Are traditional technology companies embracing or creating blockchain bubbles

Blockchain technology requires the support and participation of traditional technology companies, both in terms of capital and final technology promotion and implementation, due to the deep-rooted thinking and business model of traditional technology enterprises.

Blockchain technology refers to 2.1 blockchain technology

Blockchain is a new technology that is gradually emerging with the increasing popularity of digital cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin.

Meng Yan: Span 5 bridges from the Internet to the blockchain

Blockchain is a parallel world different from physics and internet. It needs to span 5 bridges from the Internet to the blockchain.

The world's eight major blockchain friendly countries

According to the CoinDesk Bitcoin Price Index, the cryptocurrency market is now worth $300 billion, and Bitcoin is currently trading at more than $13,000.

Read the article, three business models of the blockchain

In the wide range of distributed associations, a certain paradigm that can be iteratively repeated can create value and wealth for you, which is called a basic protocol.

How the blockchain changes AI

The blockchain is touted as an emerging technology that has the potential to impact every industry. The distributed system of blockchains is in opposition to the inherently centralized operating systems used today.

INB Capital Yi Lihua: Blockchain value is hundreds of times more than the Internet

Since the end of 2015, with the contact with Bitcoin, in the past three years, Yi Lihua has invested in more than 70 blockchain projects such as Quantum Chain, Chain, Eos, BigONE, etc.

Zhu Jiang: The blockchain game is not as simple as carassing a cat

Driven by the sly cat game, the blockchain game is on fire. However, in Zhu Jiang's view, this is only the 1.0 stage of the blockchain game, hanging on the public chain, simple, partial leisure, mainly the people of the currency circle are playing.

Reflections on the economics of blockchain tokens

The blockchain technology allows a start-up to issue an eco-token (Token) at a very low cost. I have repeatedly stressed that this is a product-level application token, not an equity image of the equity token.

Subvert your knowledge of the blockchain

Blockchain can be said to be the hottest technology in 2018. I believe many developers have already eager to invest in the blockchain development team, but they feel that they can't start. You will find that most of the books in the world are on the theoretical paper.

Blockchain Getting Started Tutorial

The blockchain is a big hit at the moment, and the news media has reported a lot, claiming that it will create the future.

Blockchain 101: How does blockchain technology work?

As stated in our guide, “What is blockchain technology?” There are three main techniques that can be combined into blockchains. No one is new. Instead, it's their business processes and applications.

The data structure of the blockchain

At present, blockchain technology is in an era of blooming and arguing, and various blockchains have emerged. Interoperability between blockchains has become a very important and urgent need.

Blockchain's built-in tokens are often an economic incentive model

Maintain the blockchain of such a workload proof mechanism, it is necessary to have a large-scale computing power support to ensure the security of the network, otherwise the book data may be tampered with.

Application of Blockchain in the Financial Field

At present, many financial institutions have adopted the Onchain DNA architecture to develop blockchain proof-of-concept products, such as banks, brokerages, payment, and registration and settlement institutions.

Horizontal Analysis of the Main Blockchain Architecture Written to CTO

I often hear people talk about blockchain. Since the birth of Bitcoin in 2009, various blockchain systems or blockchain-based applications have been developed and applied to a large number of scenes, and blocks. The chain technology itself is constantly changing and improving.

Why should you learn to build blockchain applications?

This is the 29th article of Blockchain Technology. If you are interested in me and want to communicate with me, my micro signal: Wentasy, when I add me, I will introduce myself briefly and indicate that I am from the blockchain technology.

Zeng Ming: What is the core concept of the blockchain?

The blockchain is a revolution in production relations. The core concepts often mentioned in the discussion of blockchains are: Distributed Ledgers, Protocol and Permissionless Trusts and Smart Contracts: smart contracts.

Blockchain: How this disruptive technology will change the future

The war in the cloud has entered a tense phase, which is beyond doubt. However, with giants such as Microsoft, Amazon and IBM rushing to bring blockchain-as-a-service (BaaS) into their cloud environment, the rise of blockchain has pushed cloud wars to a whole new level. So, will the blockchain become a key differentiator in this competition? Or will there be a whole new kind of technology to make this war more confusing? Here are some insights from the author.

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