Industrial and Commercial Bank of China To Embrace Blockchain Technology

The largest bank in China is looking to adopt blockchain technology, as well as some other fintech sector strategies.

China Blockchain Pilot Includes Hong Kong, Macau, Guangdong

The People’s Bank of China has officially launched testing of a finance blockchain project for three currency areas.

World's Largest Bank ICBC of China Moves Toward Blockchain

The chairman of the major bank indicated the institution will increase its focus on blockchain technology going forward.

China Shows Road For Blockchain Beyond Cryptos

Since China banned ICOs, illegal crypto fundraising and exchanges have been discovered. Yet, despite the move away from crypto, China filed a blockchain patent.

Major Chinese Insurance Firm to Apply Blockchain Technology via New Partnership

The People's Insurance Company of China will begin applying blockchain technology to its operations following a new partnership with blockchain firm VeChain.

Governments Quickly Changing Their Tune On Blockchain

Governments used to openly dismiss blockchain, they are now seeing potential benefits in its traceability. They have come to understand that it is not necessarily the anonymous, shady underworld they thought it was.

India presents great business opportunities: Alibaba Cloud

With Indian organisations already spending heavily on public Cloud services, time is now right to do business in the country, a top executive from Alibaba Cloud, the cloud computing arm of Chinese giant Alibaba Group, said on Friday.

Why Alibaba’s Cloud Computing Arm Is Suddenly Focusing on the EMEA

Alibaba is rolling out a Europe, Middle East and Africa “ecosystem partner program” from its cloud computing arm, Alibaba Cloud.

Alibaba passes IBM in cloud computing and is winning business from European and US clients

In cloud computing, Alibaba is primarily known for its rapid growth in China, where the company has long been the leading player in e-commerce.

How Much Will Cloud Computing Contribute To Alibaba's Top-Line Growth

Alibaba has been a high-growth stock in recent years, with all revenue streams contributing meaningfully to overall top line growth. Cloud Computing has been a key contributor to the company’s revenue growth, with triple digit revenue increases in recent years.

Siemens and Alibaba Cloud eye Chinese IoT market

The two bigwigs will develop industrial internet-of-things offerings for China’s manufacturing industries that are being digitised through various state-led initiatives.

Website planning and Operation Free Strategy building expressed

Website Planning and operation has a variety of methods and strategies, free strategy is one of the rare marketing tools.   It has been said that free is often the most expensive, from the lines of words can see the meaning of the free strategy and strategic thinking. We all know that businesses are not free for free, free is for the future more and higher fees. Look at how the Internet has changed over the years, and it's not hard to see the Dajian expressed of free strategy. First of all, the grand game of the charge of online games to free online games, it has become a new model of Chinese online operation of the pioneer. It turns out this strategy was successful ...

On the example and analysis of e-commerce website

I used to promote and promote other sites, never for E-commerce type of Web site for the planning and analysis. And this time I chose the website of E-commerce, 114 electric vehicles to use more than one months of time to the E-commerce strategy and analysis of the summary: first: Choose what industry e-commerce site.   This is usually based on your hobby and niche market, and innovation and creativity. Second: Choose a good domain name, domain name this piece is also very important.   Domain name rules are: Easy to remember, easy to lose, the meaning of clear. Third, choose a website with a unique name. Internet competition is very ...

Analysis and solution of profit model in the initial period of automobile website

Automotive website Features: 1. Traffic is not 2. Soft Wen no money 3. Advertising is too little 4.   A lot of the stationmaster runs the automobile or some related information station, in the early days are very hard, the early period of hard work such as can be changed to profit also does not matter, but a lot of stationmaster's hard basically have no return, but have some stationmaster to make full, even some car related group of owners all earn full. Automotive website Analysis: The source of traffic is not concentrated, no conversion profit point (or to say that the conversion of less profitable), valuable webmaster will choose ...

Share the planning of running a personal website to enlighten the novice

See a lot of friends on the Internet to do the site, now the personal webmaster is very much, some out of interest, and some is through the operation of the website to make money, but are a goal to make their own site to do a big job! I also have been doing the site, in addition to the portal class has been basically tried, because the portal site needs a lot of information,   The individual is very difficult to maintain, also has been on the internet to look at other personal sites, and strive to find experience and direction, now finally determine the direction of their own site and long-term planning! Hope to give beginners some inspiration! 1. The theme of the website, subject to professional, what to do on the election ...

Thoughts and thoughts on the operation of tourism websites

Since January 2010 Shaanxi Tourism Online line has been almost half a year. In this half of the time the site from the initial bit by bit has done now, the taste, I was deeply experienced.   I will talk about my travel site to do some personal experience and feelings. Do not have to do the site alone cavity enthusiasm to do, do the site first to properly plan their own site positioning, the site's success or failure of the relationship between the site's future development direction and future destiny. I started to do the local tourism site, the site at the beginning of the online due to the content is not so rich, so the primary energy is spent ...

On six methods of successfully running local talent network

With the pace of life accelerated, scientific and technological progress, many units to recruit, individual job seekers like through the network to complete their own choice of needs. As a then, a variety of talent sites like the fertilizer of the crops, enjoy growth, but also appear in a number of regional talent network competition situation.   Although the threshold to build a talent network is relatively low, but the ability to operate successfully but need to pay attention to methods. Method One: Online sports a: To submit their own talent site to the major search engines and Web site, Baidu and Google can not snub, must be submitted. In order to strive to be included as soon as possible, in the higher weight of the forum on the hair ...

Some suggestions on the local talent website run by the grassroots webmaster

First of all: the beginning of the Web site in early April 09, they are looking for local recruitment units to bring their recruitment information, and contact the local Labor security Bureau, received a large number of recruitment information and individual job-seekers confidence, through the information to extract their mobile phone number, by way of mass message, To increase the flow of the site and local awareness of the well-known degree.   During this time the site through the mutual Brush platform also gets a lot of traffic. Website in the one months of intensive operation, Baidu first included keywords will be ranked to the second position, on the basis of the feelings and hair then wrote the software to share to the major network ...

Hefei City Life Website Analysis and Cooperation program sharing

Hefei Urban Life Network is a portal of Hefei public institution industry and commerce leader, the current website mainly provides the download of the newspaper electronic version and some Hefei Minsheng information, because seeks the multiplex development, the company leadership seeks to find the breakthrough on the network, proposed "presses the newspaper to promote the website, the website for the press increment"   Then the following is Hefei City Life Network website analysis and cooperation program. I. Site structure analysis and positioning in the system analysis of Hefei city Life Network of each column of the content and column structure, and the industry and commerce leader of the city life Guide to the contents of each section of the newspaper, after ...

How to do classified information site planning and promotion

Has always been that classified information is a rigid demand, and effective Internet service to the people of a class of site forms, so very optimistic about the classification information. 06 years began to pay attention to buy a set of procedures did not engage in 2008 made the first classified information station, because it was really poor, then sold, blink of an eye into the 2010, this is my third time to do classified information. Subei Information Harbor, hope that through 1 year of efforts to achieve the best classified information website in Xuzhou, the following steps to talk about my steps, drinking criticism is to explore common progress, North Harbor, Xu hope a year to build Xuzhou relatively good Classified Information Network 1 ...

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