Implementation of static file generation in PHP to ease server pressure

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Using the method of generating static files to resolve server and database access pressure, here is a good tutorial, interested friends can refer to the following

The rapid popularization of the Internet in today's society, more and more people will be in a Web application to communicate, resulting in server and database access pressure is increasing, this side needs to do some optimization, such as increased cache, level two cache, Dynamic Web page static and other high-end technology. Here the author uses the method of generating a static file: The code is as follows:/** * @desc * @todo Htmlcache * When generating a static file $root string HTML file is used to store the path * @param $rule Strin G HTML file naming rules * @param $url string needs to generate an HTML file Dynamic Web page address * @return Boole true/false/Public Function Sethtmlcache ($root, $ Rule, $url) {//detect if a static file is generated if (File_exists ($root. $rule. '). HTML ')) {//There is already a static file @unlink ($root. $rule. '). HTML ');//delete static file return file_put_contents ($root. $rule. HTML ', file_get_contents ($url));//Regenerate}else{//There is no static file directly generated return file_put_contents ($root. $rule. ')  HTML ', file_get_contents ($url)); This method is the most common way to generate static files, you are welcome to communicate!
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