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Implementing human-oriented artificial intelligence services based on cloud computing + big data

From June 3rd to 5th, the annual China Cloud Computing Conference was held as scheduled. The conference has reached its seventh year. However, as the rookie who participated in the first meeting, I still feel that the conference is full of novelties and broadens the horizon.

What is the best cloud for big data projects

Organizations need direct cloud environment control, typically for security or regulatory reasons, typically with private clouds, which require additional storage and computing resources, and software support like Hadoop, because the private cloud is in a local data center.

Clustering algorithm usage scenario under the trend of big data

Clustering is to divide similar objects into different groups or more subsets by static classification. Members in the same subset have similar attributes. Cluster analysis can be regarded as an unsupervised learning technology.

Machine learning and application scenarios under the trend of big data

Machine learning is a science of artificial intelligence that can be studied by computer algorithms that are automatically improved by experience. Machine learning is a multidisciplinary field that involves computers, informatics, mathematics, statistics, neuroscience, and more.

4 big macro trends of big data

Today, big data technologies, especially big data analytics, have evolved into an important part of most corporate strategies, and companies are under intense pressure to keep up with the rapid growth of big data.

Based on Hadoop big data analysis application scenario and actual combat

In order to meet the ever-changing business changes, Jingdong's Jingmai team has adopted a popular open source big data calculation engine such as Hadoop on the basis of Jingdong Big Data Platform to create a decision-making data product for JD operations and products.

Use AR, AI, and big data to reform the education system

In order to get the next generation to receive the right education, we need to use immersive education. Immersive education is a way to educate using AI, AR, and big data technologies.

Big Data Application Security: Hadoop, IBM, Microsoft

Currently, the Hadoop-based big data open source ecosystem is widely used. At the earliest, Hadoop was considered to be deployed only in a trusted environment, and as more departments and users joined, any user could access and delete data, putting data at great security risk.

Big Data Application Security: Tencent, China Mobile, Cloudera

Tencent has always regarded big data application as an important development strategy of the company, and based on more than ten years of experience in Internet product development and operation, it has formed a complete, reliable and scalable big data business application framework to provide users with big data processing service.

Big Data Application Security: Alibaba Cloud, Baidu, Huawei, Jingdong, Qihoo 360

The Alibaba Cloud Data Platform provides full-link technology and services from data acquisition, processing, data analysis, machine learning to final data applications.

How big data technology can create greater value

The term “big data” has been on fire for several years. In the last one or two years, the limelight seems to have been taken away by the concepts of artificial intelligence and deep learning, and has gradually become a “out of gas” technical vocabulary.

Outlook for 2013: Analysis of Ten Trends in Big Data Development

The development of big data in 2012 is in full swing, and it is catching up with cloud computing. If we compare this year to the year in which big data takes root, then 2013 will usher in a year of thriving and even blossoming.

13 open source tools for big data analytics system Hadoop

This time, we share the 13 most commonly used open source tools in the Hadoop ecosystem, including resource scheduling, stream computing, and various business-oriented scenarios. First, we look at resource management.

Top 10 data mining tools most needed for big data

The following small series summarizes 10 best data mining tools for everyone, which can help you analyze big data from various angles and make correct business decisions through data.

Several big data interview questions

First of all, to deal with big data interview questions, some basic concepts should be clear

Exploring Baidu Big Data Analysis and Mining Platform Jarvis

In the era of artificial intelligence, enterprises want to improve efficiency through big data analysis and mining technology, and are blocked by related technologies such as big data volume analysis and machine learning mining. It is necessary for a data analysis and mining product to cross this gap.

Big data platform security construction plan sharing

With the country's strategic thinking of promoting big data to promote economic and social transformation and development, the construction of big data platform is now the focus of government informationization construction, and provincial governments rely on a strong information system to take the lead.

Cloud computing practice of gene big data analysis

Gene sequencing has a wide range of industrial applications and can be of great help in areas such as prevention of birth defects, detection of hereditary diseases and oncology guidance.

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