Twitter Chooses Blockchain Technology to Shore Up Digital Trust

Twitter has serious intentions to find a blockchain solution that would stop online scams and fake news on their platform.

Appraising The Luxury Goods Market With Blockchain Technology

If you walk into your basement, attic, or storage center, you'd be amazed to find the items and possessions you have that may still retain significant monetary value. Introducing the Blockchain into the luxury goods market can help distinguish authentic from knock-off.

20 Ways Blockchain Will Transform Education

We’ve identified 20 ways that distributed ledger technology could be deployed by school districts, networks, postsecondary institutions and community-based organizations to improve learning opportunities.

Here are the Leading Countries In Blockchain Technology

2018 could well be the year where blockchain technology finally makes the big break through around the globe. Sectors including finance, banking, governance, healthcare, real estate, security and more are all being transformed by blockchain tech, with many countries willing to lead the charge.

How governments are using blockchain technology

Can blockchain, a decentralised ledger system, really work within the strongly centralised public sector?

Senior Government Official Calls For Greater Blockchain Technology Capacity Development In The Country

A senior government official in Bahrain has called for greater blockchain technology capacity building in the country among local companies.

The fast emergence of blockchain technology could kill off the traditional ballroom auction

Participating in a public ballroom auction is a unique experience. It is the only place where you can exchange a contract to buy a property without signing a document – because if a bid is accepted by the auctioneer, a verbal contract is instantly formed.

Alibaba rolls out blockchain pilot to tackle fake food products

The fake-fighter blockchain system only covers two products for now, but it’s the start of something big.

Alibaba rolls out blockchain-powered platform to monitor food supply chain network

China's e-commerce giant Alibaba has launched a blockchain-encrypted platform, the Food Trust Framework, in a bid to boost accuracy and transparency across its supply chain network.

Alibaba’s Blockchain Team Raises Over $20 Million From Institutional Investors

A public blockchain project founded by the former head of Alibaba’s blockchain team has raised over $20 million from institutional investors in a combined token and equity sale. Called Ultrain, the startup recently announced that important investors in the round included token funds, such as Draper Dragon, FBG Capital, DanHua VC, etc.

Alibaba will use blockchain to solve the problem of counterfeiting food

Alibaba will solve the problem of counterfeiting food products thanks to its Food Trust Framework, a food-tracing system based on blockchain technology to enhance consumer confidence in the provenance of the products they’re buying.

10% of 2017’s Blockchain-Related Patents Worldwide Are Registered to Alibaba Group

The world of blockchain technologies can revolutionize the way today’s society conceives business, and many industries find themselves testing various solutions based on DLTs to improve their business scheme, allowing them to offer more efficient, transparent, fast, secure and economical services. One of the most important businessmen in Asia is Jack Ma.

Alibaba tops list of companies filing blockchain patents, IBM second

Alibaba IBM Top In Global Blockchain Patent,Chinese internet giant Alibaba,china US leading global drive develop blockchain applications.

Alibaba, IBM Top Global Blockchain Patent Rankings, Says New Research

Major Chinese and American firms are leading a global blockchain push, with Alibaba and IBM having filed around 90 patents each relating to the tech.

Alibaba Accounted for 10% of Blockchain-Related Patents in 2017

Alibaba Group Holding is worth keeping an eye on for those who believe blockchain technology is the future. The multinational technology conglomerate, led Alibaba Group Holding, led by Jack Ma, has filed over 10 percent of the world's patent applications for the blockchain technology.

Alibaba Thinks Blockchain Will Change The World

Alibaba’s partnerships, projects, innovations and adoption are proof that it is a frontrunner in embracing advanced.

Bank of China Partners With China UnionPay to Explore Blockchain for Payment Systems

The Bank of China has partnered with China UnionPay to jointly explore blockchain technology applications in payment systems.

China Announces New Blockchain Lab Initiative

Chinese officials look to increase their involvement in the blockchain space with the announcement of the creation of their Blockchain Lab initiative.

Firms in Singapore and China to Benefit from Blockchain Innovation Fund

Chinese and Singaporean companies operating within the fields of ICT and media have received a boost with the launch of a new fund to support collaborations among them.

China Shuts Down Blockchain News Accounts on WeChat

In a fresh crackdown on cryptocurrency-related activities, China has blocked several blockchain-related news accounts on WeChat, one of its top social In a fresh crackdown on cryptocurrency-related activities, China has blocked several blockchain-related news accounts on WeChat, one of its top social apps.

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