Blockchain Technology Application: Improving Electronic Medical Record System

One day, blockchain technology will become a catalyst to accelerate large-scale changes in the US healthcare sector. I hope that this day will come soon.

Thanks to the blockchain, decentralization and data security - is the future

The first is the blockchain blockchain technique, which is a digital ledger that stores highly encrypted blocks of data. This technology has begun to decentralize data, and the innovation it represents may be the future of data storage. Companies that use blockchain have seen many benefits.

Technology giants who don’t engage in digital currency have these three directions in the layout of blockchains

The "White Paper on China's Blockchain Technology and Application Development" showed that Alibaba ranked first with a total of 49 blockchains. If these capabilities are used for "mining" or for "currying", there is no doubt. Alibaba's stock will also benefit greatly, but Alibaba is clearly not here.

Blockchain Development (Zero) How to Start Learning Ethereum and Blockchain

From the history of blockchain, Bitcoin was first born. At that time, there was no blockchain technology and nouns. Then the industry extracted the technical architecture and system from Bitcoin, which was called blockchain technology.

Blockchain system should start from supply

In the blockchain system, the certificate anchors the most important rights in the system, and this right needs to be implemented using smart contracts.

Blockchain application: Education, Long Tail Supply

With the blockchain, everything is possible. Since there is no need for an intermediary to achieve mutual trust of each node, each individual's information, even subtle, unimportant, limited value information, transactions can be put on the chain to be notarized.

What opportunities and challenges will the Internet of Things face when it encounters a blockchain?

Blockchain is a form of distributed ledger technology that has gained significant attention in areas other than cryptocurrency since 2014: blockchain + Internet of Things (IoT), blockchain + security, block Chain + finance, blockchain + logistics and more.

Blockchain and financial inclusion

This short article outlines how the blockchain affects financial inclusion and “putting money into a bankless account”. This chapter has two parts: Financial Pratt and how to use the distributed ledger ("blockchain") technology.

Zhou Hongyi talks about blockchain: Bitcoin is the only product just needed

In the past two years, the blockchain has attracted a lot of attention as the price of Bitcoin skyrocketed. People's attitude toward Bitcoin has also been divided into three factions. Dead loyalty believes that Bitcoin is a revolutionary technology, and the opposition believes that Bitcoin is completely Waste of wasted electricity, and there is still a group of hesitant to hesitate to get on the bus.

Write your own blockchain with just 200 lines of Go code!

You can implement your own blockchain with less than 200 lines of Go code! Sounds interesting? What better way to learn than to develop a blockchain of your own? Then let's practice together!

Are traditional technology companies embracing or creating blockchain bubbles

Blockchain technology requires the support and participation of traditional technology companies, both in terms of capital and final technology promotion and implementation, due to the deep-rooted thinking and business model of traditional technology enterprises.

Blockchain technology refers to 2.1 blockchain technology

Blockchain is a new technology that is gradually emerging with the increasing popularity of digital cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin.

Meng Yan: Span 5 bridges from the Internet to the blockchain

Blockchain is a parallel world different from physics and internet. It needs to span 5 bridges from the Internet to the blockchain.

The world's eight major blockchain friendly countries

According to the CoinDesk Bitcoin Price Index, the cryptocurrency market is now worth $300 billion, and Bitcoin is currently trading at more than $13,000.

Read the article, three business models of the blockchain

In the wide range of distributed associations, a certain paradigm that can be iteratively repeated can create value and wealth for you, which is called a basic protocol.

How the blockchain changes AI

The blockchain is touted as an emerging technology that has the potential to impact every industry. The distributed system of blockchains is in opposition to the inherently centralized operating systems used today.

INB Capital Yi Lihua: Blockchain value is hundreds of times more than the Internet

Since the end of 2015, with the contact with Bitcoin, in the past three years, Yi Lihua has invested in more than 70 blockchain projects such as Quantum Chain, Chain, Eos, BigONE, etc.

Zhu Jiang: The blockchain game is not as simple as carassing a cat

Driven by the sly cat game, the blockchain game is on fire. However, in Zhu Jiang's view, this is only the 1.0 stage of the blockchain game, hanging on the public chain, simple, partial leisure, mainly the people of the currency circle are playing.

Reflections on the economics of blockchain tokens

The blockchain technology allows a start-up to issue an eco-token (Token) at a very low cost. I have repeatedly stressed that this is a product-level application token, not an equity image of the equity token.

Subvert your knowledge of the blockchain

Blockchain can be said to be the hottest technology in 2018. I believe many developers have already eager to invest in the blockchain development team, but they feel that they can't start. You will find that most of the books in the world are on the theoretical paper.

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