Snapshot rollback method for Linux systems using Btrfs

Btrfs, also known as Butter FS, Better FS, or B-tree FS, is a modern file system that Oracle began designing and developing in 2007, and it was merged into the Linux 2.6.29 kernel in 2009. Btrfs is li

Linux Desktop Player B Guide: 03. Landscaping for Gnome 3 Linux desktops

Special Instructions For those of you who want to write a review after my essay, please note that my blog is written using Markdown, and support for Mathjax mathematical formulas is enabled. If there are two in a comment $ , Mathjax will think that

Linux Programming 6 (View process PS and output style)

A. View Process Command PS 1.1 Default PS command     By default, the PS command only shows the processes that are running under the current console and belong to the current user, in which we only run the bash shell and the PS command itself. Shows

The zero-based Linux 20th chapter (INODE and block detailed one)

Tags: inode and block explanation (one)The zero-based Linux 20th chapterHello~~ is a week come to provoke ~ ~, small series even if busy, also want to take time to give lectures to students ~ and ... No wages yet ...You can no longer find how to

Linux server is implanted DDGs, qw3xt.2 mining virus processing records

Tags: csharp bin linu Service nan inux login effective httpThe phenomenon after being invaded:Found that there are qw3xt.2 and DDGs two abnormal processes, consuming a higher cpu,kill off after a while will be re-appear.After killing the two

Linux Programming 8 (Mount mount, view disk df Du, search grep, compress ZGIP, archive tar)

Tags: binary warning com How many bzip2 commands unzip useful Lin MountI. Mounting storage mediaThe Linux file system incorporates all the disks into a single virtual directory, which needs to be placed in the virtual directory before the new

Installing a Docker personal virtual machine under Linux

Tags: background files art Emctl file system make Mon Docker bootFirst, prepare an ISO file system, then load it with a virtual machine, and if you can't go to 64 for System kernel 3.0 or aboveMany ways on

Vector image application system under Linux

Tags: info img Control technology System Application Mac OS Auto UbuntApplication Direction System: Electric Power microcomputer five anti-system, electric power integrated Application system, equipment control system, Autocontrol system.Application

Linux Vue Project +NPM run build + nginx

Tags: creating Tao Build Add-port service systemctl sys INF PortSystemEnvironmentVue NginxSteps1. Package Vue Project2. Configure NginxPackage Vue Project1, the project configuration we use the server's 8000 port2. Packing# NPM Run BuildPackage

Linux Command Learning Path-Change Working directory: CD

Tags: summary of continuous tar use min Enter directory letter inputusage rights: all rolesHow to use:CD [TargetDir]role: This command is used to switch the working directory in LinuxNote the point:The 1.targetDir represents the target directory and

Write multiple variables to configuration file "Linux"

Tags: debug evel span BSP Clu engine bin name

"Linux" Tomcat installation

Tags: lib mil technology rename PNG line Ali Pac down After logging in to Linux, switch directories to /usr/localCd/user/local Create a new folder in the /usr/local directory servers to store Tomcat filesmkdir servers in folder Servers

"Linux" JDK installation and environment variable configuration

Tags: col system configuration Linux javac $path family style line new After logging in to Linux, switch directories to /usr/localCd/user/local  new Folder in /usr/local directory java to store jdk filesmkdir Java in folder Java

Linux--ssh:connect to host localhost Port 22:connection refused

Tags: linux-sshToday, when SSH password-free login, use SSH test, throw the following exceptionSsh:connect to host localhost Port 22:connection refusedReceived on the Internet, a lot of answers, basically are1. SSH not started2. SSH not installed3,

Tns-12541:tns:no Listener Tns-12560:tns:protocol Adapter Error Tns-00511:no listener Linux error:

Tags: des class blog Code tar ExtToday is 2014-06-17, encountered a very strange problem, may test the reason for monitoring changes before, causing the monitoring to automatically shut down after startup, this is to record the entire process,The

"Turn" g40-70, g50-70 Lenovo small New notebook SR1000 random Linux Change Windows 7 system Operation Guide

Label:Http:// of application:g40-70,g50-70 Lenovo small New notebook sr1000,linux change Win7Knowledge Point Analysis:This is for Windows 8 to Windows 7, but because Ghost and

Linux: How to Use the shutdown command

-S: shut down the computer -R: Disable and restart the computer. -F: forces running applicationsProgramDisable without warning the user beforehand -T xxx: Set the timeout to XXX seconds before closing. The default value is 30.

Linux: VI Enter command Summary

VI filename: open or create a file and place the cursor at the beginning of the first lineVi + N filename: open the file and place the cursor at the beginning of line NVi + filename: open the file and place the cursor at the beginning of the last

Linux: Summary of Linux shortcut keys

(1) Forward A) Ctrl + B move one character forward B) delete a character before Ctrl + H C) Run Ctrl + R. D) Ctrl + P repeat the previous command E) Ctrl + F) Ctrl + u delete all the characters before the prompt (2) Back A) Ctrl + F move

Linux: VI shortcut

(1) flip the page to the first part of the file A) Ctrl + B; open the first screen of the file B) Ctrl + u: Flip the half screen to the first part of the file (2) Turning to the end of a file A) Ctrl + F: Turn a screen at the end of the file

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