Blockchain or integration with the Internet, the monopoly will no longer exist

Recently, the friction between the “classical Internet” and the “modern blockchain” has continued.In the past two years, the "Internet +", which is frequently shouting, seems to be a remnant of a distant era.

The blockchain is coming: the future is destined to subvert our lives, you deserve to look first

Five years after the birth of Bitcoin, its underlying blockchain technology began to become a new hot spot for investment in high-tech companies, multinational financial institutions and venture capital funds, from the experiments of niche liberal cryptographers and computer hackers.

Detailed introduction to blockchain and blockchain technology

Blockchain is currently a relatively popular new concept, containing two concepts of technology and finance. From a technical point of view, this is a distributed database that sacrifices consistency efficiency and guarantees eventual consistency. Of course, this is one-sided. From an economic point of view, this kind of fault-tolerant peer-to-peer network just meets a necessary requirement of the sharing economy - a low-cost trusted environment.

Blockchain Overview: Key Technologies and Challenges

From a technical point of view, the blockchain involves a variety of fields, including distribution, storage, cryptography, psychology, economics, game theory, network protocols, etc. The key technologies that are currently considered to be resolved or improved are listed below. point. Cryptographic authentication technology How to prevent transaction records from being tampered with? How to prove the identity of the counterparty? How to protect the privacy of both parties to the transaction? Cryptography is an effective means of solving these critical problems.

Blockchain Technology Tags

We organized the latest news about blockchain technology through different industries with blockchain applications and different countries with their policy and initiatives on blockachain technology.

Latest Trends of Blockchain Technology

We organized the latest news about blockchain technology through different industries with blockchain applications and different countries with their policy and initiatives on blockachain technology.

The “Fapiao” Case: How China Is Fighting Corruption With Blockchain

The city of Shenzhen and a state-owned aerospace firm now use blockchain to keep track of invoices.

Alibaba, IBM, MasterCard Top Global Blockchain Patent Rankings

The list of companies with the most blockchain-linked patents is dominated by finance and technology companies from China and the U.S.

Alibaba launches blockchain technology to improve supply chain integrity and enhance trust in platform

Alibaba has launched a blockchain technology initiative to protect product authenticity and improve its supply chain integrity.

Blockchain technology: Are Kenya’s land registries ready?

The use of blockchain technology has been gaining traction around the world.

Blockchain technology and mental health care in India

Blockchain technology has the potential to radically change a wide variety of industry sectors, and mental health is one of them.

What blockchain technology can do for online advertising

Blockchain technology is all the rage now. With its history as the technology underlying bitcoins, its potential for verifying banking and peer-to-peer transactions, and making supply chain transactions transparent, blockchain technology is heralded as a so-called next Internet-type innovation.

Music on the Blockchain

The music industry can benefit from blockchain technology as it helps in implementing enforceable copyrights, secure payments, and facilitate transparency around royalties.

Blockchain technology still in its infancy in Hungary

Some 84% of executives globally say their organization has some involvement in blockchain technology, yet only a narrow layer utilizes the technology in Hungary, according to research by professional services firm PwC.

Nexus, BitSpace Partner to Advance Blockchain Technology in Space

Nexus, a cryptocurrency and blockchain enterprise, is partnering with BitSpace, a technology company that specializes in blockchain and exponential technology.

TransferGo Launches Instant Payments to India with Ripple Blockchain Tech

Payments platform TransferGo has launched a real-time payments corridor to India, the world’s biggest remittance receiver, using Ripple’s blockchain technology.

Cross-sector group considers blockchain technology for SiA standard

Proactive Alliance to discuss technology's potential at next meeting

Cryptocurrency And Blockchain Technology Recruitment Up By 50 Percent In Asia

Cryptocurrency and blockchain technology recruitment in Asia is up by 50 percent since 2017 as more mainstream professionals enter the industry.

Andy Wahol Artwork Blockchain Tokenization Sees Millions of Dollars Worth Sold

The first artwork worth millions of dollar was tokenized and sold using the blockchain technology recently. The painting was 14 Small Electric Chairs, a two-meter high painting made by Andy Warhol, a famous visual artist.

How blockchain tokenization could change everything from investing to purchases

Many say it could affect the economy as much as the development of the Internet.

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