the new form of voice interaction is constantly increasing and increasing. The core of the voice should be that the voice is more in line with the natural interaction of the person, and at the same time it can free the hands of the user.

What does the success of the Tmall Genie mean for the Smart Home Industry?

Another year of double 11, this time the Tmall spirit continued the glory of last year, won the single product sales champion in the consumer electronics industry of Tmall platform, and this smart speaker product has also replaced the double 11 The mobile phone category of the sales champion. Why the Tmall Genie can, this will be the issue that this article will focus on.

Alibaba IoT Connect Kit is Just the Cat Named Qina?

In April, Alibaba launched related programs, and Daimler (Mercedes Benz brand), Audi Cooperated with Volvo's three car companies to support the Tmall Genie voice assistant in its production model with networking capabilities; in January this year, Alibaba announced cooperation with BMW, and announced the cooperation upgrade on the eve of CES, in this year's Q4 in China.

Tmall Genie Introduces "Voice Network" and Voice Intelligence may Become a "Standard" for the Home Appliance

Netease Technology reported on January 9th, US local time on January 8th, Tmall Genie released the next-generation smart home connection solution IoTConnect Kit supporting "voice networking" at the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES).

Tmall Genie Shining in Las Vegas and Smart AI is Eye-Catching

From 2017 to 2018, smart speakers are experiencing explosive growth, and Tmall Genie is in the leading position in the smart home industry. Stepping into 2019, how far are we from the real era of "all things in the world"?

Alibaba Digitizes CES: Technology Reshapes International Trade

This year, there is a good way to alleviate this situation: (Alibaba International Site) cooperated with CES 2019 to move the exhibition online to build a business platform for buyers and sellers around the world.

CES: Intel, Alibaba, to track athletes with AI

Intel and Alibaba announced on the eve of CES in Las Vegas that the companies are teaming up to develop athlete-tracking technology powered by artificial intelligence (AI), aimed to be deployed at the Olympic Games 2020 and beyond.

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