Analysis of the challenge of big data in traditional relational database

Big data appears in all areas of daily life and scientific research, and the continued growth of data has forced people to reconsider the storage and management of data.

Rethinking the ethics of big data

In the past, we were driven by experience. We are now focusing on driving with data. Today is because data gives a lot of possibilities for artificial intelligence, so AI is alive.

Top 10 applications of big data in marketing and sales

The purpose of this article is to provide an overview of the many trends that have revolutionized marketing and sales for big data. It combines ten related reports and introduces the application of ten big data in today's marketing and sales strategies.

The field of education big data is in the ascendant

Big data analysis requires the collection of multiple sources and multiple types of data. Data collection needs to establish uniform standards and specifications.

The application of educational big data

Education big data applications form a variety of products and services for different levels of demand. From adaptive teaching to dynamic tracking and evaluation, from management model building to data sharing portals, various types of applications outline the overall picture of big data impacting education.

The application status and development trend of education big data

The impact of big data on education is comprehensive. It can change the learning situation of individual learners, the depth of understanding of the laws of education, the way in which educational policies are formulated, and the structure of the entire education system.

The core technology, application status and development trend of education big data

The big data field has boomed in recent years. As a segment of big data, education big data has great potential to promote educational change. Big data technology is rapidly evolving, which opens up new possibilities for big data applications.

Talking about Alibaba Big Data: Data + platform

The Data Platform Business Unit first used not the MaxCompute (original ODPS) currently in use, but Hadoop. The original Hadoop cluster was named Cloud Ladder 1. At that time, Alibaba was also developing its own computing platform, which was the original ODPS, and named it. Cloud Ladder 2.

Talking about Alibaba Big Data: Data ecosystem

At present, everyone is talking about big data, talking about the DT era, but what is big data, everyone has their own opinion, like blind people, each thinks that they are real elephants. After all, the big data that will lead the next revolution of humanity can be made clear by not a few articles.

Talking about Alibaba Big Data: Data technology

Big data technology, personally think that can be divided into two large levels, big data platform technology and big data application technology.

Talking about Alibaba Big Data: Source of data

Early enterprises are also relatively simple. The data stored in relational databases is often the source of all their data. At this time, their corresponding big data technology is the traditional OLAP data warehouse solution.

Talking about Alibaba Big Data: DT era

In 2014, Ma Yun once again proposed that "human beings are moving from the IT era to the DT era." Humans have moved from the IT era to the DT era. The IT era is dominated by self-control and self-management, while in the DT (Datatechnology) era, it is a service.

Taobao's big data road

After 13 years of support, the savage growth of the Taobao business is behind a continuous improvement of the technology platform. The Taobao big data platform is a very important part of it. Data collection, processing, data application responsibilities, Taobao big data platform all the way to today.

Big data storage and management, computing mode and system

Traditional data storage and management are based on structured data, so relational database systems (RDBMS) can meet the needs of various applications.

Big data analysis 6 core technologies you can't understand

At present, a large number of new technologies are emerging every year in the big data field, which is an effective means for big data acquisition, storage, processing analysis or visualization.

Big data cases 41-49: Monitoring illegal alterations, Mustard index

Big data is mainly not judged by causality and is mainly applicable to correlation analysis. Many correlation analyses do not require complex models and only require awareness of big data.

Big data cases 35-40: Data Association Analysis, Data exhaust, Dark data

For companies, 100 theories are not as practical as a successful benchmark. The main idea of this paper is to find 49 samples of “doing” big data.

Big data cases 31-34: Climate Agricultural Insurance, Hiptype record reading

Climate Agricultural Insurance combined data on root structure and soil porosity with simulation results to provide crop insurance for thousands of farmers.

Big data cases 21-30: Opower contrast incentives, Takadu's digital watering

Opower has launched its big data platform Opower4. By analyzing various smart meters and power usage, utilities such as power companies have become Opower's profit sources. For the average user, Opower is completely free.

Big data cases 11-20: Big data for recommended after marriage

Emerging startups are more focused on providing a single solution by selling data and services, and commercializing and commercializing big data is a model that deserves our attention.

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