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New features of WPS Business Licensing Edition

version of the installation package is only 43M, download speed, installation super convenient. Because of small size, even the old computer running for many years, the same can easily run WPS, open documents faster than similar software. 4, authorized no advertisement. Compared to the WPS personal version, the authorized WPS commercial version, does not contain any push advertising, to provide you with a clean ad-free network office environment, wh

Microsoft Windows 7 business value recognized by the majority of small and medium-sized enterprises

Microsoft's latest operating system, Windows 7, has made remarkable achievements in China and the global market since its launch last year-a miracle of selling 0.175 billion sets of licenses within a year. Behind this number, Windows 7, as an excellent business support platform, has helped many enterprises survive the critical phase of the Post-financial crisis by effectively controlling costs and improving efficiency, it has made outstanding contribu

ZOHO free Small Business email and personal email

Zoho Mail offers free Small business email registration. Lite Edition can only add one domain to your institutional account, allowing up to 10 users. If you want to add more than one domain, you can upgrade to the Standard Edition. 10 Users free, 5 GB/per user, 5 GB (shared).In addition to the enterprise mailbox, you c

German small red umbrella AntiVir Personal Edition 7 Download _ Common Tools

600,000 of the virus library, do not know is true, do not see ~ ~ ~ But to kill the virus test package, killed more than 3,700 viruses, is currently the most I have seen, of course, this does not mean that it is more than Kabakian ~ ~ Memory occupancy Moderate, three processes about 10M. If you want to say a flaw, it is that little red umbrella can not automatically scan the downloaded compressed file. (Note that the free version is not the key to upgrade directly, the previous so-called applic

POJ of the table of the small audience edition

: Smart Thinking angle1150: Split-odd-even discussion, LG (n) algorithm1218: Three line is enough, although simple, but also have the pros and cons of the1505: two points plus greed1654: The practice may be many, I use the area to do1674: Count the number of loops (graph bar)1700: Math proves not easy1742:o (m*n) algorithm1863: Be patient and write slowly ... ^_^1988: and check Set2051: Heap2078: Not difficult, but the scissors can do very well2082::o (n), do you have any idea?2084: Number of Ca

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