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LG's third-quarter loss of 185.2 billion won handset performance worst

BCC, Beijing, October 28 (Xinhua) The company reported losses in the third quarter, the first quarterly loss in four years, according to China's voice, "late-night news." The company's poor performance, the biggest problem in the mobile phone field. As a result of the lack of innovation caused by mobile phone backward market trends, avid fierce market competition and the marketing costs rise, price decline, LG electronic mobile phone sector in the third quarter of big losses. In addition to mobile phones, the price of raw materials and the decline in sales prices, LG electronic air-conditioning and consulting business sector also suffered losses.

RED5 Studio established South Korea branch in charge of "Fire waterfall" work

Because of "World of Warcraft" development director Mark Kern was founded by the attention of the Red5 studio, recently founded the South Korean branch. At the end of the month, Red5 South Korea branch will be mainly launched under the development of the "Firefall" (Temporary translation: Fire waterfall) brand and market management, to master the Korean network game market trends and other work.  At the same time, will be with the network Zen Company (fire waterfall In addition to North America and Europe outside the global operators) task. "Fire Waterfall" is a hundreds of players in the open map to experience the battle, large-scale collaborative task of MMO Action Shooting network ...

Foreign market reports say Facebook's emerging market is less influential

Beijing Time July 7 News, according to foreign media reports, focused on start-up companies before the IPO investment (IPO) Market Trends Research Institute Nextupresearch recently released an investment report that the U.S. social networking site Facebook's valuation should be around 12 billion U.S. dollars,  Instead of other reports called 23 billion dollars. Facebook has shown more ads than Yahoo. Nevertheless, Nextup is also very bullish on Facebook's future growth potential, saying that the current advertising traffic on Facebook sites ...

Burst Charmaine when the son is in love with his wife for half a year divorce

Charmaine this year about full TVB, into the mainland to earn renminbi, she not only change for the boss, but also rushed to replace new boyfriend. She was photographed at the 101 floor of the new landmark ICC in Kowloon. refers to its new love is in Beijing to do business in the second generation, but the original Shi Mannieu boyfriend Tony Shaw is a director of overseas Chinese securities listed companies, married already has two daughters, wife Lin Sai (Mandy) in the same well-known, as the director of Overseas Chinese Securities, the general manager, On TV to analyze market trends. [Page] It is understood that earlier this year, Tony was a business partner and friend Chen Xinjian ...

Special tax still pending approval of developers capital chain will be subject to a major test

Zhongqing as the inland region only one by one municipalities, is the first to levy real estate special consumption tax areas, the recent real estate market trends and policy implementation is our more concerned about the content, so recently we have a Chongqing government departments and some banks have conducted research. Among them, the main points related to real estate are as follows: first, special taxes still need to wait for progress. Chongqing's special consumption tax is a variant of the real estate tax, the current should still await the approval of the State Council procedures, there has not been further progress.  And even if the levy, due to higher starting point, the expected impact is limited. Second, public housing construction is ...

Wang Shi: The problem of rising prices is big

Vanke Group Chairman Wang Shi (Information pictures) December 23 Morning News Vanke chairman Wang Shi said this day, water prices rose, resource-oriented commodity is the inevitable trend, and the problem of rising house prices is big. As one of the most stable companies in the industry, Vanke and Wang Shi have always been widely concerned about the market trends. In recent days, Wang Shi has made a statement on several occasions, saying that China's real estate market has produced bubbles, and the bubble will eventually burst.  Vanke has already prepared ahead of time. This week, at the 2009 Fudan University EMBA and Society annual meeting in Wang Shi said "at present ...

Christmas Eve data, I bought Web site overall sales growth of 325% Year-on-year

[Abstract] According to statistics, since the start of December 13 fresh season, as of December 24 24:00, I bought a Web site overall sales growth of 325% year-on-year. [Text] With the new Year's footsteps approaching, I bought the net sounded the end of the "offensive" horn, through its own category advantages combined with market trends in the Winter Fresh category marketing ...

The stock market is "demon" this year.

The special writer Ching uses a word of Shanghai dialect to describe this year's stock market, that is "demon".  The meaning of "demon" in Shanghai dialect is very rich, and one of the meanings is unexpected. The second half of the market is now less than 10 trading days, the Shanghai Composite index rushed 3,000 points, and each record a new high to bring the stock market plunge, and when everyone is scared to hand over the chips, the aggressive offensive again launched. In fact, this market situation in this year's market has become the normal, starting from the beginning of the 1849 point, every time after an integer off ...

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