Big data cases 5-10: China Mobile, Twitter and Tesco

Data value-added applications: For operators, data analysis has great prospects in the government service market. Operators can also make big data technologies play a bigger role in transportation, emergency response, and stability.

Big data cases 1-4: How Amazon, Google, eBay, Target deploy big data technology

For companies, 100 theories are not as practical as a successful benchmark. The main idea of this paper is to find 49 samples of “doing” big data.

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Fire Yuan Yuan Mingming: The essence, meaning and commercial system design of blockchain | Tsinghua x-lab open class

What are the reasons for the transformation and what is the fundamental driving force? Third, what is the manifestation of the blockchain's ability to transform the production relationship; finally, based on the design of the supply blockchain business system, how to design a blockchain business system.

The world's first blockchain technology evolution report

Blockchains have recently become more and more popular, with companies, stocks and products related to the concept of countless blockchains. There is even a blockchain phone.

The entire life cycle of the blockchain transaction

In the case of Bitcoin transactions, blockchain trading is not a transaction in the usual sense of hand-delivering, but a transfer. If each transfer needs to construct a transaction data, it would be awkward.

Red chain - the underlying technology revolution of blockchain

The blockchain has been developed for nearly 10 years, especially in the past two years, regardless of the government or bank or business, and has strongly promoted the application and landing of the blockchain.

What is a high performance blockchain

There is a growing need for faster and better blockchain solutions. As we have seen in the past using the main cryptocurrency, the scalability of the blockchain has proven to be very problematic.

Why blockchain is critical to SMEs

Blockchain can achieve remote autonomy among enterprise users. This self-reliant data infrastructure goes far beyond the meaning of cryptocurrency and is very valuable. It can help companies bring products and transaction services to market quickly and cost-effectively, and reduce traditional security costs, Know Your Customer (KYC) protocols, data storage and other expenses.

The moment when the blockchain triggered the revolution is still far from coming

The research experience in the field of technological innovation tells us that only by eliminating obstacles in technology, government control, organization and society can the blockchain revolution really happen. If you don't know how the blockchain will occupy the highlands, it is a mistake to start blockchain innovation.

Blockchain will subvert the corporate system, tax collection and management will meet the challenge

Blockchain is the value of the Internet, the next generation of the Internet format, any information and data transmitted on top of it is a value stream, in many scenarios, blockchain and Token (token) is actually In one, any behavior will be completed in the transaction.

Blockchain will become a breakthrough for new retail

The recent S2b model is considered to be the most advanced business model in five years. In the context of the rapid development of new retail, the application of blockchain will be an important breakthrough point for the S2b model.

Blockchain technology, not far from our lives

Under the repeated bombardment of the recent round of information, the "blockchain" technology hot word finally mixed in front of us. However, after reading the contents of various blockchains, many people expressed confusion and doubts: Is it related to our ordinary life? Of course!

Is the current blockchain the Internet in its infancy

The blockchain originated from Sakamoto's bitcoin. As the underlying technology of Bitcoin, it is essentially a decentralized database. Some people think that blockchain is the most disruptive technological innovation since the invention of the Internet.

The 90 central banks gathered in Washington to discuss the blockchain: "What does all this mean?

From June 1st to 3rd, representatives of central banks and regulators from 90 countries including China representatives gathered at the Washington Federal Reserve headquarters to attend the 16th International Conference on Financial Industry Policy Challenges. The meeting lasted for three days. A report on blockchain technology was held once a year.

Xinhua News Agency asked the blockchain: Will it become a new outlet? Is it subversive?

Every new technology is born with a question mark, and the evolution of new technology often does not write a full stop.

Blockchain is getting hotter and hotter, what application scenarios are there in the medical field?

The blockchain as the underlying technology in the field of bitcoin has not been well known to the public until the article "The promise of the blockchain: The trust machine" by The Economist proposes that blockchain technology will be far-reaching at all levels. After the influence of human society, the concept of blockchain began to ignite.

Wang Tao: How traditional IT people use database thinking to understand blockchain

The concept of blockchain to technology has been around for a long time, but with the heat of the past two years, it has gradually become known by the market and many technicians.

Looking at Bitcoin, where is the future of the blockchain?

At the recent Davos meeting in the winter, the China Blockchain Application Research Center released a report showing that China's blockchain patent and blockchain financing growth rate far exceeds that of the United States and leads the world.

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