PHP Curl fake IP address and header information Code instance

This article mainly introduces the PHP curl fake IP address and header information code example, this article gives the server and client implementation code, to provide forgery and server-side detection code, need friends can refer to the Although

The difference between fwrite and file_put_contents in PHP

The same point: the File_put_contents () function writes a string to a file, which is called fopen (), fwrite (), and fclose () in turn. Different points: using File_append in the file_put_contents () function avoids deleting what is already in the

The difference between PHP input stream php://input and Post/get

PHP input Stream Php://inputWhen using XML-RPC, the server gets the client data, mainly through the PHP input stream, rather than the $_post array. So, here's the main discussion of PHP input stream php://inputFor the php://input introduction, the

Use Lua to implement PHP's Var_dump () function _lua


Accustomed to the Var_dump () function in PHP, and now writing Lua is always used to use the Var_dump () function, so I wrote a similar function of the var_dump () function. Copy Code code as follows: function Var_dump (data, max_level,

PHP Development Message Board CRUD (add, delete, change, check) operation _php Instance

Project structure: Add Page: Description: Here only focus on the operation, the interface of the art does not work, I hope we understand ... List page: To modify a page: SQL required in the project: Copy Code code as follows:

Round robin weight round-robin algorithm PHP implementation code _php skills

Code First, using PHP scripting language 5, ' current_weight ') => 0, ' count ' => 0); $hosts [' b '] = array (' Weight ' => 3, ' Current_weight ' => 0, ' count ' => 0); $hosts [' c '] = Array (' Weight ' => 2, ' Current_weight ' => 0, '

PHP Get server-side Mac and client MAC address support win/linux_php tips

Get Server Mac Copy Code code as follows: /** Obtain the MAC address origin of the NIC; currently supports Win/linux system Get the physical (MAC) address of the machine's network card **/ Class getmacaddr{ var $result = array ();

PHP blind commonly used explosive database and other statements ____php

Judge version number (Select%20count (*), concat (select%20@ @version%20), 0x3a,floor (rand () *2))%20x%20from%20 (select%201%20union% 20select%202)%20a%20group%20by%20x%20limit%201)%23 "> 20and%20 (1,1)

PHP-FPM Timeout time setting Request_terminate_timeout analysis

Today found a very magical thing, PHP log has a timeout log, but I request_terminate_timeout set is 0, theoretically there should be no time-out. PHP Fatal error:maximum execution the seconds exceeded in ... OK, first list the current configuration:

Springcloud First experience: Five, Sidecar the PHP non-Java language services to the Spring Cloud

Start with a Sidecar service, a PHP service, an application, and PHP services deployed on the same machine, accessed through localhost, which solves the network overhead, equivalent to the local inter-process callSidecar service is relatively simple,

PHP (4) "Roman numeral to Integer" algorithm problem

The original title is this: the Roman numerals contain the following seven characters: I, V, X, L,c,d and M. i=1,v=5,x=10,l=50,c=100,d=500,m=1000 For example, the Roman numeral 2 writes II, which is two parallel 1. 12 write XII, i.e. X + II. 27

PHP (5) "Longest common prefix" algorithm problem

The original topic is this: Write a function to find the longest common prefix in a string array. Returns an empty string "" If there is no public prefix Example 1:Input: ["Flower", "flow", "flight"]Output: "FL"Example 2:Input: ["dog",

Relive the bubble sort of PHP

Bubble sort (Bubble sort) is a simpler sort algorithm in the field of computer science. It repeatedly visits the column of elements to sort, compares two adjacent elements in turn, and swaps them if their order (e.g., from large to small, the

Install Memcached under Windows 10 64, install the Memcache extension for PHP 7.0.22

1, before wrote a PHP 5.6.27 under the blog:, this time is PHP 7.0.22 under, 1Figure 12, uninstall memcached, you can use the following command:, 2Schtasks/delete/tn memcachedFigure 23. Delete directory:

Php quick url rewriting New version [php5.30 or above] _ PHP Tutorial-php Tutorial

Php quick url rewrite New version [php5.30 or above is required]. Opening and setting the rewrite module of apache is not the topic of this article. for details, see other articles. this class can only be used in php5.30 or later versions. enabling

PHP batch processing implementation _ PHP Tutorial

Implementation of batch processing in PHP. What should I do if a feature in a Web application takes more than one or two seconds to complete? Some offline processing solution is required. Learning several PHP applications for a long time if one

Php simple message board and reply function

I found this tutorial on the Internet, but basically no one said anything. Then one day I saw a PHP program designing a database design similar to this, and I had a lot of insights! The following figure shows the structure of the database. Next, let'

Example of creating a UTF-8 encoded file using php fopen

Use PHP to create a UTF-8 file:Step 1: Create a txt file, open, File-> save as xxx. php, and change the encoding to UTF-8, save.Part 2: Add the following code to the PHP file: The code is as follows:Copy code $ Filename = rand (100,999). ". txt";

Php prompts Fatal error: Call to undefined function imagecreate ()

For example, when I test a simple graph generation instanceExample #1 create a new GD image stream and output the image The code is as follows:Copy code Header ("Content-type: image/png ");$ Im = @ imagecreate (100, 50)Or die ("Cannot Initialize

Php basename function

Let's take a look at the components of the component path. Basename Function instance tutorial Basename (PHP 4 and PHP 5) Basename-components of the returned file path Description String basename (string $ path [, string $ suffix]) Given

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