JavaMail Send mail normally under Windows platform, send failed after deploying to Linux

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Messages can be sent successfully in a native (Windows) environment, but cannot be sent successfully after deployment to a Linux server, and the foreground does not prompt for errors or prompt 502.

Linux under Log hint: JavaMail isssl false ....


 Packagecom.ruili.uitl;Importjava.util.Date;Importjava.util.Properties;Importjavax.mail.Session;ImportJavax.mail.Transport;Importjavax.mail.internet.InternetAddress;ImportJavax.mail.internet.MimeMessage; Public classEmailutil {//Sender's mailbox and password (replaced by their mailbox and password)//PS: Some mailbox servers in order to increase the security of the mailbox itself password, to the SMTP client set up a separate password (some mailboxes called "Authorization Code"),//for a mailbox with a separate password, the password for the mailbox must be used for this individual password (authorization code).      Public StaticString Myemailaccount = "Sender's mailbox";  Public StaticString Myemailpassword = "Password for sender's mailbox"; //the SMTP server address of the sender's mailbox must be accurate, different mail server addresses are different, general (only general, not absolute) format: 163 The SMTP server address of the mailbox is:     Public StaticString myemailsmtphost = ""; //recipient mailbox (replace with a valid mailbox that you know)     Public StaticString Receivemailaccount = "Recipient Mailbox"; /*** Create mail Service * *@paramFajianren Sender *@paramShouquanma Licensing Code *@paramsmtpservice SMTP Server *@paramShoujianren Recipient *@paramsmtpport SMTP Port *@paramSendname Sender's name *@paramSubject Mail Subject *@paramContents Email Content *@return     * @throwsException*/     Public Static voidEmailservice (String fajianren,string shouquanma,string smtpservice,string shoujianren,string smtpPort, Str ing sendname,string receivename,string subject,string contents)throwsException {//1. Create parameter configuration to connect to the mail server's parameter configurationProperties props =NewProperties ();//parameter ConfigurationProps.setproperty ("Mail.transport.protocol", "SMTP");//protocol Used (JavaMail specification requirements)Props.setproperty ("", Smtpservice);//SMTP server address for sender's mailboxProps.setproperty ("Mail.smtp.auth", "true");//Request Authentication Required//PS: Some mailbox servers require SSL security authentication for SMTP connections (for enhanced security, the mailbox supports SSL connections and can be turned on itself),//If you cannot connect to the mail server, look carefully at the log printed by the console, if there are errors such as "Connection failed, require SSL secure connection" ,        /*the port of the SMTP server (the port of the non-SSL connection is generally default to 25, can not be added, if the SSL connection is turned on,//The Port of the SMTP server that needs to be the corresponding mailbox, the specific Can see the corresponding mailbox service Help,//QQ mailbox SMTP (SLL) port is 465 or 587, other mailboxes to see for themselves)*/       //final String smtpport = "465";Props.setproperty ("Mail.smtp.port", Smtpport); Props.setproperty ("Mail.smtp.socketFactory.class", ""); Props.setproperty ("Mail.smtp.socketFactory.fallback", "false"); Props.setproperty ("Mail.smtp.socketFactory.port", Smtpport);
The newly added props.setproperty ("Mail.smtp.ssl.enable", "true"); //2. Create a Session object based on the configuration to interact with the mail serverSession session =session.getdefaultinstance (props); //Session Session =session.getinstance (props, null);Session.setdebug (true);//set to debug mode, you can view detailed send log//3. Create a messageMimeMessage message =Createmimemessage (Session, Fajianren, Sendname, Receivename, subject, contents); //4. Get mail Transfer objects according to SessionTransport Transport =Session.gettransport (); //5. Use the email account and password to connect to the mail server, where the authenticated mailbox must be consistent with the sender mailbox in the message, otherwise the error// //ps_01: The key to success or failure in this sentence, if the connection server fails, it will output the log of the corresponding failure reason in the console .//carefully review the reason for the failure, and some mailbox servers will return an error code or see a link to the error type, depending on the given error//type to the corresponding mail server on the help site to see the specific failure reason. // //ps_02: The reason for the connection failure is usually the following, carefully examining the code://(1) The mailbox does not have SMTP service turned on; //(2) e-mail password error, for example, some mailboxes open a separate password; //(3) The mailbox server requires that SSL secure connection be used; //(4) The request is too frequent or other reasons, the mail server refused service; //(5) If the above points are OK, go to the mail server website to find help. // //ps_03: Look at log carefully, read the log carefully, read the log, the cause of the error is described in log. Transport.connect (Fajianren, Shouquanma); //6. Send the email to all of the receiving addresses, message.getallrecipients () Get all the recipients that were added when the message object was created, Cc, BCCtransport.sendmessage (Message, message.getallrecipients ()); //7. Close the connectionTransport.close (); } /*** Create a simple message that contains only text * *@paramsession with server interaction *@paramsendMail Sender Email *@paramreceivemail Recipient Mailbox *@paramSendname Sender's name *@paramreceivename Recipient Name *@paramSubject Mail Subject *@paramContents Email Content *@return * @throwsException*/ Public StaticMimeMessage Createmimemessage (Session session, String Sendmail,string Sendname, string receivemail,string subject, String contents)throwsException {//1. Create a messageMimeMessage message =NewMimeMessage (session); //2. From: the senderMessage.setfrom (NewInternetAddress (SendMail, Sendname, "UTF-8"));//Message.setfrom (New internetaddress (SendMail, "a treasure Net", "UTF-8")); //3. To: Recipient (can add multiple recipients, CC, BCC)Message.setrecipient (MimeMessage.RecipientType.TO,NewInternetAddress (Receivemail, "UTF-8"));//message.setrecipient (MimeMessage.RecipientType.TO, New internetaddress (Receivemail, "xx user", "UTF-8")); //4. Subject: Mail SubjectMessage.setsubject (Subject, "UTF-8");//message.setsubject ("Discount", "UTF-8"); //5. Content: Message body (HTML tags can be used)Message.setcontent (contents, "Text/html;charset=utf-8");//message.setcontent ("xx user Hello, today full 50 percent, fast to buy, Miss today wait another year ..." "," Text/html;charset=utf-8 "); //6. Set the sender timeMessage.setsentdate (NewDate ()); //7. Save Settingsmessage.savechanges (); returnmessage; }}


If the jar package is an Apache commons-email jar, the problem is that the jar's email is not supported for SSL and a property is set less. If it is an SSL connection, you need to add the setting in the properties of the session: "Mail.smtp.ssl.enable", "true".

Add to:

Props.setproperty ("Mail.smtp.ssl.enable", "true");

JavaMail Send mail normally under Windows platform, send failed after deploying to Linux

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